Creating a Multisensory Experience for your Next Event


These days, thanks to the intrusion of virtual information into every moment of our lives, life experience and experiential opportunities have become a coveted asset. Time is valuable, and humans have a generally shorter attention span in keeping with the onslaught of instant information via smartphones and real-time communication. So, what’s a business to do when they are competing with the sensory overload and reduced attention spans of an overwhelmingly technology-driven marketing climate?

A multisensory event—and the inherently immersive, experiential power behind it—may be your answer.

Tips For Driving Success With A Multisensory Event

Interactive Meetings

Ever held a meeting where the entire room was equipped with stability balls in place of traditional conference chairs? Sometimes in the corporate and business world, a typical meeting in a room full of nametags, whiteboards, conference tables, and stackable chairs can feel familiar and nostalgic...and not in a good way.

Get the Most Bang For Your Buck

You’ve spent part of your marketing budget to pull your event together, and you want your clients and employees to feel energized and engaged—not bored and ready to check out. With a dedicated multisensory event space, you can get creative with the company vibe. Think about incorporating the following elements to make your conference an effective, memorable experience.

Engage the Five Senses


  • Incorporate event-appropriate music—and be sure it’s not just upgraded elevator tunes. Know your audience, and create a Pandora station that resonates with their demographic and the overall tone of your event. Better yet, consider hiring a local band that reflects the culture and social scene of your specific event location.

Taste and Smell

  • Serve energizing, healthy snacks. Ditch the typical sugar-laden, white carb nightmare of traditional conference food, and surprise your event-goers with a selection of healthy, vitamin-rich small plates that reflects and celebrates the geographic location of your multisensory event space. After all, the senses of smell and taste are powerful influencers.
  • There is nothing like the smell of freshly roasted and ground coffee to make a morning meeting a pleasant experience. If yours is a coffee-based affair, try including a local coffee roasting company in your plans.
  • Throughout the day, make sure your guests have a constant supply of freshly filtered water—and include a few decanters infused with citrus zest, green tea, and mint leaves. Not only is the herbal green tea-and-water concoction a stimulant, the smell of orange and lemon zest inspires creativity and a sense of well-being.

Sight and Touch

  • Instead of the standard, stress-inducing fluorescent lights that most corporate events guests are accustomed to, choose a space that allows you to be creative with your atmosphere and mood. Incorporate creative lighting and striking visual décor, or choose an event space that has the resources and the talent to make a sensory experience part of the package: think luxurious fabric draping, hands-on displays, and interactive classes where your guests can cook a gourmet dish, oil paint on canvas, or get a chair massage.

When you want to create a memorable, experiential conference or marketing event, contact the experts at Soho Studios for more information.