How to shoot an Editorial

An editorial photo shoot is a series of images that tell a story. As a photographer, editorial photo shoots are a favorite to shoot by many photographers because it allows for more creativity than most typical photo shoots. The cosmopolitan air of Miami lends itself to some of the most recognizable and incredible work photographers do. Miami has so many of the essential elements it takes to shoot a compelling and unforgettable editorial.

Location selection is key when shooting an editorial. The location you choose to tell your story makes a world of difference to visually articulate a clear story. For some of the best venue options in editorial photography in Miami, Soho Studios is ideal. Soho Studios is not only a premiere Miami photography studio but also an event and concert space as well as a film and TV studio. A multitude of scenic spaces lend to the background potential of a Florida photo shoot like no other.

It’s important to arrive to the location for the photo shoot well before your subjects call time in order have enough time to prepare your shots. When you take the time to set up each individual shot correctly you be sure to shoot amazing photos that convey a definitive story about your subject. Make sure to set up all lighting and equipment just right and spend time checking out your light sources in each space. Don't overlook shots that are atypical, such as on the roof or down a long hallway; depending on what it is you intend to illustrate these shots can pack just as much punch as an extreme close up.

Take plenty of test shots in each of your pre-chosen locations to make sure they are in line with the story you are trying to tell. The test shots will give you a better idea of how your subject will appear when you shoot him/her/it in that exact same spot and potential changes in lighting or if you should need a flash and to what magnitude if you do. Mood is everything when depicted in different color tones, and thus an effective tool for editorial photography. Problems with perspective and interference from reflections can be caught early with the test shots and corrected when you shoot in certain spots. It is important to know the story that you want to convey and understand the essence of your client when shooting an editorial. Make sure you do your research and have fun!