The Feel-O-Meter from Kraft

At Lindau Island in Germany passersby get a bird's eye view of the emotions of the city. A massive mood indicating face called Smiley is perched in all of its neon light glory on top of Lindau-Island’s lighthouse. A bright glow of white light makes one of three facial expressions—a smile, frown and indifferent face—with the use of digitized technology and experiential marketing.

Located at the base of Smiley, also known as the Fühlometer aka Feel-O-Meter, is a digital camera station. Pedestrians strolling by the lighthouse can have their image taken. Their images are analyzed using state of the art face recognition software in order to determine the moods. This data is reflected in the imagery of Smiley, which is constantly changing its expression. Considered the mood indicator of the city, this interactive art display was created by Benjamin Maus, Julius Von Bismarck and Richard Wilhelmer. It was installed in 2010 as noted by io9.

Watch Video - Kraft Feel-O-Meter

The Feel-O-Meter is similar in application to the Kraft Smiling Tag app, which combines Facebook with smile tagging and a bookmarking. Featuring the signature noodle grin, the gigantic glowing smiley face brings quite the attention to this Germanic isle. However, the installation could very well be held in the States, such as the most desirable of venues in Miami at Soho Studios.

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