Remy Martin Interactive Storefront

Remy Martin was able to create some waves on the internet recently with a faux speak easy club. Follow the link below to watch a video showing unsuspecting citizens walking by a Remy Martin store front. If their curiosity gets the best of them and they knock on the door, they are greeted with a digital bouncer asking for "the password."

Watch Video - Remy Martin's Interactive Storefront

Taking Marketing to a Whole New Level

As one might imagine, awe and excitement ensues. This experiment is perfect example of experiential marketing, a revolutionary technique that is catching on like wildfire. Experiential marketing allows customers to directly interact with a product, creating a lasting impression.

As was the case with the Remy Martin store in the video, many ordinary people were surprised and elated at the fact that there may be a private club operating in broad daylight. With people looking for party venues in Miami every day, the thought of a Remy Martin speak easy must really get some people's imaginations going.

Experiential Marketing Gets Customers to Buy Products

Experiential marketing primarily works for four reasons:

• It gives customers something to talk about - The customer comes away with an experience that they will spread via word-of-mouth, by phone, and of course, internet.

• Allows customers to experience the product - As was the case with the Remy Martin store, customers got to feel a little bit of exclusivity.

• It works well with social media - As one might imagine, many people in the video probably took photos and posted them on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. This kind of exposure is marketing gold.

• The feedback can be used to improve the product - It's like a free brainstorming session. A company can come up with new features and ideas to improve a product and marketing campaigns.

Experiential marketing also includes event marketing. Events in Florida are a great way to engage a large audience by allowing to directly experience a product.