baseball in miami

The World Baseball Classic

The World Baseball Classic is held every four years in various venues around the world. In 2013 one of the groups of matches was held in Miami FL.

The World Baseball Classic is one of the world’s largest baseball tournaments and attracts professional and amateur players from around the world. This is equivalent to the World Cup of Soccer, making it a major event for those interested in baseball. The last two World Baseball Classics (2009 and 2005) were won by the Japanese team, though the U.S. team has performed well both times.

If you visit the World Baseball Classic, you are treated with the opportunity to watch players from around the world. The Miami event is held at the Marlins Park. It is the pool 2 in the second round of the event. The teams that participated are based on the results of the first round which is held earlier in March, 2013.

Tickets are available from a number of online ticketing groups, or can be bought at the field itself. The tickets sold out quickly once the teams that participated were completely set based on previous results. For now, baseball fans that just want to feel certain they will see a great game are picking up tickets at a brisk rate.

No matter whether you are a true fan of one of the teams that participate, or are just a baseball lover in general, the World Baseball Classic, held in Miami is a treat and something that goes on the bucket list of sports fans around the world.