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Creating a Multisensory Experience for your Next Event


These days, thanks to the intrusion of virtual information into every moment of our lives, life experience and experiential opportunities have become a coveted asset. Time is valuable, and humans have a generally shorter attention span in keeping with the onslaught of instant information via smartphones and real-time communication. So, what’s a business to do when they are competing with the sensory overload and reduced attention spans of an overwhelmingly technology-driven marketing climate?

A multisensory event—and the inherently immersive, experiential power behind it—may be your answer.

Tips For Driving Success With A Multisensory Event

Interactive Meetings

Ever held a meeting where the entire room was equipped with stability balls in place of traditional conference chairs? Sometimes in the corporate and business world, a typical meeting in a room full of nametags, whiteboards, conference tables, and stackable chairs can feel familiar and nostalgic...and not in a good way.

Get the Most Bang For Your Buck

You’ve spent part of your marketing budget to pull your event together, and you want your clients and employees to feel energized and engaged—not bored and ready to check out. With a dedicated multisensory event space, you can get creative with the company vibe. Think about incorporating the following elements to make your conference an effective, memorable experience.

Engage the Five Senses


  • Incorporate event-appropriate music—and be sure it’s not just upgraded elevator tunes. Know your audience, and create a Pandora station that resonates with their demographic and the overall tone of your event. Better yet, consider hiring a local band that reflects the culture and social scene of your specific event location.

Taste and Smell

  • Serve energizing, healthy snacks. Ditch the typical sugar-laden, white carb nightmare of traditional conference food, and surprise your event-goers with a selection of healthy, vitamin-rich small plates that reflects and celebrates the geographic location of your multisensory event space. After all, the senses of smell and taste are powerful influencers.
  • There is nothing like the smell of freshly roasted and ground coffee to make a morning meeting a pleasant experience. If yours is a coffee-based affair, try including a local coffee roasting company in your plans.
  • Throughout the day, make sure your guests have a constant supply of freshly filtered water—and include a few decanters infused with citrus zest, green tea, and mint leaves. Not only is the herbal green tea-and-water concoction a stimulant, the smell of orange and lemon zest inspires creativity and a sense of well-being.

Sight and Touch

  • Instead of the standard, stress-inducing fluorescent lights that most corporate events guests are accustomed to, choose a space that allows you to be creative with your atmosphere and mood. Incorporate creative lighting and striking visual décor, or choose an event space that has the resources and the talent to make a sensory experience part of the package: think luxurious fabric draping, hands-on displays, and interactive classes where your guests can cook a gourmet dish, oil paint on canvas, or get a chair massage.

When you want to create a memorable, experiential conference or marketing event, contact the experts at Soho Studios for more information.

2016 Blue Collar Matzo Chase

Soho Studios likes to recognize the excitement Miami has to offer, even outside of our venue. Last month, Chef Danny Serfer invited the entire Miami community, no matter their religious background, to join him on a scavenger hunt to find hidden matzo balls. The 2016 Blue Collar Matzo Chase consisted of the chef placing cardboard matzo balls around town for everyone to find in celebration of the story behind the Jewish holiday Passover. Those who found the faux soup dumplings won cash prizes. Traditionally, in Jewish households, matzo balls are hidden, and the children win a few bucks for finding them. Serfer’s extreme version allowed participants to walk away with prizes such as a Heroes of the Torah commemorative glass, a T-shirt or a $50-gift card to Danny’s Blue Collar Restaurant.

Passover began Friday, April 22, 2016 with Jewish families all over the world gathering for festivities, referred to as Seder by the community. Families substituted bread for matzo, which is symbolic of the Israelites and what they ate as they left Egypt. A traditional Seder consists of the retelling of the story of Exodus, but hiding three centers of matzos under a special plate makes the holiday interesting to children. In Danny’s version, participants were to locate 2-by-2-foot large matzos, but it’s still based on tradition. To make the hunt fair, Danny was the only one to know where they were hidden. Danny primarily stuck with his restaurant’s neighborhood, MiMo, and a little bit north and south of that area.

The contest started on the morning of Monday, April 25, 2016. The entire contest was conducted through Twitter. It began with a tweet from Blue Collar with a photo and a riddle regarding the location of the three matzo balls. Participants waited for the tweet and followed the instructions. Anyone who found a matzo ball had to reply to @BlueCollarMiami via Twitter. On the cardboard cuisine, participants found a hashtag to tweet along with a photo of themselves with the matzo ball.

What a great way to involve and bring some excitement into the community!

Funkshion Returns to Miami

One of Miami's favorite organizations, the Funkshion Fashion Show, returned to host their Fall/Winter fashion this March, and for the first time they chose right here in the Wynwood Arts District as their home base. Funkshion is Miami's Fashion Week, held three times throughout the year. Taking great pride in their Miami home, Funkshion believes in serving as a connecting force between the Latin American and US fashion markets. One thing many love about Funkshion, is how well they showcase both established and emerging names in fashion. And as their name suggests, in representing the fashion world in Miami, they set themselves apart from other fashion weeks around the world by always being sure to bring the funk. Music and art are integrated into the events, including live DJs at many of the shows to get the audience dancing in their seats.

The Winter/Fall show ran from March 16-19, 2016 with a packed schedule. Highlights included opening night's discussion, "DESIGNED IN MIAMI," with internationally celebrated designers based in Miami discussing what it takes to find success in the fashion world in Miami and beyond.  Friday's fashion event, "EVERYBODY WANTS SOME!!" inspired by the Richard Linklater film in theaters now was also a great highlight. Stars of the film made an appearance, including Blake Jenner, Ryan Guzman and Tyler Hochelin. As with every fashion week that Funkshion hosts, one of the most beloved events is the Emerging Designer Series in which incredibly talented new designers who are just coming on to the scene are able to present their work in a high-profile show at no cost. March's show was no exception, with plenty of designers you'll surely be hearing from in the future.

Funkshion Events always welcomes the public to attend.  All of the events are free, one would just need to RSVP beforehand. As the Funkshion Fashion gears up for its next event this July, this is something to keep in mind. In true Miami style, they'll be celebrating swimwear in the event which runs from July 13-17, 2016. If you're a swimwear designer over the age of 21 then consider entering the Emerging Designer Series. One designer will be winning a trip to New York Fashion Week.

Funkshion Fashion Week is a great way to celebrate so much of what makes Miami great.  It brings established artists together with the newest talent and connects diverse cultures. The area is still buzzing from this event, and cannot wait to see what the next show has in store.

"America's Best Breakfasts" Tour Hits the Miami Scene

Breakfast is hitting a level of popularity in recent years that rivals all other meals. There are endless options to have if you love breakfast or brunch. If you are in the Miami area than you can enjoy the tour of “America’s Best Breakfasts.” This event is put on by SoBe Food Fest Creator, Lee Schrager. It’s in celebration of his new cookbook by the same name featuring local recipes from coast to coast. What’s Included With Your Ticket

With your admission ticket you also will receive a copy of this third cookbook,”America’s Best Breakfasts: Favorite Local Recipes From Coast To Coast.” This cookbook is a compilation of 75 of the best breakfast recipes that Lee discovered on a cross country road trip he took a few years ago. His philosophy on breakfast is that it’s obviously, “the best meal of the day.” The fact that no other meal allows you to wear a bathrobe while eating is another one of his takes on this very important meal. Of course, it’s preferred that you get dressed for the “America’s Best Breakfast” Tour.

Where Is The Event?

The event itself takes place at the Magic City Casino with over 40 of the best South Florida restaurants participating. There will be walk up brunch stations all over the casino to sample all kinds of unique breakfast foods. Some favorites, and some that are going to be new to your palate. So if you enjoy Egg Benedict, waffles, and savory bacon galore you aren’t going to want to miss this chance to nosh on breakfast fare that will tantalize your tummy. Some of the key restaurants involved are 27 Restaurant and Bar, DIRT, Palomilla Grill, and Novecento. Although that’s just a taste of which restaurants are going to be there. Check the entire list to find out if your favorite breakfast dining spot is going to be a featured participant.

Not Only Brunch

It’s a 21 and over event only on account of the fact that the Bloody Mary bar, featuring Tito’s Homemade Vodka and the Mimosas, will be free flowing with your pre-purchased ticket. What brunch is complete without these tasty drink options? Some people even say it’s the best part of brunch! Don’t worry though, non alcoholic options will be available as well as coffee and juice.

Buy Your Tickets Early

Get your tickets early to this “Can’t miss food event”, where the lineup of sweet and savory treats will be overflowing in this walk up brunch spectacular! Check out the “America’s Best Breakfasts” event page that will give you all the details you need to purchase your own tickets. It’s Sunday, April 24th at 11:30 am, so mark your calendars now to make sure you don’t miss this popular Miami experience.

Beyonce's Tour Sells Out and Brings Controversy

Mega pop star Beyoncé Knowles-Carter has become quite the controversial figure since Super Bowl 50. She used the big game as a platform to promote the Black Panthers and criticize police brutality. Beyoncé and her dancers donned black berets along with bandoliers during the performance. Yet her social activism certainly hasn't hit her in the pocketbook. Most of the stops on her upcoming Formation world tour have already sold out. The tour is scheduled to launch this month in Miami. It is the singer's first tour since her Mrs. Carter World Tour in 2013. Though most of the tickets to Beyoncé's tour sold out quickly, it appears as though she might run into some problems due to her willingness to take a stance against police corruption. Her alliance with the Black Panthers has resulted in the National Police Union, known as the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), deciding to boycott the singer's upcoming concert in Miami. It will be interesting to see how security is handled at a show of this magnitude. The concert is scheduled to take place on April 26 in the Marlins Stadium. Beyoncé has refused to comment on the matter as of this article's publish date.

The Miami chapter of the FOP made the decision to boycott Beyoncé's Miami show through a democratic vote. The local union's president, Lieutenant Javier Ortiz, actually called on police officers across the country to boycott all of the Formation shows. The FOP believes that Beyoncé improperly used her Super Bowl 50 platform to spread what the police union describes as an “anti-police message”. Police across the country clashed with the Black Panthers during race riots that took place decades ago. Lieutenant Ortiz has not stated whether the boycott of Beyoncé's Miami concert is applicable to police officers across Miami, those who work in Dade county or only those who are members of the union.

Beyoncé's Formation World Tour will likely take place without a hitch. Beyoncé could hire private security for the event. It is also possible that enough police officers or non-union officers will make themselves available for the Miami show and any other shows that are boycotted by the police. Fans will undoubtedly have a blast at the show regardless of the political activism surrounding the tour. All in all, the tour's producer, Parkwood Entertainment, has sold just under one million total tickets. A number of shows have sold out in addition to the Miami date. The demand for tickets is so strong that seconds shows have been scheduled for May 28 at Chicago's Soldier Field and July 3 at Wembly Stadium in London. Fans who want to put a positive twist on the somewhat negative energy surrounding the show can do so by participating in the singer's #BeyGOOD initiative designed to support Miami's United Way program. Be sure to follow @beygood on Twitter to learn more.

TigerDirect’s Tech Bash in Miami

TigerDirect’s fourth annual Tech Bash will be astounding. Stationed in the Miami Marlins Park, TigerDirects event marketing schedule reveals its latest, greatest technology. Tech enthusiasts, industry professionals and consumers are welcome—generating the brand’s public enrichment and outreach program.

Innovative Millennial Access

TigerDirect’s Tech Bash will take place on November 6 this year, and its holiday season outreach directly targets Millennials. Of course, IT experts, families and business executives are welcome, though Tech Bash has, in recent years, notoriously attracted Millennial guests with modern consumer technology passions.

Tech Bash offers gaming, live music, fun-filled events and widespread entertainment. While its primary focus is on consumer technology, activities are forefront inclusions. Over 120 big-name tech names will be present—generating a charged atmosphere promoting the world’s latest, greatest technology. Guests are welcome to experience innovative solutions from Google, witness Intel’s latest designs and browse other industry elites—like Samsung, LG, Lenovo and HP. TigerDirect’s famous approach to a “one roof covers all” marketing strategy continues to please—generating new opportunities for younger generations.

Live Entertainment—Live Marketing

TigerDirect’s dedication to widespread technology access is its primary resource. The brand’s innovative marketing approach increases its industry insight, empowers brand newcomers and gauges the modern consumer’s market evolution.

Highly creative, Tech Bash has never failed to be a big hit on a basic platform. Build-a-PC races, big-name artists, food trucks, digital caricatures, drones and the industry’s newest VR Tech have appeared in the past, and consumer visitors are always prompted to consider technology’s future.

End-users, of course, are TigerDirect’s star audience segment. Pre-holiday showcases define its marketing effort end-game, and top premier brands only accelerate TigerDirect’s consumer outreach. Live marketing is very viable for such a notable brand.

Local tech Start-Ups and Industry Newcomers

TigerDirect’s industry positioning grants it exceptional power through newcomers. Because of this, their tech start-up company support is a notable marketing effort. Local tech startup representatives are highly regarded at Tech Bash, and TigerDirect is very nurturing of such entities. Entrants must be over age 13—and for good reason: Marketing efforts prevail when marketing segments are pinpointed and accessed.

Tech Bash is about TigerDirect’s consumers and soon-to-be tech supporters. It’s about the electronics enabling future sustainability, scale and growth.

The Connected Home and Memorable Evenings

TigerDirect understands modern electronics. It understands a high focus on connectivity and accessibility. Its 2015 event won’t only focus on emerging technology. It’ll focus on time-tested-and-true industry cornerstones. Interactive entertainment, gaming rigs and home theater networking are all TigerDirect powerhouse avenues—and Tech Bash will promote each.

Tech Bash provides the perfect opportunity for connectivity-based product marketing. It’s an event, and it’s contingent upon consumer visitation. The climate is perfect for promoting intuitive home systems, and its marketing boon rests within the platform’s social capabilities. In essence, TigerDirect’s Tech Bash reflects the industry’s highest potential in an accessible atmosphere.

Technology’s future should be relatable, flexible and fast-paced. TigerDirect spares nothing when multiple supporting brands are featured, and it gains everything when consumers, future creators and well-known suppliers are empowered together.

Arizona Iced Tea at Art Basel Miami Beach

Headlines are scattered across the internet about the "Art Museum on a Can." Lemon Fizz is a new drink designed by artist Richard Prince and produced by AriZona Iced Tea. This drink (and its artistically aesthetic can) will debut in December at Art Basel Miami Beach.

Arizona Iced Tea at Art Basel Miami Beach

AriZona’s Global Communications Director Jackie Harrigan said, “The package design celebrates Richard’s creativity and history within the art world, with secret elements for consumers to discover that signify the union of our creative forces”

Marketing Art

What has the art world buzzing about this highly decorated lemon soda is that the artist approached the corporation and not the other way around. Instead of being seen as an endorsement, the new drink is actually a genius stroke of marketing material for AriZona Iced Tea.

Pictured in black and white, Richard Prince’s debonair pose is plastered on top of a colorful background of his work. His signature scrawls across the front.

Making a Splash

AriZona Iced Tea is a popular drink among the trendsetting crowd. Richard Prince contacted AriZona to make his own drink, moved by his love for lemon flavored drinks and tea. Prince states, "As a fan of AriZona’s Arnold Palmer line, it felt natural to collaborate and the partnership evolved from there. The outcome is Lemon Fizz, which is a fantastic beverage and one that I can employ in my own craft."

The new drink already has three events presenting it at Art Basel Miami Beach, and 23 other venues in Miami will also be offering Lemon Fizz. Even a special sorbet will be made with Lemon Fizz and other fresh ingredients, such as: ginger, pomegranate and basil.

Setting Apart Your Brand

When it comes to Art Basel Miami Beach, something original and over-the-top is how major brands and designers make waves. The event space Miami offers will be packed full of high fashion parties and galleries for a week long party in the Magic City. Reserving the right venue in Miami and creatively marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach is the only way to stand out in a slew of competing designers seeking the attention of socialites and celebrities.

Dianne Von Furstenbergs limited edition Evian Bottle

The power of marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach was demonstrated recently with the launch of the stunningly rendered Diane Von Furstenberg limited-edition Evian bottle. She joins the ranks of fellow designers Jean Paul Gaultier and Christian Lacroix with her own interpretation of this cultural interpretation of modern branding.

Brand Marketing at Art Basel Miami

Evian’s core message for its product is one of vitality, youth, and uncompromising purity. The designer known for her mantras adds “Water is Life is Love is Life is Water is…,” to her legacy. The phrase is emblazoned on the bottles in white in her own readily-recognized handwriting. Ms. Von Furstenberg is one of the design pioneers of our age and is known for her innovative and tradition-busting styles. Her choice of Evian, however, is nothing but tradition. She stated at the launch that, “I have drunk Evian all my life, ever since I was a tiny, tiny, tiny little girl."

The new bottle and design was premiered at the world’s biggest art fair, Art Basel Miami Beach. These types of events are popular at Soho Studios in Miami’s Art District, as it is used as a favorite launch pad for major fashion news and products. The Evian launch is only one of a number of brands using Art Basel Miami Beach to gain maximum exposure for major announcements and product introductions.

In the age of brand marketing , it is only natural that a creative mind would gravitate towards Soho Studios, one of the exciting venues in Miami. This 65,000 square feet multi-functional facility has showcased its share of iconic brands, as well as hosting photography shoots, serving as a film studio, and event space Miami residents know for multiple types of media and entertainment.

If you’re seeking a premier location that allows the most creative and impressive presentation, consider marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach. You’ll find Soho Studios the perfect venue in Miami and a canvas for your creative team to use in creating a memorable event. Whether for business, public or private events, our versatile space allows you to provide your guests an event to share on every social media platform.

Melodies in Midtown

Event space Miami


Allegro Entertainment presents host Jawan Strader from NBC6. Jawan will get the party started for the inaugural Melodies in Midtown at our Pavilion Studio in Miami on Saturday, September 28 from 7PM to close.  Joining Jawan and performing live will be Tracy Night, Jay Wray and the 4 Lyfe Band, DJ Genesis and DJ Meat.  Hardcore Dancehall fans will feel the raw energy and experience Miami’s newest club scene.

Get early bird tickets now on Groupon. If you missed out on the discounted tickets, don't stress out - you can buy them on eventbrite too.

"The 2nd Annual Evening with the Stars" - Clothing Line Launch & Concert!!! Hosted by NBC 6 Jawan Strader

CHARLES KING PARIS will launch a Clothing Line. Charles King´s Spirit is Refinement Luxury and Passion. Pure Artistic Creations for Exclusive Limited Editions Handcraft Textile Embellishment with Fine Embroideries. Metal and Crystal Inserts for Exceptional Collections...for the Fashionable Eye! An Evening with the "Stars" & LYFE Management Group Launch Party - - The second annual "Evening with the 'Stars'" where Sponsors, Volunteers, Supporters, Celebrities and our LYFE Management Group Clients will be in attendance. A night filled with Music, Food, Drinks and Door Prizes!!!

A star studded event with Special invited Guest and most importantly our Clients and Supporters!!!

This is an event you don't want to miss!!!

Concert - - Featuring "Jay Wray & the Music 4 LYFE Band" - Tracey Night Music - Zipporah Live Dj Genesis & DJ Meat

$45 includes Entrance, 2 Drink Tickets and Door Prizes!!!


Event Space Miami




Entertainment for events

Entertainment for events is a must for an occasion to be successful. Clients are persistently seeking for new and different types of entertainment for events that position their companies to become a center point of cutting edge culture. We live in a time where attention spans are short and it is important that entertainment for events hold the participants attention. Event Planners are always looking for new and imaginative ideas to bring unforgettable experiences to their respective clients.

Recently Dr.Pepper produced an event to promote their brand featuring hip-hop artist Pitbull and Friends at the legendary LIV Nightclub in Miami Beach.

Here  are some ideas when you to help you to meet challenges in the name of live entertainment as well as performances:

Ensure you know exactly what your client expects and requires from you. This means you need to have a deep understanding of the objective behind the whole event. The better the understanding between you and the client the better are the chances that you would deliver what is exactly expected.

There is simply no substitute for the work of specialists in the entertainment industry. This spreads to the category from choreography to the live set ups. In instances when the entertainment for events is live,  performers would also pitch in ideas as to what can be done to make it great. The performers would not only their roles inside out but would ingrain newer stuff as per the theme of the whole occasion.

Form an effective relationship with the entertainment groups. Consider it more of a team kind of partnership so that the exchange of ideas is mutual and debatable. Also, when it comes to arranging entertainment for events, a reputable and professional company should first come to your mind. This is because these people brainstorm innovative tips and ideas that might hit the jackpot for you. This not only saves a lot of time but you also get some fruit with them at the end of the day.

Your communication with the production team is vital. They need to be in constant contact with the entertainment plans you have. This is because there are many things to manage in entertainment for events for instance, perfection in lighting to the sound system providing consistent quality throughout the live performance. Unbroken communication can be your ultimate problem solver at the end of the day since you will have to invest in many ways to make your day smooth and successful.

Ensure that when you are entrusted to come up with newer entertainment for events ideas, you are in compliance with the requirements. If it’s a performer you have chosen with their technical particularities then make sure that the production people are aware and dealt with in the earliest.

Finally, do not drag the performances more than they are needed. The rule of thumb with performances is that you need to let the audiences in awe, wanting for more. So, in the end it’s all about building the impact, right from the start. Though this may sound pretty simplistic this is what makes entertainment for events a big deal and different from one other.