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The key elements to an unforgettable trade show booth

Trade shows are one of the best marketing tools you can use for your business. Setting up a trade show booth is a good way to attract attention from potential customers, network with others in your industry and demonstrate what you company can do with its newest products and services. A trade show booth only works effectively, however, if people notice it in the first place.

Creating an unforgettable trade show booth means doing everything necessary to stand out from the crowd. Trade shows can feature hundreds of companies grappling for attention from the same target audience.

You can make sure no one skips your booth by incorporating these key elements:

Use Social Media

Social media is a quick and effective tool for getting the word out about your booth and get people chatting about your company. Use a custom Twitter hashtag and send out tweets about your company booth from the trade show. Post a Facebook update to let people know where you are and offer special promotions and prizes to trade show attendees via your Facebook page. These things will help generate tons of buzz in a short time.

Get Visual

Many people are drawn to interesting or funny videos. You can capitalize on that by running a short video on a loop at your booth. It can be an advertisement for your products or services or it can offer testimonials from satisfied customers. You can pair the video with a memorable tune. All you need is a laptop or tablet with speakers, to get you going.

Offer Swag

Everyone likes getting free gifts. You can't go wrong bringing along plenty of swag for trade shows. Hand out everything from pens to baseball caps. The main thing to remember is to brand each item with your company's logo and colors. It will spread your company name among the attendees and create several walking advertisements for your products and services.

Create Dynamic Signs

Avoid boring signs. Use bright and bold colors. Create a catchy slogan to pair with your company logo. Give people a reason to stop and look when they pass by your signs at the trade show.

Should I have a QR Code for my event?

Promoting an event to today's audiences’ means taking advantage of web and mobile technologies to reach the masses. These days, event planning takes more than booking a venue in Miami and passing out a few flyers. In order to reach your intended audience it’s important to connect to people through iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices. It is vital to take advantage of these methods to reach out and capture their attention and ultimately get them in the door of your event at the venues in Miami.

Whether you are planning a concert, trade show, launch party, or any other live production that you want people to show up for, means getting the word out to the public. Casting a wide net means using every mechanism at your disposal to get your message onto the mind of the general population. Make sure you are using the best practices available to effectively and efficiently maximize the results.

How can your event planning efforts capitalize on the crowd in the moment?

One great solution is having an event app that includes QR Code scanner. People are constantly on their phones and by using these tools you can provide your audience with a real time interactive experience. QR Codes are scanable UPC-like tags that allow smart phone users to go directly to content that is customized specifically for your event as well as any relevant urls. Developing a mobile app might also be the correct route for your production crew or promotion company to embark on as well. That way your audience and follower can quickly tap into a streak of content you decide to send out through the channel long after the event is over.

If you are planning an event put these tactics to work for you and gather the ears of the people that want to hear your message. Bolster the number through the gates of your next event.