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How the "Tone It Up Tour" Took Over Soho Studios

How the "Tone It Up Tour" Took Over Soho Studios

On Sunday, October 1, Soho Studios was proud to host the "Tone It Up Tour" in our unique event space. This event was attended by dozens of women who were looking to bond with other like-minded women and have the fitness experience of a lifetime. During this event, women were invited to take part in numerous workouts with professional trainers in an inviting and encouraging atmosphere.

More About the Event

This event took place from noon until 5PM at Soho Studios Miami location and was focused on providing special events, workouts, and other activities to help women work towards their fitness goals together while gaining professional guidance from world-renowned trainers. Some of the classes offered during this event included:

  • Yoga
  • CorePower Yoga
  • Workouts with Jillian Michaels

In addition to workout sessions, attendees also enjoyed a number of pampering activities, such as a braid bar, beauty stations, jewelry activities, and more. A live DJ also kept the momentum and beat going all day long, keeping participants feeling motivated to not just power through their workouts, but to dance and have some fun in the process!

Food and beverages were also served throughout the event, including rosé for those who wished to partake.


VIP Opportunities

K&K, as well as Jillian Michaels, had VIP meet-and-greets available to select participants at the event. K&K's meet-and-greet was heavily attended and included a number of fun workouts and activities (all that the event had to offer) in addition to a face-to-face meet-up and exclusive activities as well. Each participant in this VIP package also enjoyed a unique VIP bag stuffed with goodies and other swag.

The VIP meet-up with Jillian Michaels was also a huge hit, with those in attendance enjoying the ability to meet with this fitness icon face-to-face, as well as access to an exclusive rosé garden and lounge. Participants in this VIP event also enjoyed some unique activities that were not available to general Tone It Up Tour participants.

Overall, this event was a huge success and was enjoyable for all in attendance. It promoted nutrition, self-love, and fitness for women of all backgrounds and fitness abilities. Anybody 14 years or older was permitted to attend, and the Tone It Up Tour continued onto many more cities promoting the same message across the United States.  Soho Studios was proud to have hosted this uplifting event!

We can provided an excellent event space for your group of this size. Our unique space is able to offer flawless service from start to finish, all in a chic neighborhood located in the heart of Miami's arts district.  Our staff will assist not only with food and beverage service, but with audio and visual equipment needed for any number of event activities.

If you've been looking for an event space for your next small gathering, large event, or anything in between—Soho Studios Miami is here to help. Contact us today to find out more about availability and specific services for your event!

How to Map Out the Perfect Pop-up Tour

How to Map Out the Perfect Pop-up Tour

Digital communication rules the world, so how do companies make that personal connection with their target audience? They "pop-up" in some very special places, so their marketing plan is not just about promotion, but about appealing to the different emotions that drive consumers. Pop-up shops are all the rage right now because they grab their attention with hands-on interactions to dazzle them up close and personal. How can you map out your next pop-up tour to get the best ROI?

Establish Measurable Goals that Cater to the Audience

The moniker "know your audience" fits almost any marketing scenario including creating a successful pop-up tour. When Disney wanted to promote their Doc McStuffin show in the UK, they didn't set up Doc clinics in office buildings or on the street; they picked venues like Toys R Us and Smyths because they appeal not just to kids, but to parents, grandparents and aunts, too.

They took a multifaceted approach when planning their pop-up strategy. Their goals didn't focus just on increasing ratings for their show, but on retailing merchandise and creating a buzz for the characters, as well. The acted on goals they could track on social media, too, instead of just tallying up the revenue from event to event.

Find Spaces That Mesh With the Brand

Be a visual thinker when picking out venues. Visual space says something about a brand. Consider Supreme clothing stores. Each one has visual clues that related directly to the brand image such as the parquet floors and steel rails. They wouldn't think of opening a pop-up at a country fair or in a dirty warehouse because that is not the look they want.

Promotion, Promotion, Promotion

Marketing your pop-up before, during and after each event is the key to success. Adidas combined both a celebrity appearance and a fan challenge to get people buzzing about their D Rose Jump Store before it opened. Use every form of content marketing at your disposal from your website to the company Facebook page to get the word out. If sponsoring multiple pop-up locations, consider an app or map that fans can use to track each event.

Use some social media tactics to promote live as it happens, too. Trolli and 7-Eleven went with free giveaways at the beach to market both a new candy brand and the Slurpee inspired by it.


What's your hashtag going to be? Add some real-time graphics to make people wish they were there, too. Snapchat, Facebook Live, Vine, Instagram – set up one or more and appoint a brand ambassador to manage the show.

Before moving on to the next place on the tour, make sure people understand what they missed at the last one. Provide statistics if possible, lots of pictures and some videos of all the fun along with information for the next few stops.

Take Notes and Learn

When the final guest leaves and you pack up to go to the next venue, reflect on what you learned at this one. What worked and what didn't? Ask for feedback during the event and online afterward, too. Grow with each stop on your tour to make the next one that much more meaningful. 

Monster Sponsors the AMA Supercross

On April 9, 2016, Monster Energy will sponsor the AMA Supercross at the Lucas Oil Stadium, presenting promotions, music, food and other live events.

About the AMA Supercross

The AMA Supercross takes excitement from the street, to the track and across the trail. The event hosts millions of Americans, proposing new brand strategies, awesome inclusions and a new twist to motorcycling with pleasing weekends. The AMA Supercross, for years, has identified with young sports fans, targeting Generation Y and UFC, WWE and action sports lovers.

Off-road rides, far-off journeys and thrill-seeking event’s run the stadium, targeted by the event’s extensive social media coverage. The AMA has protected motorcycling’s future since 1924, promoting lifestyle events within many walks of life. The cable station Speed has notoriously covered the event, linking it across multiple social media platforms. Currently, the AMA proposes new, revolutionary benefits to motorcyclist interests, targeting local, state, regional and federal government entities. International government organizations, too, are touched upon, making public opinion the AMA’s chief regard.

Recreational Events and Monster’s Promotional Opportunities

Monster Energy Drink has involved itself in high-powered lifestyle, engaging brands by providing extreme sport events, gear and lifestyle options. The brand’s marketing strategy launched in 2002, climbing the ranks to match Red Bull and Rock Star’s fame. Their advertising budget, promotional ventures and brand association plays upon active lifestyle, taking part in the X-Games, the Dew Action Sports Tour and the Monster Energy Pipeline Pro.

Monster-sponsored AMA members obtain discounts on well-known motorcycle service providers. Apparel, services, gear, transport, bike rental and hotel stays are offered, hitting upon the event’s core values at the brand level. Monster’s appearances can be viewed in the AMA Supercross Media Guide, and contestants race to achieve the Monster Energy Cup Championship. Monster-themed banners, event stands and vehicle sponsorship stickers deck out the event in black and green energy.

Social Club Events and Visibility

Monster’s involvement impacts the AMA on multiple platforms. Performers, enthusiasts and event goers all have great on-road and off-road opportunities, and the AMA’s natural structure facilitates a slew of formal events.

The AMA Historic Club offers membership for applying members, providing consistent support amenities for industry lovers. Monster’s brand lovers are consistently adherent, returning to the company’s sponsored events and increasing overall support. The event’s service charter reaches out to military, police, charity, fire and motorcyclist organizations alike, expanding simple motocross ideologies to impact the community at large.

The AMA Recreational and Competition Promoting Club, too, makes an impact. Created and sponsoring clubs can sanction AMA events, vote for its Congress Delegates and attend the AMA Risk management Workshop. Monster’s deep sponsorship, itself, enables such processes, doubling back on consumers and involving them in the AMA’s overall design.

The AMA will likely continue for years. The sole U.S.-based Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme affiliate, the AMA’s sanctioning body is international. Monster’s AMA affiliates will continue competing in team-based world events, taking part in the International Six Days Enduro and the Motocross of Nations. Country-representative racing has always been a preferred style, and Monster’s sheer discipline represents the AMA’s dedication to widespread enthusiasm well.

The AMA Supercross features Monster-sponsored booths, refreshment stands and products. While Monster’s other inspired and sponsored events remain consistent throughout the years, few of its event marketing outlets contain the AMA Supercross’s in-depth design. Constantly growing and evolving, the AMA Supercross is an excellent venue for any potent sponsor.


"Ride On Rodeo" Kicks Off the Miami Homestead Championship

"Ride On Rodeo" Kicks Off the Miami Homestead Championship

The Homestead Championship Rodeo kicks off its events with Ride On Rodeo, designed to bring together riders, event goers, sponsors and vendors in one venue. The rodeo is held January 23-25, 2016.

Zipcar and The Baroudeur

Zipcar and The Baroudeur

Zipcar, the world’s biggest car club and sharing service, has found an excellent event to promote further growth by enhancing its perceived future viability and ethical standards. The event, itself, is called The Baroudeur.

Event Production & The World Cup

Producing an event is the step by step formula for event planning that is used from the conceptualization of an event to the actualization of the event. It involves the stages passed through to make an event successful. Event planning can be said to be similar to movie production since it involves; conceptualizing the event, planning the event, marketing the event, managing the event, selling tickets to the event and many more elements.

World Cup

Sporting events, such as the World Cup, are a great example of an event that has an ongoing global market. Be sure to catch tonight’s UEFA 2014 World Cup Qualifier soccer game -England vs. Montenegro!

Here are some of the stages of producing an event.

Event Conceptualization and Analysis

The first step of planning an event for marketing is seeing a need for producing an event. It is important to establish a specific goal that can be accomplished before you decided to move forward with event marketing. Smart event production managers do a market analysis to determine their demographics and to seeing a gap that needs addressing. A good example is a sporting event. After realizing there is a lot of teams that are practicing and performing well in a sport, an event producer may come up with a sporting event that brings all these teams together to enhance the competition. The teams will get rewards for their hard work; while at the same time make the event producer makes money as well. In the above example, there is a need, a platform and a result. Many event producers utilize the S.W.O.T. (Strengths, Opportunities, Weakness, and Threats) analysis to come up with events

Event Preparation

Event planning involves budgeting, setting the dates, looking for venues, getting permits and taken care of the event logistics. No event can be successful without strategic planning of how an event should flow. In the example above, event producers would select the participating teams, secure the venue, sell the tickets to the event, look for venues and begin promoting the event.

Getting Partnership

Most events are not funded by an individual. Rather, it is a collective effort by many individuals with an interest in the event. In the example above, the event producers can apply for government grants, broadcasting rights, in addition to reaching out to sponsors from sportswear manufacturing companies, those who wish to advertise in the stadiums, people with financial muscle to fund the operations etc. Event production is big business. Event producers are seen as the ultimate bosses of the whole event.

Event Calendar

Event planning also involves coming up with a calendar of the event. Proper timing is crucial here. You should not plan an outside ice skating event during summer. Similarly, you should not plan a fun family event when kids are in school. Also, it is important for event producers to do their homework when selecting an event date to ensure that there are no other competing events on that same day in order to maximize attendance. 


An event producer will be directly involved in the event logistics team. Event planning involves coming up with a budget for the event. Logistics such as infrastructure, hospitality, ticketing, human resource management and quality assurance can require a lot of funds to finance. An event producer, being the financier in chief of an event, needs to be in the know of how this money is being utilized. In short, event production is the umbrella to all the other activities done when organizing an event.

The Knicks Melo walks on water in Nike kicks

Take advertising to the extreme with experiential marketing as done so by Nike in their recent water projections. Fans experienced a remarkable sight featuring the latest shoe, the Jordan Melo M8. NBA player for the New York Knicks, Carmelo Kyam Anthony aka Melo was granted a stunt that would take his brand to the next level. Eighty-five foot tall water projections exploded from the Hudson River of New York City.

Watch Video - Jordan Melo M8 - Explosive Water Projections

Eerie white images danced across the water's surface, creating a show stopping performance. The fortunate 2,500 viewers in the audience who had the full view of this from Pier 54 were awestruck according to PSFK. At the onset, a helicopter dropped a person performing as Anthony's stunt double. As the person splashes into the water, water projections of the ball player explode out of the river. Seeing three-story tall Anthony play ball on water was one of the more over the top debuts out there. In the water projections, Anthony shoots hoops in an exhilarating light show, followed by an enormous Jordan Melo M8 show seemingly sitting in midair.

This exhibit created quite a splash in an absolute slam dunk in advertising for Nike and the Jordan Melo M8. Marketing execs and program directors who are interested in creating their own version of this powerful display are in luck. Here in the Southeast, events in Miami consistently rank on the same scale as the Knick's player Anthony's advertisement. Venues in Miami, such as at Soho Studios, offer up the potential to create interactive, three dimensional displays that will have fans in awe. Our location showcases 65,000 sq. ft. of multifunctional venue space that is the perfect launching pad for your next product line.

In addition to advertising, the Soho Studios venue space is where it's at for generating buzz and drawing an audience in the region. As Florida's ultimate venue, some of the hottest events of the season regularly find their space at Soho Studios. Miami Fashion Week, the Winter Music Conference featuring Ultra, and Art Basel Miami all call this venue home. Additionally, some of the top names in advertising, such as Puma, American Apparel, Evian and Ford have showcased their product line with events in Florida at Soho Studios.

Miami Heat and Nike's Frozen Moment

The Miami Heat's exciting game seven win over the San Antonio Spurs and the victory parade are just sweet memories now, but if you are like many in the metropolitan Miami area, you're probably reluctant to give up your basketball Jones just yet. And who could blame you? The two-time NBA champion Heat have brought a level of sports mania to Miami that hasn't been seen before, which makes this city the perfect next stop for an amazing "frozen moment" art installation from Nike.

The living artwork, which was staged in Venice, California, was designed to show basketball player Chris Paul making an amazing shot. To create this huge art set piece, Nike used numerous Chris Paul lookalike models lined up in a row as well as a number of props, including frozen basketballs, splashing concrete, pigeons and bicycles. This "frozen moment" is a spectacular example of experiential marketing.

Nike's "frozen moment" covers a lot of ground so for it to work in Miami, this art installation would need to be set in a large venue, such as the 70,000-square-foot Soho Studios. With its industrial detailing, this very versatile event space in Miami also boasts an edgy atmosphere that would be perfect as a backdrop for a "living" art installation.

Its location in Miami's vibrant Wynwood Art District is another reason why Soho Studios is perfect for a creative art installation. Plus, this venue has already been home to a number of exciting events in Miami, including Art Basel Wynwood and Miami Fashion Week. Soho Studios also boasts a staff that is well versed on setting up for big events and handling large crowds.

If you are planning an event or an electrifying marketing piece similar to Nike's "frozen moment," you should check out Soho Studios. This venue in Miami, which can be configured to the specific size and needs of your function, is fast becoming one of the most popular for interesting events in the entire city

The World Baseball Classic

The World Baseball Classic is held every four years in various venues around the world. In 2013 one of the groups of matches was held in Miami FL.

The World Baseball Classic is one of the world’s largest baseball tournaments and attracts professional and amateur players from around the world. This is equivalent to the World Cup of Soccer, making it a major event for those interested in baseball. The last two World Baseball Classics (2009 and 2005) were won by the Japanese team, though the U.S. team has performed well both times.

If you visit the World Baseball Classic, you are treated with the opportunity to watch players from around the world. The Miami event is held at the Marlins Park. It is the pool 2 in the second round of the event. The teams that participated are based on the results of the first round which is held earlier in March, 2013.

Tickets are available from a number of online ticketing groups, or can be bought at the field itself. The tickets sold out quickly once the teams that participated were completely set based on previous results. For now, baseball fans that just want to feel certain they will see a great game are picking up tickets at a brisk rate.

No matter whether you are a true fan of one of the teams that participate, or are just a baseball lover in general, the World Baseball Classic, held in Miami is a treat and something that goes on the bucket list of sports fans around the world.

Bacardi Miami Sailing Week

Boating enthusiasts couldn't really ask for more than what they find at Bacardi's Miami Sailing Week. This incredible event has sailing teams from all around the world competing for the top prize, and dozens of cool events surrounding the affair.

Some of the most excellent sailing boats in action, the VIPER 640 competed this year. The STAR class will be there, as well, for the 86th time in the Bacardi Cup. There was stiff competition from Melges 24 and Melges 20, as well as J/70 and J/80, all with their own legacy at the Bacardi Cup.

Each year Bacardi Miami Sailing Week is the one of the most anticipated multi-class regatta in the city of Miami. The event takes place each and allows for nearly a full week of festivities for those who want to rent event space Miami still has open or check out some of the great party venues Miami plays home to. The city can get very crowded around Sailing Week.

While you're in the area, you may want to check out the Wynwood District, which is home to one of the largest collections of graffiti art and murals done by some of the world’s top artists of the genre. Graffiti is an integral part of Miami's urban cultural heritage. Each year during Art Basel Miami Beach, the global art scene descends on Miami and when they leave there are always new murals in the Wynwood District that showcase tremendous talent.

You can hit up a photography studio that Miami plays home to as well if you want to have some great shots taken while you're in town. Miami is filled with world class photographers. Really, as with the art scene in Miami, whether we're talking about the art of sailing, painting or photography, is pretty amazing.

Whether you're a boating fan, a lover of the sea, or just looking for a great place to spend the week, Bacardi Miami Sailing Week is a really great event for anyone with a sense of adventure or who just appreciates the city of Miami and all its culture. You can check out the Cuban restaurants and cafes, the dance clubs and the 24-hour parties going on during all of Bacardi Miami Sailing Week.