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Jane's Addiction Concert Comes Alive with LG 3D

“Jane Says” it's time to take rock concerts to the next level, and that's exactly what Jane's Addiction did in 2011. Featuring the LG Thrill 4G smartphone, 100 lucky fans got to document the July 25, 2011 show. Concert goers poured into New York's Terminal 5 in Hell's Kitchen to be a part of this first ever 3D concert film. As the band played old favorites like “Mountain Song” along with new takes including “The Great Escape Artist,” their every move was documented using the powerful technology of the LG Thrill 4G by AT&T.

Check out the video here....Jane's Addiction Concert in 3D

From an experiential marketing standpoint, this fan based experience was a marketing power play. In addition for getting the LG Thrill 4G into the hands of 100 super fans who are already at the peak of adrenaline rushes and ready to make life long memories, the phone company created an interactive marketing explosion. The resulting takes were compiled to create a video of the concert event that would attract Jane's Addiction fans, as well as cell phone users interested in the 3D technology. As a win-win-win, the band Jane's Addiction equally sourced exposure through the 3D lens.

Imagine being able to bring your product or service to life using similar forms of interactive technology. Fortunately for events in Miami you have access to the prestigious Soho Studios venue space. A multi- functional 65,000 sq. ft. affords you plenty of opportunities for generating buzz and exploring alternative advertising methods as used by LG and Jane's Addiction in their 3D concert film. Combine your ingenuity and the array of functions offered at Soho Studios, the premiere of venues in Miami.

Whether you want to create a commercial, an interactive marketing campaign, or unforgettable event that will generate interest in your brand, Soho Studios is at the top of their game for available spaces to host a party in Miami. No holds barred at this stylish location, which has been the go to venue for such names as Absolut, Evian and American Apparel. There is a reason that annual events including the Ultra Music Festival, Miami Fashion Week and Art Basel Miami choose Soho Studios for their events in Miami. Discover that reason for yourself.

Facebook Checkin - A buzz worthy boost for venues in Miami

With over 1.1 billion active users, representing an increase in excess of 23 percent in the last year alone, and over 150 billion (yes, you read that right) friend connections, Facebook is THE social network. What do these numbers say, aside from suggesting how great it would have been for your bank account had you personally invented the social networking giant? In short, these staggering statistics suggest that if we're not harnessing the massive power of Facebook to increase attendance at our events, we are missing a major opportunity to promote and grow our businesses and brands.

Savvy event marketers consistently use Facebook to generate event awareness, drive registration and increase ticket sales through the creation of well-marketed Events pages. However, recent changes to Facebook now allow attendees to "Check In" live to events in Florida and all over the world, in the same way that they would to a physical place or venue on other social networking platforms. The result is exponential visibility: not only does an attendee's entire social network see the initial RSVP, but they also are reminded through the real-time check in that key events are happening right now at venues in Miami, and there's still time for them to get in on the action.

By encouraging your attendees to check in on Facebook during the registration process, you maximize the visibility of event spaces in Miami with minimal input and expense at your end. Users can also check in to the event location through Facebook's "Places" feature, which throws some high-profile attention in the direction of the venue hosting your event, as well.

If you're not using Facebook to promote your event--both through event RSVPs and check ins--you're missing out a major source of buzz. And as we all know in the world of event planning and venues, without buzz, you're bunk.

Should I have a QR Code for my event?

Promoting an event to today's audiences’ means taking advantage of web and mobile technologies to reach the masses. These days, event planning takes more than booking a venue in Miami and passing out a few flyers. In order to reach your intended audience it’s important to connect to people through iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices. It is vital to take advantage of these methods to reach out and capture their attention and ultimately get them in the door of your event at the venues in Miami.

Whether you are planning a concert, trade show, launch party, or any other live production that you want people to show up for, means getting the word out to the public. Casting a wide net means using every mechanism at your disposal to get your message onto the mind of the general population. Make sure you are using the best practices available to effectively and efficiently maximize the results.

How can your event planning efforts capitalize on the crowd in the moment?

One great solution is having an event app that includes QR Code scanner. People are constantly on their phones and by using these tools you can provide your audience with a real time interactive experience. QR Codes are scanable UPC-like tags that allow smart phone users to go directly to content that is customized specifically for your event as well as any relevant urls. Developing a mobile app might also be the correct route for your production crew or promotion company to embark on as well. That way your audience and follower can quickly tap into a streak of content you decide to send out through the channel long after the event is over.

If you are planning an event put these tactics to work for you and gather the ears of the people that want to hear your message. Bolster the number through the gates of your next event.

What is your event strategy?

Planning an event is only half the battle. You also need clever event marketing techniques that will convince people they cannot afford to miss your event. Marketing your event is made much easier when you turn to the Internet as a resource and craft a digital event strategy. It lets you engage more people while removing time and geographical constraints found in other forms of marketing.

You should consider these important elements in crafting a digital strategy for your next event:

Create Social Media Conversations

Initiating conversations through social media channels is an effective tool for getting people to talk about your event. For your Twitter account, for example, you should decide on all event hashtags in advance. Then start promoting those hashtags on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and other popular social media sites. Encourage people to follow the event hashtags for news and information related to your event. Create a pre-event network and allow attendees to submit proposals and offer feedback on your upcoming event. Giving them a voice will make your event more appealing.

Blog about It

You can't surf anywhere on the Internet without splashing into a blog. Still, there is no reason why you shouldn't blog about your event. You can consider a couple of options with blogging. The first is to live blog during the event. You can post photos and offer real-time updates on what is happening. This approach works well with annual events.

A second option is to blog about the event afterward. You can create a post that summarizes the event and link to any other relevant posts covering the event. Incorporate SEO keywords tied to your event so people can easily find blog posts in search engines and share them with their friends.

Engage with Mobile Apps

Create a mobile app for your event. It can offer attendees access to the event calendar or schedule. They can browse through scheduled speakers and entertainers, venue information, ticket prices and everything else related to the event. Mobile event apps will help keep your audience continuously engaged before and during the event so that you can accomplish your goals.