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Entertainment for events - DJ Shadow, LCD Soundsystem, The XX

Smart event planners know how important the role of entertainment is to a successful event. Whether the event is the wedding of the year or a 50,000 person music festival, entertainment can be the glue that holds all of the other event elements together. The choice of the entertainment for events is influenced by various factors, the biggest one being the role that the entertainment for a particular event will play. For example if you are producing an event, such as a large scale live concert, it is important to select entertainment that you know will help to sell tickets and pack the house.

Entertainment for Events

The past weekend at the III Points event in Miami, DJ Shadow performed an amazing show at a large scale venue in Miami. Other notable performances by LCD Sound System front man James Murphy and Jamie XX from The XX were also included in the 3 day long music and arts festival. Although this was the first year for the music festival, these events were highly attended due to the entertainment selection.

Entertainment can be used for creating the hype prior to the event. In this case entertainment is used to publicize the event and draw many people to the event, For example an event planner can invite a celebrity guest host, like a musician or a comedian to be part of an event and offer entertainment to guests. Many people are likely to be drawn to the event if their favorite celebrity is going to be there.

Another very important function of entertainment in an event is that it breaks the monotony and reduces boredom in an event. A concentration of serious talks and business of the event can cause boredom to the invited guests. This calls for entertainment to be integrated in the business of the day. For example a poem by an artist can be integrated between different speeches. Performance of musicians could be integrated between different sections as this kind of entertainment may require a little bit of reorganization of the stage. For this role of entertainment to be achieved it is important that the planning team for an event allocate time wisely. In addition the choice of the entertainment at a given time should be very considerate.

Entertainment for events also plays the role of communicating the theme of the event. This occurs majorly in events such as launch parties, promotions and community related events. In this case, a poem can have the theme of an event and lead the participants towards a given direction. If entertainment is playing this role then the cost and time allocated to it can be increased as more benefits will be reaped. It is very essential for a company to pre determine the cost of entertainment so that the cost used in entertainment for an event does not outweigh the benefits reaped.  The planning team should also source for entertainment that is quality but also considerably cheap.

Entertainment for events

Entertainment for events is a must for an occasion to be successful. Clients are persistently seeking for new and different types of entertainment for events that position their companies to become a center point of cutting edge culture. We live in a time where attention spans are short and it is important that entertainment for events hold the participants attention. Event Planners are always looking for new and imaginative ideas to bring unforgettable experiences to their respective clients.

Recently Dr.Pepper produced an event to promote their brand featuring hip-hop artist Pitbull and Friends at the legendary LIV Nightclub in Miami Beach.

Here  are some ideas when you to help you to meet challenges in the name of live entertainment as well as performances:

Ensure you know exactly what your client expects and requires from you. This means you need to have a deep understanding of the objective behind the whole event. The better the understanding between you and the client the better are the chances that you would deliver what is exactly expected.

There is simply no substitute for the work of specialists in the entertainment industry. This spreads to the category from choreography to the live set ups. In instances when the entertainment for events is live,  performers would also pitch in ideas as to what can be done to make it great. The performers would not only their roles inside out but would ingrain newer stuff as per the theme of the whole occasion.

Form an effective relationship with the entertainment groups. Consider it more of a team kind of partnership so that the exchange of ideas is mutual and debatable. Also, when it comes to arranging entertainment for events, a reputable and professional company should first come to your mind. This is because these people brainstorm innovative tips and ideas that might hit the jackpot for you. This not only saves a lot of time but you also get some fruit with them at the end of the day.

Your communication with the production team is vital. They need to be in constant contact with the entertainment plans you have. This is because there are many things to manage in entertainment for events for instance, perfection in lighting to the sound system providing consistent quality throughout the live performance. Unbroken communication can be your ultimate problem solver at the end of the day since you will have to invest in many ways to make your day smooth and successful.

Ensure that when you are entrusted to come up with newer entertainment for events ideas, you are in compliance with the requirements. If it’s a performer you have chosen with their technical particularities then make sure that the production people are aware and dealt with in the earliest.

Finally, do not drag the performances more than they are needed. The rule of thumb with performances is that you need to let the audiences in awe, wanting for more. So, in the end it’s all about building the impact, right from the start. Though this may sound pretty simplistic this is what makes entertainment for events a big deal and different from one other.

Avoid Event Planning mistakes

Sure, there are many available spaces to host a party in Miami but how can you select the best one for your events and avoid the common pitfalls that other promoters fall into due to lack of preparation or understanding? Read on for some tips regarding the art of event management and how to stand out amongst the sea of promoters that are battling for the crowds of spectators from all around the city.

Party planners in Miami should regard their date with all the attention of a Tiger Mom. Selecting the perfect time to hold your event has many factors that must be considered. For example, do you have a particular act or group of performers you wish to book for the event? Considering they’re scheduling well in advance will help to avoid conflicts and save a lot of frustration down the road. Everyone wants to have fun and you set the tone.

Many of the venues in Miami have intensely busy schedules which means that the management there need to operate in a quick and efficient manner to maximize their own output. Give them a hand by front-loading the preparations on your end by doing your research. Fleshing out the ideas and concepts you want to integrate for your event by documenting them makes the communication easier too. If you can present a solid package of information for all the parties involved it can help to eliminate confusion and backtracking to bring new people up to speed when the time comes.

Try to avoid becoming a micro-management madman because while you might get your first event to go off decently, people may look to other outlets for their next outing after a bad experience. If you have put the right team in place to aid in the tasks that require attention then you should learn to trust in their ability to complete the assignments you have delegated to them.

The Gala Guide

Organizing a gala is an excellent way to raise funds for a good cause. You can draw on the movers and shakers of your local community to get behind a charity you support. They will enjoy a night of fine music, fine dining and fine entertainment while you get positive exposure for your cause.

It takes plenty of preparation to put together a gala that will be the talk of the town. Here are a few things you can do to make your gala go off without a hitch:

Promote it

The best way to get as many people involved as possible is to spare no effort in promoting a gala. Send press releases to the local media announcing the gala. Line up interviews with local TV stations to get stories done on it. The more people know about your gala, the better your chances are at having a high turnout.

Recruit Reliable Volunteers

Event planning is much easier when you have an army of volunteers who can get even the smallest details right. You need people who can do everything from marketing the event to planning entertainment to securing the right gala venues. This will keep important details from being ignored or forgotten until the last minute.

Book Good Entertainment

The right music creates a fun atmosphere for your gala. Hire a live band to provide songs that will set a festive mood for the entire night. Many bands will love the chance to be connected with a good cause while promoting their music. And your guests will have a enjoyable experience if there is plenty of good music to dance to all night long.

Use Social Media

Generate buzz for your gala by advertising it through social media channels. You can set up a Facebook page for the event and have attendees RSVP to the gala page. You can also create custom hashtags for the event on Twitter to let everyone talk about it before and after the gala.

Serve Good Food

The best way to a person's wallet is through their stomach. Serving a high quality meal is a sure ticket to creating a venue filled with happy and generous guests.


Sports Venue in Miami

MMA is the hottest sport today and the scene is picking up all over South Florida. The 2011 SOUTH FLORIDA FIGHT EXPO * HEALTH & FITNESS EXTRAVAGANZA was held at Soho Studios. Our massive under air space was transformed into what seemed like an underground fight club. The place packed with fans and the action was continuous during the entire event.

Saturday night were the main event fights and American Top Team's fighter was victorious. The ATT team was there to witness the win and when the ref announced the winner the room erupted.