The Knicks Melo walks on water in Nike kicks

Take advertising to the extreme with experiential marketing as done so by Nike in their recent water projections. Fans experienced a remarkable sight featuring the latest shoe, the Jordan Melo M8. NBA player for the New York Knicks, Carmelo Kyam Anthony aka Melo was granted a stunt that would take his brand to the next level. Eighty-five foot tall water projections exploded from the Hudson River of New York City.

Watch Video - Jordan Melo M8 - Explosive Water Projections

Eerie white images danced across the water's surface, creating a show stopping performance. The fortunate 2,500 viewers in the audience who had the full view of this from Pier 54 were awestruck according to PSFK. At the onset, a helicopter dropped a person performing as Anthony's stunt double. As the person splashes into the water, water projections of the ball player explode out of the river. Seeing three-story tall Anthony play ball on water was one of the more over the top debuts out there. In the water projections, Anthony shoots hoops in an exhilarating light show, followed by an enormous Jordan Melo M8 show seemingly sitting in midair.

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