Planning the perfect event

Of course you are looking to choose the right Miami event space and plan the perfect event. How do you maximize your chances that your meeting, convention, show, party, or exposition comes off as close to perfect as possible? We've divided the list into three stages.  



Before you plan your event and choose the Miami event space, write down how you want people to feel during and after your event. What kind of impression should leave the event with and what event space in Miami should you choose? This step alone will give you great direction.

Hopefully you can decide this outcome before deciding your budget. If not the right Miami event space will make all the difference.

Of course you’ll want to choose a great location and a venue people won’t soon forget. This step is vital on several levels. Not only for location and ambiance of your event, but for what the venue management can bring to the table in terms of experience, assistance, and service with your event. When choosing your event space in Miami its also important to check what the people are like that work at the event space. A good working relationship with the event space will make a world of difference.

The before stage also includes setting up a great design, catering, security and you will need to schedule entertainment. You may have backdrops and lighting, tables, chairs and place settings to be concerned about. Will entrance be by ticket or invitation? Of course there’s the promotion for your event. You’ll also need to consider guest transportation, accommodations, and perhaps even gifts for attendees. Again, working with the right venue can offer tremendous help in these areas.


Idealistically, if you have planned your event properly, chosen the right event space, and are working with a good team, you spend the day of the event itself basking in your great event planning abilities! Actually, if you have made good decisions ahead of time, you will probably spend most of the event putting out small fires and making sure attendees are enjoying themselves. You might even have a little time for “basking”!


This is where you answer the complimentary emails, Facebook posts, and are called into the boss’s office for that giant pat on the back.

It all starts with deciding on your outcome ahead of time. How do you want people to feel about your event ahead of time? What do you want them to think during the event, and finally, what impressions do you want to leave with them about you and your organization after the event?

Choosing your venue is more than selecting a place to stage your event. It is the biggest decision in choosing your outcome. At Soho Studios we have the perfect Miami event space that guests will talk about for weeks after the event.