The Adidas Video Experience

How do you make footwear stay in the forefront of people’s minds? Shoe companies face this question daily. They can get individual buyers to be generally satisfied by the look, feel and performance of a certain pair of sneakers. They can maybe pay for celebrity spokesmen or spokeswomen to wear their products in public.

In recent years, Adidas has found an innovative way to turn casual buyers into super fans through the Adidas Video Experience. The experience is a multimedia presentation video mapped on a building a France that teaches that their shoes can give you a big boost, but your power to perform really comes from within.

Even better, as the proud owner of these shoes, the message of the loud music and bright colors is that you’ll look good doing whatever you do, provided you’re rocking your Adidas.

Watch Video – Adidas Video Experience

The video experience is an excellent example of experiential marketing, where the goal is to get people excited about a particular brand or product. This goes beyond checking out an interesting web site or chuckling at a TV commercial – you have to somehow get the viewer so engaged they establish an emotional connection.

Anyone can go out and buy a decent pair of shoes and find them comfy and suitable for physical activity. But when you’re rocking hard to pulsing music, cheering for live stunts, and enjoying cool visuals and celebrity guests, that’s when the magic happens and those new shoes you just bought bring back cutting edge memories of their own.

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