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Miami Fashion Week 2017: What to Expect and New Trends

Miami Fashion Week 2017: What to Expect and New Trends

Every year, Miami Fashion Week is a true spectacle of Florida culture, beach life and today’s fashion stage. Florida is the swim fashion capital of the world, packing panoramic views, midday art walks and beachside displays. Soho Studios is proud to be in the mix, and we’re dishing out this year’s biggest arrivals. Miami Fashion Week hits on May 31, so get ready, gear up and get wild with these new trends, designers and events.

Art Basal

While Art Basal isn’t a fashion event, it still holds a heavy influence over fashion. Expect to see Dior, Chanel and Valentino. They roll into Miami each December, and they’re back to pack Art Basal with loads of fun. Bruce Weber and Terry Richardson will be there, too, photographing the event while signing books. Art Basal is expected to headline Miami Fashion Week, garnering attention up and down the street.

Funkshion Fashion Week

For your edgy pattern fix, we suggest Funkshion Fashion Week Miami Beach. It lasts four days, wrapping up Miami Fashion Week in the allure of music, a sizzling sartorial showcase, emerging designers and rad presentations. It’s established by providers like Chloé, but it’s contingent upon purchasing power. Show entires are free, and display items are available in nearby stores.

The First Faces Competition

On the event side of things, the First Faces Competition will highlight 2017’s hottest runway models, fashion statements and emergent styles. If you don’t see First Faces, you’re missing out. It pulls some of Fashion Week’s highlights to the forefront, giving you a dose of culture. Really, it summarizes this year’s greatest, most creative fashion choices. Don’t miss out.

The SwimShow & LingerieShow

Hosted in the Miami Beach Convention Center, the SwimShow & LingerieShow is a 400,000 square-foot exhibition. Stop by, and check out over 2,500 swim, resort, lifestyle and intimate apparel retailers. You’re bound to find interesting yearly additions here, and you can expect to see a variety of accessory designers tossed in, too. If you favor the beach-goer look, sandals and summery shades, you’ll be in the right place. Check out this year’s leading selections by Oscar de la Renta and Nanette Lepore, or get sporty with Oakley and Body Glove.

1,200 Jewelry Booths

Jewelry will be at this year’s forefront, too. The Jewelers International Showcase is one of the largest jewelry-based trade shows in America. Across its three trade shows, about 4,000 jewelry buyers will hit the Miami Beach Convention Center. Every year, the world’s largest venders—and some new ones—populate over 1,200 booths. They present new goods, introduce industry newcomers and offer low, mid and high-range purchasing options.

Miami Fashion Week, in many ways, promotes the area’s surrounding culture by giving consumers what they want: new, legendary collections. Even styles not native to Miami have a place. Because the event puts the purchasing power into the public’s hands, a slew of new fashion designers, businesses and creators have a place for expression. Check out this year’s alluring options, and navigate the high-end selections reserved for today’s hottest brands.

Funkshion Returns to Miami

One of Miami's favorite organizations, the Funkshion Fashion Show, returned to host their Fall/Winter fashion this March, and for the first time they chose right here in the Wynwood Arts District as their home base. Funkshion is Miami's Fashion Week, held three times throughout the year. Taking great pride in their Miami home, Funkshion believes in serving as a connecting force between the Latin American and US fashion markets. One thing many love about Funkshion, is how well they showcase both established and emerging names in fashion. And as their name suggests, in representing the fashion world in Miami, they set themselves apart from other fashion weeks around the world by always being sure to bring the funk. Music and art are integrated into the events, including live DJs at many of the shows to get the audience dancing in their seats.

The Winter/Fall show ran from March 16-19, 2016 with a packed schedule. Highlights included opening night's discussion, "DESIGNED IN MIAMI," with internationally celebrated designers based in Miami discussing what it takes to find success in the fashion world in Miami and beyond.  Friday's fashion event, "EVERYBODY WANTS SOME!!" inspired by the Richard Linklater film in theaters now was also a great highlight. Stars of the film made an appearance, including Blake Jenner, Ryan Guzman and Tyler Hochelin. As with every fashion week that Funkshion hosts, one of the most beloved events is the Emerging Designer Series in which incredibly talented new designers who are just coming on to the scene are able to present their work in a high-profile show at no cost. March's show was no exception, with plenty of designers you'll surely be hearing from in the future.

Funkshion Events always welcomes the public to attend.  All of the events are free, one would just need to RSVP beforehand. As the Funkshion Fashion gears up for its next event this July, this is something to keep in mind. In true Miami style, they'll be celebrating swimwear in the event which runs from July 13-17, 2016. If you're a swimwear designer over the age of 21 then consider entering the Emerging Designer Series. One designer will be winning a trip to New York Fashion Week.

Funkshion Fashion Week is a great way to celebrate so much of what makes Miami great.  It brings established artists together with the newest talent and connects diverse cultures. The area is still buzzing from this event, and cannot wait to see what the next show has in store.

Coast Show 2014

Coast Show


Continuing 2013 success, Coast Shows comes back to Miami for 2014. Coast Show has become a global tradeshow bringing designers from all over the world under one roof. Bridging the gap between international designers and retailers, Coast Show has become recognized worldwide for its ability to promote new fashion business and networking. If you are interested in becoming a vendor please click here.

Watch Karen Bennett discuss the importance of her trade show with Melissa Shea of

Coast Show will be at Soho Studios on March 10 between 10:00 am–5:30 pm, and March 11th between 10:00 am–5:00 pm.

Check out the below photos from this event.

Fashion show


Fashion Show Miami


Fashion Show Miami


Fashion Show Miami

Interactive print ads from Vogue

One effect of the Digital Age is that people are becoming more stimulated than ever. From a marketing perspective, it is becoming more apparent that new methods are needed to get a consumer’s attention, maintain their attention, and then get them to buy. To respond to shift in consumer response, marketing gurus are now using experiential marketing techniques to appeal to consumers.

What Is Experiential Marketing And Why Does It Work?

Experiential marketing is an approach to communicating a product or service that invokes one or more of the five senses: seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching. Traditional forms of distance marketing, such as television and radio ads are being replaced with more unique methods, such as outdoor displays and exhibits, street performances, and augmented reality demonstrations.

To understand experiential marketing on a small scale, consider the popularity of perfume samples and “scratch and sniff” opportunities in magazines. Magazines are now starting to get even more personal. The interactive print ads developed for are great examples. One ad for eye makeup allows the consumer to place the camera on their mobile device over an image of a model who is wearing a particular brand of eye makeup. The consumer is able to view the step-by-step process of creating the look.

Watch the Vogue campaign - Interactive Print Ads from Vogue

There are five key reasons why this experiential marketing campaign works:

- Connects consumers with the product

- Offers an opportunity to experience the product

- Highly likely to generate word-of-mouth

- Educates consumers about the product

- Intensifies the product’s brand message

To see experiential marketing in action, all you have to do is attend one or more of the surplus of social events in Miami. Although more rare, but increasing in usage, experiential marketing campaigns are also starting to crop up in unusual venues in Miami such as street corners and shopping malls. In both instances, the product or service is introduced in the consumer’s natural habitat.


Experiential marketing is now in its infancy, but is sure to gain usage as consumers continue to demand more of a deeper experience with products and services. It shouldn't surprise you if you walk down the street and have an opportunity to have a face-to-face encounter with a product or service.

COAST Show Miami


From humble beginnings in 2006, COAST Show debuted in Miami and has become one of the most know fashion shows in America. Karen Bennett, founder of COAST Show is a native from Chicago, Illinois and has been involved in couture fashion marketing as well as owning her own designer boutique store.

Now in 2013 Karen Bennett's COAST Show has increased so much that her show has become the epicenter of fashion trade shows in Miami. COAST Show now boasts over 250 collections and showrooms from across the country including Milly, Tibi, robbi & nikki, Citizen of Humanity, Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent, James Jeans, and Genetic Denim. For a full list of fashion labels click here.

COAST Show features different showrooms consisting of L'Atelier Group, Hotline Showroom, Simon Showroom, Joey Showroom, Lily Kate Showroom, Community Service, The Globe Showroom, Point A Showroom, and Blend Showroom.

What separates COAST Shows from every other fashion show? Well Karen Bennett made sure that her show was intimate allowing exhibitors to work closely with buyers. By making it intimate the whole experience becomes personalized. The goal is simple, create a space where the show is stress free allowing buyers to purchase high end luxury goods freely and with no pressure.


Coat Show


COAST will be hosting a daily shuttle on Show Days. The Shuttle Service will be available for pick up and drop off from The James Hotel and The Shore Club** to/from Soho Studios.

**Please note that you do not have to stay at The James Hotel or The Shore Club in order to use the shuttle. You can book at any local Hotel and catch the Shuttle at The James Hotel or The Shore Club.

COMPLIMENTARY SHUTTLE SCHEDULE: The Shuttle will pick up at The James Hotel and will then stop at The Shore Club, followed by Soho Studios. *Shuttle From the James Hotel to Soho Studios: 8:30am* | 9:00am* | 9:30am* | 10:00am* | 10:30am* 10:30am - Last scheduled am departure Shuttle pick up will be located on the street directly outside of The James Hotel/Shore Club on the Street.


Shuttle from Soho Studios (located outside front door) to James Hotel/Shore Club: 4:30pm* | 5:00pm* | 5:30pm* | 6:00pm* | 6:30pm* 6:30pm - Last scheduled pm departure Shuttle pick up will be located just outside of Soho Studios entrance *Schedules may vary slightly due to traffic. Shore Club pick up/drop off will directly follow The James Hotel pick up/drop off.

VALET PARKING is available for a $5 fee. The Valet will be located at the main entrance on NW 22nd Street.

If you are an exhibitor and want to know more please click here.

Dates from previous Coast Show in Miami


COAST Show is a fashion event that is not to be missed. The next COAST Show will take place on June 2nd between 10am to 5:30pm and June 3rd between 10am to 5pm. For directions please click here or view the map below.

View Larger Map

If you are a buyer, exhibitor or part of the press please click here for further information.



How to put on a fashion show

When you want to show off your clothing designs and get some excellent exposure one of the best ways to do it is to host a fashion show displaying your clothing line. This is the way all of the big designers started their careers.

One the most important elements of putting on as flawless fashion show is picking the perfect venue to have it at. You want to choose a company that is experienced in hosting events like yours, and that is well known in the community. Soho Studios in the Wynwood District is an excellent site to choose. It is well known in the community for its successful events. They host a variety of high profile events such as charity events, fashion photography, parties and formals, and many successful fashion shows, especially during Fashion Week. They have a superb rental space available and will provide you with professional accommodations.

There is a lot to do before Fashion Week, and exposure is the key to success for up and coming, and experienced designers as well. Miami is a great place to get started. Having a Miami fashion show could be the key to your success. This is not an easy task, you have to have a workable plan, and dedicated sponsors will help too.

Your entire plan and schedule of events should be in place long before the show. You will need plenty of time to put together your models, clothing, makeup artists, marketing and advertising, and your budget. Your budget may change as you plan your event, do not plan to stick strictly to your budget, leave room for flexibility.

You should then choose the theme of your venue, think of the type and design of your clothing line and try to draw inspiration from it. If your clothes are not in line with the atmosphere of your show it will be distracting to the guests. You want your show to flow smoothly from start to finish. This will include the décor of the event area as well as the music that you may have. It should all work together.

Of course you will need assistance with all of the preparation; you may be able to find people who are interested in fashion, art, makeup, etc. that would be willing to donate their time in return for the experience and knowledge they will get from assisting you. You do want to save money with volunteers, but do not forget the importance of having some paid professionals in place. They will be the ones that you will rely the most on to guide the volunteers, and this will relieve you of having to watch every second of the planning process as well as, and most importantly, the day of the show.

Miami Fashion Week

Along with New York, Paris and Milan, Miami is considered to be one of the world's fashion capitals. This probably shouldn't be surprising as this city, which is known for its beautiful people and photo-shoot-ready white-sand beaches, is now home to a number of top modeling agencies and designers as well as to both Miami Fashion Week and the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Miami.

Miami Fashion Week, which is also known as Miami Beach International Fashion Week, is the oldest of the Miami fashion shows. This week, which first began in 1998, has developed into the premier showcase for Caribbean, Latin American and Miami style. Although it was first held in Miami, it has since moved to Miami Beach, which was the reason for the name change. Of course, fashionistas know that regardless of its name or location, Miami Fashion Week events are not to be missed.

This year Miami Fashion Week will be celebrating its 15th Anniversary. As always, this will be an exciting time for the Miami area as thousands of models and well-known international fashion designers, such as Columbia's Juliana Rojas for Gabbita, Sarajevo's Ljiljana Majkic and Montenegro's talented Marina Banovic, descend on this city to work, party and network.

If you are planning on throwing an event during Miami Fashion Week and are in need of a venue, you should check out Soho Studios, which is located in the exciting Wynwood Art District. This huge building offers 65,000 square feet of versatile space that is just waiting to be utilized the way you see fit for your Miami Fashion week events.

For all you photographers out there Soho Studios is an excellent space for a photo shoot. Because Soho Studios' photography space is private, it also makes for a spectacular location for celebrity shoots.

Unfortunately, event space goes quickly in Miami during Fashion Week. So if you know that you want to throw a fashion show or other type of event during Miami Fashion Week it is important to book your space as soon as possible. Otherwise, you may end up left out in the cold and with nowhere to throw your event during Miami Fashion Week.

How to shoot an Editorial

An editorial photo shoot is a series of images that tell a story. As a photographer, editorial photo shoots are a favorite to shoot by many photographers because it allows for more creativity than most typical photo shoots. The cosmopolitan air of Miami lends itself to some of the most recognizable and incredible work photographers do. Miami has so many of the essential elements it takes to shoot a compelling and unforgettable editorial.

Location selection is key when shooting an editorial. The location you choose to tell your story makes a world of difference to visually articulate a clear story. For some of the best venue options in editorial photography in Miami, Soho Studios is ideal. Soho Studios is not only a premiere Miami photography studio but also an event and concert space as well as a film and TV studio. A multitude of scenic spaces lend to the background potential of a Florida photo shoot like no other.

It’s important to arrive to the location for the photo shoot well before your subjects call time in order have enough time to prepare your shots. When you take the time to set up each individual shot correctly you be sure to shoot amazing photos that convey a definitive story about your subject. Make sure to set up all lighting and equipment just right and spend time checking out your light sources in each space. Don't overlook shots that are atypical, such as on the roof or down a long hallway; depending on what it is you intend to illustrate these shots can pack just as much punch as an extreme close up.

Take plenty of test shots in each of your pre-chosen locations to make sure they are in line with the story you are trying to tell. The test shots will give you a better idea of how your subject will appear when you shoot him/her/it in that exact same spot and potential changes in lighting or if you should need a flash and to what magnitude if you do. Mood is everything when depicted in different color tones, and thus an effective tool for editorial photography. Problems with perspective and interference from reflections can be caught early with the test shots and corrected when you shoot in certain spots. It is important to know the story that you want to convey and understand the essence of your client when shooting an editorial. Make sure you do your research and have fun!

Fashion Bloggers

There used to be one fashion column in the local newspaper that women and men would refer to about the latest trends in clothing, apparel and accessories. But today, the entire world has gone online and fashion bloggers rule the Miami fashion scene. These bloggers take the web to chronicle the latest fashion trends for both men and women, and raise the awareness about the local fashion scene to a global audience.

As many Miami fashion magazines note, the fashion industry in the area is growing exponentially. The brands and style Miami has to offer are unique to the area, and fashion bloggers seek to raise awareness about the amazing fashion culture south Florida has.

One fashion blogger in particular, The Fashion Poet has helped to raise awareness and promote the Miami fashion scene. Soho Studios, which is located in the Wynwood District, is a unique venue that hosts many types of events, is often home to many types of fashion events. Recently The Fashion Poet wrote a great blog about her shopping adventure at the American Apparel warehouse sale at Soho Studios, complete with pictures of all her spectacular fashion finds.

In addition to the growth of the local fashion scene, global fashion icons are beginning to notice Miami as well. For instance, Cartier and Louis Vuitton are scheduled to open locations in the Miami Design District in 2012. This global attention only further validates the impact that fashion bloggers have on the industry. With hundreds of people blogging about the latest clothing design trends in Miami, the rest of the world is starting to take note.

Before you know it, Miami will be competing with New York and Los Angeles as one of the top fashion cities in not only the country, but across the globe. This rise in fashion power is due in no small part because of the fashion bloggers that chronicle the every move, trend and option in local fashion. Whether they are showcasing a great sale, or announcing a new store that is bringing more fashion options to the area, fashion bloggers are on top of the Miami fashion scene.

Soho Studios has hosted many Miami fashion shows and provides a perfect space for your next fashion event in Miami. Contact us today to reserve your spot.

Fashion Show venue in Miami


Soho Studios convention center is the hottest location for fashion events in Miami. Various fashion industry events and companies have hosted large events at our space. South Florida is a beacon for the fashion world and the mix of industrious space, models, photographers, artists, celebrities, swimsuits, and clothing is a perfect blend to make any event a success. Our space can be divided to host a spectacular fashion show or a more intimate release of a specific line.

Soho Studios in Miami is Style and Fashion
Soho Studios in Miami is Style and Fashion

Stay tuned for great updates on the fashion industry events at our Miami event space at Soho Studios.

miami fashion show event
miami fashion show event