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Creating a Multisensory Experience for your Next Event


These days, thanks to the intrusion of virtual information into every moment of our lives, life experience and experiential opportunities have become a coveted asset. Time is valuable, and humans have a generally shorter attention span in keeping with the onslaught of instant information via smartphones and real-time communication. So, what’s a business to do when they are competing with the sensory overload and reduced attention spans of an overwhelmingly technology-driven marketing climate?

A multisensory event—and the inherently immersive, experiential power behind it—may be your answer.

Tips For Driving Success With A Multisensory Event

Interactive Meetings

Ever held a meeting where the entire room was equipped with stability balls in place of traditional conference chairs? Sometimes in the corporate and business world, a typical meeting in a room full of nametags, whiteboards, conference tables, and stackable chairs can feel familiar and nostalgic...and not in a good way.

Get the Most Bang For Your Buck

You’ve spent part of your marketing budget to pull your event together, and you want your clients and employees to feel energized and engaged—not bored and ready to check out. With a dedicated multisensory event space, you can get creative with the company vibe. Think about incorporating the following elements to make your conference an effective, memorable experience.

Engage the Five Senses


  • Incorporate event-appropriate music—and be sure it’s not just upgraded elevator tunes. Know your audience, and create a Pandora station that resonates with their demographic and the overall tone of your event. Better yet, consider hiring a local band that reflects the culture and social scene of your specific event location.

Taste and Smell

  • Serve energizing, healthy snacks. Ditch the typical sugar-laden, white carb nightmare of traditional conference food, and surprise your event-goers with a selection of healthy, vitamin-rich small plates that reflects and celebrates the geographic location of your multisensory event space. After all, the senses of smell and taste are powerful influencers.
  • There is nothing like the smell of freshly roasted and ground coffee to make a morning meeting a pleasant experience. If yours is a coffee-based affair, try including a local coffee roasting company in your plans.
  • Throughout the day, make sure your guests have a constant supply of freshly filtered water—and include a few decanters infused with citrus zest, green tea, and mint leaves. Not only is the herbal green tea-and-water concoction a stimulant, the smell of orange and lemon zest inspires creativity and a sense of well-being.

Sight and Touch

  • Instead of the standard, stress-inducing fluorescent lights that most corporate events guests are accustomed to, choose a space that allows you to be creative with your atmosphere and mood. Incorporate creative lighting and striking visual décor, or choose an event space that has the resources and the talent to make a sensory experience part of the package: think luxurious fabric draping, hands-on displays, and interactive classes where your guests can cook a gourmet dish, oil paint on canvas, or get a chair massage.

When you want to create a memorable, experiential conference or marketing event, contact the experts at Soho Studios for more information.

Miami Museum Month Puts the Wow in a Diverse Cultural Scene


Miami Museum Month is one of the favorite cultural events of the year because it has something for everyone from priceless art objects to whimsical works of fun. Amazing exhibitions and one-on-one opportunities with artists in spectacular settings are just part of the charm of this event sponsored by the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau. The 2016 May event shined a spotlight on our diverse neighborhoods and the eclectic shopping and dining.

At the heart of the annual Miami Museum Month are two deals:

  • Buy One Get One Free: During the month visitors can get “Buy One Get One Free” admission to select museums.
  • Join One Museum See Them All: A great deal for locals; sign up for membership with one museum and receive free admission to other participating museums.

Each year Miami Museum Month gets bigger and the 2016 highlights included are:

  • Pérez Art Museum MiamiIf you can only visit one museum in Miami then this is your best bet with its world-class collections and picturesque placement on Biscayne Bay.
  • MDC Museum of Art + Design: The MDC MOA+D is housed in the 1925-built historic Freedom Tower on Biscayne Blvd. and features emerging contemporary artists as well as a can’t-miss fun Pop-Up Shop.
  • Vizcaya Museum & Gardens: The only way to describe this stunning estate is wow! Enjoy art and furnishings inside the Main House and the 10 acres of gardens at this National Historic Landmark.
  • The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum: This Smithsonian affiliate is located on FIU’s main campus and includes permanent and rotating exhibits as well as a sculpture park.
  • The Wolfsonian-FIU: No visit to the Art Deco District is complete without a stop at the Wolfsonian. For the most unconventional gifts in town, check out The Dynamo Museum Shop & Café.
  • Bakehouse Art Complex: If you like your art up-close-and-personal then go to this complex located in the historic art deco bakery building and in the midst of the vibrant Wynwood Arts District.

Other museums that took part in the 2016 Miami Museum Month:

The deals of Miami Museum Month may end in a few more days, but the cool cultural happenings go on year-round.

Jack Daniel's Motel No. 7 at Soho Studios

Photo Credit: Jack Daniels

Photo Credit: Jack Daniels

America's passion for Jack Daniels was recently celebrated in style with a pop-up Motel No. 7 at Soho Studios. Access to Motel No. 7 was granted through the event website, via secret limited registration codes, and referrals from friends with tickets. Prior to the event, the motel's address was only given to those on the registration list. In the lead-up to Motel No. 7's launch, over 9,000 Jack Daniel's enthusiasts RSVP'd for the exclusive event. These guests were only allowed to check in if they presented a special motel key. Upon checking in to the pop-up motel, attendees were granted RFID tags that allowed them to upload personal pictures from the numerous photo booths stationed at the event. Throughout the evening, guests made amazing memories and celebrated with the premium whiskey brand that has added cheer to American parties for well over a century.

Free Drinks

No Jack Daniel's event would be complete without lots of liquor. Based on this criteria, the event at Soho Studios was a huge success, as its lucky attendees were given free drink tickets. Nearly every variety of Jack Daniel's was served, although many guests preferred to stick with traditional shots of Old No. 7. Whiskey was clearly the drink of the evening, but several guests also indulged in craft cocktails, which were served in one of the motel's themed rooms.  In addition to downing free drinks, guests were able to see how Jack Daniel's whiskey is stored. Real whiskey barrels were transported from Lynchburg, Tennessee (home of the Jack Daniel's distillery) to Soho Studios, where they were examined by numerous whiskey enthusiasts.

Themed Rooms

The overarching theme of Soho Studios event was Motel No. 7, with the old school Americana vibe mixed with modern technology to great effect. Within the pop-up motel, rooms were given a variety of additional themes. Several guests let loose in a room entirely dedicated to pillow fights. Attendees were also invited to lounge in or alongside a small pool that was created specifically for the event.  The motel featured a chapel, in which four couples tied the knot! Prior to getting hitched, these couples (as well as their fellow event attendees) were given the chance to have their hair cut in the motel's exclusive barbershop. One of the most unique and appealing rooms in the motel featured a group of bachelorettes singing karaoke.

Music and Entertainment

From the beginning, Jack Daniel's has been associated with good music. This tradition was upheld at Motel No. 7, which featured a Frank Sinatra cover band and two EDM DJs. The act of the night, however, was Ja Rule, who offered a blast to the past with such hits as Put it on Me and What's Luv.

WSVN-TV - 7NEWS Miami Ft. Lauderdale News, Weather, Deco

Miami's edition of Jack Daniel's Motel No. 7 tour was a clear success, on par with the well-attended Brooklyn event last November. After the motel was taken down and moved to its next location, guests enjoyed reliving the memorable party by viewing the photo booth shots taken throughout the venue's many interactive rooms. The Wynwood-based Jack Daniel's fun may be over for now, but additional events are set to take place in Chicago, Austin, and Los Angeles.

Hermes Party

As 2015 comes to a close, Soho Studios would like to wish everyone a Happy New year. 2015 was a great year for us, so in the spirit of celebrations we would like to share with you some photos and videos of the best party at Soho Studios of 2015.

Planning the perfect event

Of course you are looking to choose the right Miami event space and plan the perfect event. How do you maximize your chances that your meeting, convention, show, party, or exposition comes off as close to perfect as possible? We've divided the list into three stages.  



Before you plan your event and choose the Miami event space, write down how you want people to feel during and after your event. What kind of impression should leave the event with and what event space in Miami should you choose? This step alone will give you great direction.

Hopefully you can decide this outcome before deciding your budget. If not the right Miami event space will make all the difference.

Of course you’ll want to choose a great location and a venue people won’t soon forget. This step is vital on several levels. Not only for location and ambiance of your event, but for what the venue management can bring to the table in terms of experience, assistance, and service with your event. When choosing your event space in Miami its also important to check what the people are like that work at the event space. A good working relationship with the event space will make a world of difference.

The before stage also includes setting up a great design, catering, security and you will need to schedule entertainment. You may have backdrops and lighting, tables, chairs and place settings to be concerned about. Will entrance be by ticket or invitation? Of course there’s the promotion for your event. You’ll also need to consider guest transportation, accommodations, and perhaps even gifts for attendees. Again, working with the right venue can offer tremendous help in these areas.


Idealistically, if you have planned your event properly, chosen the right event space, and are working with a good team, you spend the day of the event itself basking in your great event planning abilities! Actually, if you have made good decisions ahead of time, you will probably spend most of the event putting out small fires and making sure attendees are enjoying themselves. You might even have a little time for “basking”!


This is where you answer the complimentary emails, Facebook posts, and are called into the boss’s office for that giant pat on the back.

It all starts with deciding on your outcome ahead of time. How do you want people to feel about your event ahead of time? What do you want them to think during the event, and finally, what impressions do you want to leave with them about you and your organization after the event?

Choosing your venue is more than selecting a place to stage your event. It is the biggest decision in choosing your outcome. At Soho Studios we have the perfect Miami event space that guests will talk about for weeks after the event.

Miami Music Festivals

Miami is known for many things, its fashion, its sports, and of course the weather but the city is also a rich cornucopia of musical events. The plethora of music festivals in Miami will help you discover new music or revisit favorites. Miami is well known as an international hotspot for clubs and events that focus on electronic music, making it inviting place for many! Check out all the buzz for last year's Winter Music Conference.

Miami's Ultra Music Festival attracts chart topping names such as DJ David Guetta, Tiesto and Deadmau5 and local favorites like AfroBeta, Juan Basshead and many more. This world class roster of talent has helped to make this festival in Miami highly successful for over fifteen years. Ultra Music Festival is must go to event for electronic music lovers all over the planet attracting hundreds of thousands.

Winter Music Conference is a week long event that happens every year. WMC attracts industry professionals, electronic acts and record labels from all parts of the globe. WMC has different shows and events all around the city, making it one of the most-awaited electronic music events in the world. One major stop on a WMC attendees list is Soho Studios. Most recently noted was the Swedish House Mafia party at Soho Studios which also celebrated the release of Absolute Greyhound – a grapefruit infused vodka.

Soho Studios also hosts the annual Sunset Music Festival, another electronic music festival where DJs showcase their skills on the turn tables, re-mix music and craft their own original songs. The Sunset Music Festival is twelve hour long music festival held every fall that easily packs in many musicians, DJs and music fans. Hypnotic Productions sells tickets for a reasonable price, and The Sunset Music Festival is open to music lovers of all ages.

A music festival in Miami is sure to be a memory maker! Be sure to check out some of these amazing festivals at Soho Studios for the time of your life! If you're interested in planning your own music festival and hosting it at Soho Studios, we are here to help.

Fashion Bloggers

There used to be one fashion column in the local newspaper that women and men would refer to about the latest trends in clothing, apparel and accessories. But today, the entire world has gone online and fashion bloggers rule the Miami fashion scene. These bloggers take the web to chronicle the latest fashion trends for both men and women, and raise the awareness about the local fashion scene to a global audience.

As many Miami fashion magazines note, the fashion industry in the area is growing exponentially. The brands and style Miami has to offer are unique to the area, and fashion bloggers seek to raise awareness about the amazing fashion culture south Florida has.

One fashion blogger in particular, The Fashion Poet has helped to raise awareness and promote the Miami fashion scene. Soho Studios, which is located in the Wynwood District, is a unique venue that hosts many types of events, is often home to many types of fashion events. Recently The Fashion Poet wrote a great blog about her shopping adventure at the American Apparel warehouse sale at Soho Studios, complete with pictures of all her spectacular fashion finds.

In addition to the growth of the local fashion scene, global fashion icons are beginning to notice Miami as well. For instance, Cartier and Louis Vuitton are scheduled to open locations in the Miami Design District in 2012. This global attention only further validates the impact that fashion bloggers have on the industry. With hundreds of people blogging about the latest clothing design trends in Miami, the rest of the world is starting to take note.

Before you know it, Miami will be competing with New York and Los Angeles as one of the top fashion cities in not only the country, but across the globe. This rise in fashion power is due in no small part because of the fashion bloggers that chronicle the every move, trend and option in local fashion. Whether they are showcasing a great sale, or announcing a new store that is bringing more fashion options to the area, fashion bloggers are on top of the Miami fashion scene.

Soho Studios has hosted many Miami fashion shows and provides a perfect space for your next fashion event in Miami. Contact us today to reserve your spot.

Japanese Pop Art Shows

There are plenty of art galleries in Miami, but none fit the description of "cute" quite as well as Kawaii Universe in the Wynwood District does. This studio and shop is modeled after the Japanese pop art form Kawaii, which literally means cute in the Japanese language.

What began as a phenomenon in Japan during the late 1970s and early 1980s quickly made its way overseas to the United States, where many American children found the cute culture in Japan to be appealing. The owner of Kawaii Universe found that most Kawaii art was only found online in the United States, so she wanted to bring that art to life in a brick-and-mortar studio.

Since opening Kawaii Universe, just down the street from Soho Studios in 2011, Kawaii pop art in all its colored and cuteness has become quite popular, and is a focal point during many Art Basel Miami Beach events. As the trend continues to catch on, more and more people are getting involved in Kawaii pop art and are interested in working on their own cute pieces.

The Art Basel Miami Beach is one of the most well known Miami events, and it happens each year during the month of December. For those who are interested in displaying their own Kawaii art pieces, Soho Studios is a perfect studio space option for you. This venue is unique and versatile, and is home to many different artistic endeavors. But during this special event, Soho Studios works best as an art studio space and gallery during one of the best art shows Miami has to offer.

Whether you have been into the cute art scene for decades now, or you are just getting started on your first Kawaii work of art, consider displaying your work during Art Basel Miami Beach at Soho Studios. It's the perfect gallery space, and is well complemented by the nearby cute gallery of Kawaii Universe. You'll be in good company with plenty of other Kawaii pop art fanatics who are equally passionate about the colorful, joyful artwork.

Evian brand launch in Miami

Miami events are the best way to start a buzz and create hype around your product, brand, charitable cause, or any other movement to hit the scene. Our event space can be transformed to fit your needs. Here at this Evian event our venue was created to host a large group of attendees with music, art, and fun. Evian launched their live young campaign at Soho Studios. This brand launch was a brand marketing event that fused music, art, clothing and video to promote their new campaign.

Check out these photos

Brazilian Art Venue in Miami

Art Do Brasil was an exciting cultural experience that blended Brazilian music, Samba, models, Capoeira, and even a Miami food truck. It was an exhilarating night that will be remembered. One of the most memorable parts of the night was the swimwear fashion show. Models hit the catwalk showcasing stylish and sexy swim suits that surely are popular on the beaches of Rio. Keep posted with our Miami events and join us for the next International culture party in The Pavilion at Soho Studios.