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Event Production & The World Cup

Producing an event is the step by step formula for event planning that is used from the conceptualization of an event to the actualization of the event. It involves the stages passed through to make an event successful. Event planning can be said to be similar to movie production since it involves; conceptualizing the event, planning the event, marketing the event, managing the event, selling tickets to the event and many more elements.

World Cup

Sporting events, such as the World Cup, are a great example of an event that has an ongoing global market. Be sure to catch tonight’s UEFA 2014 World Cup Qualifier soccer game -England vs. Montenegro!

Here are some of the stages of producing an event.

Event Conceptualization and Analysis

The first step of planning an event for marketing is seeing a need for producing an event. It is important to establish a specific goal that can be accomplished before you decided to move forward with event marketing. Smart event production managers do a market analysis to determine their demographics and to seeing a gap that needs addressing. A good example is a sporting event. After realizing there is a lot of teams that are practicing and performing well in a sport, an event producer may come up with a sporting event that brings all these teams together to enhance the competition. The teams will get rewards for their hard work; while at the same time make the event producer makes money as well. In the above example, there is a need, a platform and a result. Many event producers utilize the S.W.O.T. (Strengths, Opportunities, Weakness, and Threats) analysis to come up with events

Event Preparation

Event planning involves budgeting, setting the dates, looking for venues, getting permits and taken care of the event logistics. No event can be successful without strategic planning of how an event should flow. In the example above, event producers would select the participating teams, secure the venue, sell the tickets to the event, look for venues and begin promoting the event.

Getting Partnership

Most events are not funded by an individual. Rather, it is a collective effort by many individuals with an interest in the event. In the example above, the event producers can apply for government grants, broadcasting rights, in addition to reaching out to sponsors from sportswear manufacturing companies, those who wish to advertise in the stadiums, people with financial muscle to fund the operations etc. Event production is big business. Event producers are seen as the ultimate bosses of the whole event.

Event Calendar

Event planning also involves coming up with a calendar of the event. Proper timing is crucial here. You should not plan an outside ice skating event during summer. Similarly, you should not plan a fun family event when kids are in school. Also, it is important for event producers to do their homework when selecting an event date to ensure that there are no other competing events on that same day in order to maximize attendance. 


An event producer will be directly involved in the event logistics team. Event planning involves coming up with a budget for the event. Logistics such as infrastructure, hospitality, ticketing, human resource management and quality assurance can require a lot of funds to finance. An event producer, being the financier in chief of an event, needs to be in the know of how this money is being utilized. In short, event production is the umbrella to all the other activities done when organizing an event.

Miami Heat and Nike's Frozen Moment

The Miami Heat's exciting game seven win over the San Antonio Spurs and the victory parade are just sweet memories now, but if you are like many in the metropolitan Miami area, you're probably reluctant to give up your basketball Jones just yet. And who could blame you? The two-time NBA champion Heat have brought a level of sports mania to Miami that hasn't been seen before, which makes this city the perfect next stop for an amazing "frozen moment" art installation from Nike.

The living artwork, which was staged in Venice, California, was designed to show basketball player Chris Paul making an amazing shot. To create this huge art set piece, Nike used numerous Chris Paul lookalike models lined up in a row as well as a number of props, including frozen basketballs, splashing concrete, pigeons and bicycles. This "frozen moment" is a spectacular example of experiential marketing.

Nike's "frozen moment" covers a lot of ground so for it to work in Miami, this art installation would need to be set in a large venue, such as the 70,000-square-foot Soho Studios. With its industrial detailing, this very versatile event space in Miami also boasts an edgy atmosphere that would be perfect as a backdrop for a "living" art installation.

Its location in Miami's vibrant Wynwood Art District is another reason why Soho Studios is perfect for a creative art installation. Plus, this venue has already been home to a number of exciting events in Miami, including Art Basel Wynwood and Miami Fashion Week. Soho Studios also boasts a staff that is well versed on setting up for big events and handling large crowds.

If you are planning an event or an electrifying marketing piece similar to Nike's "frozen moment," you should check out Soho Studios. This venue in Miami, which can be configured to the specific size and needs of your function, is fast becoming one of the most popular for interesting events in the entire city

The World Baseball Classic

The World Baseball Classic is held every four years in various venues around the world. In 2013 one of the groups of matches was held in Miami FL.

The World Baseball Classic is one of the world’s largest baseball tournaments and attracts professional and amateur players from around the world. This is equivalent to the World Cup of Soccer, making it a major event for those interested in baseball. The last two World Baseball Classics (2009 and 2005) were won by the Japanese team, though the U.S. team has performed well both times.

If you visit the World Baseball Classic, you are treated with the opportunity to watch players from around the world. The Miami event is held at the Marlins Park. It is the pool 2 in the second round of the event. The teams that participated are based on the results of the first round which is held earlier in March, 2013.

Tickets are available from a number of online ticketing groups, or can be bought at the field itself. The tickets sold out quickly once the teams that participated were completely set based on previous results. For now, baseball fans that just want to feel certain they will see a great game are picking up tickets at a brisk rate.

No matter whether you are a true fan of one of the teams that participate, or are just a baseball lover in general, the World Baseball Classic, held in Miami is a treat and something that goes on the bucket list of sports fans around the world.

World Golf Championships

Since Tiger Woods won the first World Golf Championship event held at Doral in 2007, the 7,266 yard long Blue Monster course has been challenging the world's best golfers. The Cadillac Championship at Doral, is golf's last major tournament leading up to the Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia.

Justin Rose, the 2012 champion, will be back to defend his title against former champions like Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Ernie Els. Located several miles west of Miami International Airport, the course is one of the longest championship golf courses in the world. Players must not only deal with the lengthy holes, but there is water everywhere and plenty of sand traps that need to be avoided. On a blustery early March day, the wind can turn every shot into an adventure.

Fabulous Finishing Hole

Number 18, the finishing hole, is a long par 4 that has often decided the victor at Doral. Water runs along the entire left side of the fairway that doglegs to the left. A golfer can play it safe off the tee and avoid the chance of landing in the water by angling their drive toward the right side of the fairway. More aggressive players will aim closer to the left edge of the fairway, flirting with the water, for the chance to get fifty yards closer to the green.

Doral's New Owner

In June of 2012, the Doral Golf Resort & Spa was added to the inventory of hotels owned and operated under real estate mogul Donald Trump. Plans are in place for a $200 million update and upgrade to the Miami landmark facility. It was also recently announced that the World Golf Championships-Cadillac championship will be hosted at Doral for at least the next ten years as an agreement was signed between the parties through 2023.

This year's tournament was full of excitement. Golf fans got the opportunity to see some of the greatest golf stars from around the world, as Tiger Woods ready to regain his former number one ranking? Will Phil or Ernie be able to conquer the Blue Monster? If you cannot make it to the course, be sure to watch the action on the big screen.

Sony Open Tennis

Recently The Crandon Park Tennis Center in Key Biscayne, FL, was the premier event space in Miami for tennis, highlights from March 18 to 31st as some of the world's tennis giants battle it out in the Sony Open. Currently sponsored and named after Sony Mobile, the event is also known as the Miami Masters. The first edition of the Miami Masters was held in 1985, and the event is now an important stepping stone for both male and female tennis players on their way to top.

Overview of the Event

The Sony Open takes place over 13-day period, during which you can watch as some players rise to the top while others do not move on to the next round. Some important vital statistics for the event are:

• Visitors: 316,267 in 2011

• Men's Prize Money: $3.645 million

• Women's Prize Money: $4.5 million

• Men's Tour Category: Masters 1000

• Women's Tour Category: Premier Mandatory

• 2012 Men's Champion: Novak Djokovic

• 2012 Women's Champion: Agnieszka Radwanska

• Most wins (men): Andre Agassi (6)

• Most wins (women): Steffi Graf and Serena Williams (5)

• Tickets: Start at $9 per day and go up to over $500

Boosting the Miami Tourist Trade

The Crandon Park Tennis Center boasts 13,800 seats for fans to watch their favorites play (Sony Open Tennis). The audience is made up of both local and international tennis fans, with people traveling from all parts of the world. Many party venues Miami has to offer will be getting a boost from the traffic for the Sony Open, as will some businesses. Every sports photography studio Miami has will be battling it out for the best pictures of these elite athletes on the court, for example.

Another famous Miami attraction that occurs during winter months is the prestigious Art Basel Miami Beach. The Art Basel Wynwood overflow started when viewers of the former were attracted to galleries and mural art being painted in the Wynwood District, Tony Goldman’s project The Wynwood Walls. Ten years down the line, Wynwood has become the place for art enthusiasts to visit after a trip to Miami Beach for Art Basel.

Sports Venue in Miami

MMA is the hottest sport today and the scene is picking up all over South Florida. The 2011 SOUTH FLORIDA FIGHT EXPO * HEALTH & FITNESS EXTRAVAGANZA was held at Soho Studios. Our massive under air space was transformed into what seemed like an underground fight club. The place packed with fans and the action was continuous during the entire event.

Saturday night were the main event fights and American Top Team's fighter was victorious. The ATT team was there to witness the win and when the ref announced the winner the room erupted.