Jane's Addiction Concert Comes Alive with LG 3D

“Jane Says” it's time to take rock concerts to the next level, and that's exactly what Jane's Addiction did in 2011. Featuring the LG Thrill 4G smartphone, 100 lucky fans got to document the July 25, 2011 show. Concert goers poured into New York's Terminal 5 in Hell's Kitchen to be a part of this first ever 3D concert film. As the band played old favorites like “Mountain Song” along with new takes including “The Great Escape Artist,” their every move was documented using the powerful technology of the LG Thrill 4G by AT&T.

Check out the video here....Jane's Addiction Concert in 3D

From an experiential marketing standpoint, this fan based experience was a marketing power play. In addition for getting the LG Thrill 4G into the hands of 100 super fans who are already at the peak of adrenaline rushes and ready to make life long memories, the phone company created an interactive marketing explosion. The resulting takes were compiled to create a video of the concert event that would attract Jane's Addiction fans, as well as cell phone users interested in the 3D technology. As a win-win-win, the band Jane's Addiction equally sourced exposure through the 3D lens.

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