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Avoid Event Planning mistakes

Sure, there are many available spaces to host a party in Miami but how can you select the best one for your events and avoid the common pitfalls that other promoters fall into due to lack of preparation or understanding? Read on for some tips regarding the art of event management and how to stand out amongst the sea of promoters that are battling for the crowds of spectators from all around the city.

Party planners in Miami should regard their date with all the attention of a Tiger Mom. Selecting the perfect time to hold your event has many factors that must be considered. For example, do you have a particular act or group of performers you wish to book for the event? Considering they’re scheduling well in advance will help to avoid conflicts and save a lot of frustration down the road. Everyone wants to have fun and you set the tone.

Many of the venues in Miami have intensely busy schedules which means that the management there need to operate in a quick and efficient manner to maximize their own output. Give them a hand by front-loading the preparations on your end by doing your research. Fleshing out the ideas and concepts you want to integrate for your event by documenting them makes the communication easier too. If you can present a solid package of information for all the parties involved it can help to eliminate confusion and backtracking to bring new people up to speed when the time comes.

Try to avoid becoming a micro-management madman because while you might get your first event to go off decently, people may look to other outlets for their next outing after a bad experience. If you have put the right team in place to aid in the tasks that require attention then you should learn to trust in their ability to complete the assignments you have delegated to them.

How to put on a fashion show

When you want to show off your clothing designs and get some excellent exposure one of the best ways to do it is to host a fashion show displaying your clothing line. This is the way all of the big designers started their careers.

One the most important elements of putting on as flawless fashion show is picking the perfect venue to have it at. You want to choose a company that is experienced in hosting events like yours, and that is well known in the community. Soho Studios in the Wynwood District is an excellent site to choose. It is well known in the community for its successful events. They host a variety of high profile events such as charity events, fashion photography, parties and formals, and many successful fashion shows, especially during Fashion Week. They have a superb rental space available and will provide you with professional accommodations.

There is a lot to do before Fashion Week, and exposure is the key to success for up and coming, and experienced designers as well. Miami is a great place to get started. Having a Miami fashion show could be the key to your success. This is not an easy task, you have to have a workable plan, and dedicated sponsors will help too.

Your entire plan and schedule of events should be in place long before the show. You will need plenty of time to put together your models, clothing, makeup artists, marketing and advertising, and your budget. Your budget may change as you plan your event, do not plan to stick strictly to your budget, leave room for flexibility.

You should then choose the theme of your venue, think of the type and design of your clothing line and try to draw inspiration from it. If your clothes are not in line with the atmosphere of your show it will be distracting to the guests. You want your show to flow smoothly from start to finish. This will include the décor of the event area as well as the music that you may have. It should all work together.

Of course you will need assistance with all of the preparation; you may be able to find people who are interested in fashion, art, makeup, etc. that would be willing to donate their time in return for the experience and knowledge they will get from assisting you. You do want to save money with volunteers, but do not forget the importance of having some paid professionals in place. They will be the ones that you will rely the most on to guide the volunteers, and this will relieve you of having to watch every second of the planning process as well as, and most importantly, the day of the show.

Future Classic Festival

A perfect large venue for hosting large events in Miami

Future Classic Festival brought a revolutionary event experience combining music, art, dancing, actions sports, video gaming and much much more.

Soho Studios was the perfect large venue for this historic music event that hit the scene in Miami. Miami is an amazing place for combining festivals with music, sports, and dance. This event was no exception. Pharrell Williams turned beats up and brought the crowd to an amazing excitement, it was classic Miami style.

Headliners included: N.E.R.D, Awesome New Republic , Spam All Stars, Locos Por Juana, Afrobeta, Suenalo, Volumen Cero, Mayday Artofficial, Jorge Moreno, The Hongs, Soniko, Elastic Bond, Fusik, Bachaco, Butta Verses, The Morning Flesh Project, Ketchy Shuby, Lex One, Cynic, Modernage, DJ Danny Daze, Contra, Tom Laroc, Induce, DJ Elle, Aramis, DJ Pauer, Ray Milian, DJ Artime, Haviken Hayes, DJ Keen One, DJ DBJ, Pusher FM, DJ Mirage, Stevie D

Event Features:

Three areas of music, 2 live stages 1 DJ area featuring world renowned musicians. The DJ area will be all 3D Art exhibitions & installations, live painting, video and graffiti by South Florida’s top artists Video Gaming area with over 20 stations where Pro and amateur alike can go head to head

Skate ramp with exhibitions by top skateboarders

Dance exhibitions by some of the world best dancers and crews Rescue Earth is producing the Eco Village and Rescue Dojo (in the VIP area) for the Green initiative Food court featuring over 10 top local restaurants Sweat Records on site shop Vendors Village SoMe Fashion show VIP gifting suite