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How Corona Brought More Light to this Year's Electric Beach Event


In partnership with Live Nation, Corona celebrated a beer-exclusive event at the country’s favorite EDM music festivals. The Electric Beach program has been around for a while—five years, in fact—but has revamped its proprietary approach to fun with Corona’s newest, brightest additions.

Fun at the Auto Club Speedway

Electric Beach was sparked at the Auto Club Speedway at Hard Summer. Celebrated in Fontana, CA, the event was followed by San Bernardino, CA’s Nocturnal Wonderland between September 2 and 4. Lounge-in experiences, dine-out options, parties and an environment charged to excite were present—as were intimate performances.

The End-All Party Scene

Corona isn’t a stranger to all-in party ideas, and its presence at Nocturnal Wonderland displayed its capacity for Vegas-like experiences constructed to emulate parties which never end. Packed with sand, palm trees, turf grass, dj sets, misters and cabanas, the beer brand’s presence at Nocturnal Wonderland didn’t come lightly.

Famous artists like Grandtheft, Keys N Krates, Autograf, Astronomar, Giraffage and Sluggers and Wuki arrived, fulfilling their annual promise to Corona’s flashy events. Electric Beach celebrated Corona’s outstanding industry successes with interactive experiences, giving partygoers the option to use its underwater photo activation display.

Targeting with Visuals

The underwater photo activation wasn’t an event-only deal, either. Partiers could link their photos to Instagram, creating stenciled artwork promoting the event’s “Nocturnal” presence. With logo assets and body paint galore, Corona lovers were never far from visually stunning stations designed to carry the brand name far into digital realms.

Yes, there were cold Coronas. The brand’s experiential events, however, have historically focused upon the consumer—not the consumed beverage. Beach resorts, rooftop bars and pools are only as great as their visitors, one must remember, and the Electric Beach Instagram account reflected this. The event’s followers could receive updates, receive RSVP information and check out future renditions.

Love for Beer and Everything Music

Beer and music match well, and Corona didn’t cut corners in tying multicultural Millennials to Corona via EDM. Each Electric Beach program prioritized the music world’s biggest listeners, and the brand’s inclusion of local artists, musicians and cultural gurus has only enhanced its popularity.

Where local artists are considered, social media influence is an undeniable factor. Sure, Instagram might’ve been at the event’s front-and-center angle, but it didn’t receive all the attention. Facebook and Twitter are notorious Twitter accessories, and each promoted Corona via EDM. Music, while a wonderful addition to any beer-heavy event, rarely gets the cultural attention it deserves. Corona’s event serves to rework the way marketers view classical promotion with tunes. Electric Beach isn’t going anywhere, and that’s certainly fine. After all, the world of marketing deserves a little excitement during late night hours.

What We Can Learn from LEGO's Quest2Ninjago Summer Tour


In early September, LEGO concluded its extremely successful Quest2Ninjago Summer Tour. The event presented children in seven markets the opportunity to compete in an "American Ninja Warrior" inspired obstacle course. The winning team from each market was flown to Legoland headquarters in San Diego to compete in the finale. The event was not a recruitment program, set on expanding the base or raising awareness, rather it was a campaign that rewarded and engaged existing fans of the two franchises, LEGO and Ninjago, which is also a cartoon and movie. From the success of the summer long, nation-wide event, there are several best practices that others can apply to kid-based marketing campaigns.

  1. The Ease of Friendships for Kids Leads Them to Be Natural Influencers. Though the event was aimed at existing fans, the one thing kids love more than a really fun game or event, is bringing friends to that game or event, and then talking about that game or event before and after it has taken place. With an example like the tour's events course, the natural competition that it inspires also serves as its own form of publicity. When kids went home and bragged about their scores to friends, those same friends would soon come in to see how they would fare, and if they could beat the scores.
  2. Include Something for All Ages. While the central challenge course was aimed at 7-12 year olds, the event planners understood the importance of including younger siblings. LEGOS wisely does not let the activation segment of the course go to waste, setting up 'free play zones' where children can play alone or with a parent. In the Quest2Ninjago Tour, this activation area served a dual purpose by being engineered to create a fun, hands-on play environment for young children of four or five years old.
  3. Combine Large Scale Events with Internal Engagement. LEGO also set up the course's activation at their headquarters. There, instead of kids versus kids, the course was run with kids versus adults. This created a perfect opportunity to create and drive a broader LEGO message. Kai Witbeck, event marketing manager-brand relations at LEGO explains, "to see that interaction, it makes us think about bringing that socialization in our marketing, that LEGO isn’t just about playing upstairs in your room by yourself; you can involve your friends or parents and do a larger activity with them."

These are examples that you can use for planning your next experience. Our event venue offers a space that's perfect for company experience. Call us at Soho Studios and ask about our space.

What Organizations are Doing to Raise Voter Awareness for the 2016 Election


Conventional wisdom forbids talk of religion and politics at the dinner table. And as any company or organization well knows, politics can easily turn into a fraught subject; politics are often not great for business. Whatever positive political message an organization might want to promote, there's a great likelihood that a large segment of 

the population will view it as a negative. However, there is one political message that just about everyone can agree is a positive, and that is promoting the power of each individual to exercise their democratic right to vote. Raising voter awareness and encouraging people to get out and vote for whatever and whomever they believe in, will always be viewed as a worthy cause. Here are a few examples of companies and organizations creating their own campaigns to promote this positive message.

Univision & MTV

In this specific presidential election cycle, the subtext of Univision's voter registration drive is anything but non-partisan. But this year, the media company is poised to have a monumental effect on the election in that it has sought to register 3 million voters, and as of last May, the drive had attracted over 100,000 people to drives, workshops and other events. The campaign, which is somewhat unusual for a media company, includes extensive public service and advertising campaigns, as well as a text message tool to which 130,000 users have subscribed in addition to the live events taking place across the United States. While the media company's involvement in this election does reflect a very public dispute between the company and one of its highest profile figures, Jorge Ramos, and the GOP nominee for president, it also serves to increase the political clout of the company in Washington while also creating a memorable branding opportunity that provides a public service.

MTV has been encouraging its viewers to vote for years with campaigns like "Elect This" and partnerships with Rock the Vote. Young people are always some of the least likely to exercise their civic power to vote, and so it's perfect that MTV chooses to make this a cornerstone public service message, as this hits their target demographic. From Generation X to today's millennials, they are in the perfect position to encourage this group to vote. This year, they combined their campaign with a live event, by turning Total Request Live into Total Registration Live, and broadcasting from the regular Manhattan TRL studio, hosted a wide range of celebrities and musicians discussing what issues were most important to them.

National Voter Registration Day

That special TRL was held on National Registration Day, the fourth Tuesday in September, which is devoted to encouraging people to register to vote. Numerous companies, including Tumblr, Starbucks and Twitter partnered to help create this day after 6 million Americans were unable to vote in 2008 election because of missing the deadline to register. In 2012 the campaign got 303,000 people to register, with Tumblr being responsible for 100,000 on their own. By partnering with political campaigns, the organization is able to use the resources to create events across the country. This year, Hillary Clinton's campaign alone announced 1,400 nationwide events as part of the initiative. Currently, in any given presidential election, approximately 60% of eligible Americans participate by voting. Virginia Bergin, director of Global Responsibility for Starbucks, which partners with Democracy Works and "TurboVote" to increase voter registration, dreams of achieving 80% participation by 2020. For her, "This is not about this election, this is about every election."

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Audi Presents LED Art Exhibit at New York City Club


Since inventing LED daytime running lights back in 2005, Audi has been at the forefront of LED technology. With this achievement in mind, the company recently sponsored a truly unique art installation entitled Bold Notion: Art of Innovation. The exhibit, created by New York artist Matthew Schreiber, is built around the physical structure and geometry of one of New York City's most elite clubs, CORE:club. In this method, Schreiber uses LED lights to transform an ordinary building to interactive exhibition in a modern and playful way . The lights crosshatch through entryways, hallways, and walls, each one tailored specifically around the structure of the building to create a spectacle for the eye. To accomplish this feat, he turned off all of the main lights in the building to give more focus to his red lasers.

The design features over 400 individual diode lasers which shoot out across the space, challenging viewers to become part of the artwork as they move about the room. According to Schreiber, he intended for the lights to be daunting at first as a challenge to those who wanted to enter. His inspiration for the piece centered around his desire for attendees to be scanned when they entered the exhibit. In this way, he hopes people attending should feel slightly uneasy at first, as if they are not welcome, because this represents the clubs exclusivity as well as a challenge they must overcome.

In order to promote the exhibit, CORE: club held a public reception for the first time in their history, allowing non-members to peruse the art. The event included vaporized cocktails and drinks with LED ice cubes to match the theme of the evening. Finally, Schreiber also was available for an hour long question and answer session to inform the audience about his work and its purpose. Finally, a dinner was held that offered several courses of fine delicacies to choose from.

This exhibit is actually the seventh of its kind to be hosted by CORE:club. The Bold Notion series is committed to offering artists a space to unleash their creativity in unusual ways, much like Soho Studies. Previous events have included paintings, application of light, and even iconography.

CORE:club is not the only venue that can offer such a versatile space for exhibits. Ready to host your own unique event in a space that can be matched to your needs? Consider renting our Pavilion, Armory, or Parliament studios. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.


Sources: www.audi.com, www.thecoreclub.com

Miami Museum Month Puts the Wow in a Diverse Cultural Scene


Miami Museum Month is one of the favorite cultural events of the year because it has something for everyone from priceless art objects to whimsical works of fun. Amazing exhibitions and one-on-one opportunities with artists in spectacular settings are just part of the charm of this event sponsored by the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau. The 2016 May event shined a spotlight on our diverse neighborhoods and the eclectic shopping and dining.

At the heart of the annual Miami Museum Month are two deals:

  • Buy One Get One Free: During the month visitors can get “Buy One Get One Free” admission to select museums.
  • Join One Museum See Them All: A great deal for locals; sign up for membership with one museum and receive free admission to other participating museums.

Each year Miami Museum Month gets bigger and the 2016 highlights included are:

  • Pérez Art Museum MiamiIf you can only visit one museum in Miami then this is your best bet with its world-class collections and picturesque placement on Biscayne Bay.
  • MDC Museum of Art + Design: The MDC MOA+D is housed in the 1925-built historic Freedom Tower on Biscayne Blvd. and features emerging contemporary artists as well as a can’t-miss fun Pop-Up Shop.
  • Vizcaya Museum & Gardens: The only way to describe this stunning estate is wow! Enjoy art and furnishings inside the Main House and the 10 acres of gardens at this National Historic Landmark.
  • The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum: This Smithsonian affiliate is located on FIU’s main campus and includes permanent and rotating exhibits as well as a sculpture park.
  • The Wolfsonian-FIU: No visit to the Art Deco District is complete without a stop at the Wolfsonian. For the most unconventional gifts in town, check out The Dynamo Museum Shop & Café.
  • Bakehouse Art Complex: If you like your art up-close-and-personal then go to this complex located in the historic art deco bakery building and in the midst of the vibrant Wynwood Arts District.

Other museums that took part in the 2016 Miami Museum Month:

The deals of Miami Museum Month may end in a few more days, but the cool cultural happenings go on year-round.

Four Ways the Smartwatch Will Impact your Next Event

As the technology industry continues to evolve, the events industry must continue to keep up with the demand as well.  One of the products to hit the market, and become popular, in the past few years is the smartwatch. Since Apple,Inc., released its version, the popularity of this connected wearable technology has continued to grow more popular every year.  With so many spectacular events occurring on a daily basis,  each event experience must be better than the last.  It's a given that organizers know these little gadgets will be at their next event.  But what type of effect will they have?  Here are a four ways that the smartwatch can and will affect your next event.   Sharing In An Instant

One of the best parts of the smartwatch movement is how connected everyone is to social media. Not only do they log on constantly to check updates on various events and “likes”, but people are more willing to share what they are up to in an instant. This ability to tell the world exactly what are you doing at all times is even easier with a smartwatch on your wrist. Attendees can update their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts in real time.  They can also send photos and stream live on apps like Periscope.  This can help create a buzz about your event and generate a greater interest in the company.

Scheduling Made Easier

With all the apps geared towards scheduling, an event marketer is able to get their entire team on board quicker to make their event run smoother. If things need to be changed, all your attendees can be notified as quickly as possible with the connect-ability of the smartwatch. It’s much better than trying to run around and track everyone down when you can just send out a group message to get all your people on the same page.  

An Integrative System

Not only does the smartwatch work well on its own, but the variety of integrated systems you can connect with at events and trade shows are amazing. Think about scanning codes with the flick of your wrist, and being able to check-in an attendee in less than 5 seconds, thus cutting down lines and wait times.  Need to make an important announcement?  Attendees can get up-to-the- minute information sent to their wrists while you are attending the event.

The Ease of Video Marketing

It’s a snap now for event planners to incorporate videos into their events and presentations. If everyone has a smartwatch or even a smartphone to access these video presentations, it allows more information to be shared through all the attendees with ease.  Sell more sponsor ads and get your attendees involved.  If something is missed at the event, you can easily look it up on your integrated smartwatch later on.


These are only four ways that smartwatches will make an impact.  With technology and innovation changing everyday, there are plenty more reasons to come.  What are some of the ways you think it will make an impact next?


Friskies Teams up with Grumpy Cat at the 2016 South by Southwest Festival

On March 12 and March 13, 2016, at the South by Southwest interactive (SXSWi) festival, Friskies well known mascot, Grumpy Cat, graced the crowd with an appearance to promote its most recent wet cat food product, Cat Concoctions. This new product has unusual flavor combos for the curious cat, like cod in cheesy bacon flavored sauce and chicken in creamy crabby sauce. The Inspiration Behind Cat Concoctions

“For the launch of Friskies’ Cat Concoctions, we really thought it was important for people to understand the product proposition—the fact that this line of cat food was inspired by cats,” said the brand manager at Friskies, Jessica Nichols. “And since people aren’t actually eating the product, having this tangible, physical event really helps bring that concept to life. Live experiences allow us to connect with media and consumers in a fun and unique way that really resonates.”


Friskies at South by Southwest

This year marked the fourth year that Friskies and Grumpy Cat teamed up at SXSWi to form a fun experience for consumers. Feline fans were able to enjoy food, music and fun photo opportunities. Music sensations Ryan Cabrera and Blake Lewis combined talents and stopped by to sing a soft, endearing rendition of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" that almost turned Grumpy Cat's frown upside down. Check out the You Tube video for the sweet harmonies of a Platinum selling recording artist and a runner-up from season six of American Idol. Very calming indeed!

Some Frisky Photo Ops

A fan favorite of the event was the official Friskies' spokes cat herself being on hand for a meet and greet. Quirky, fun props were available for fans to pose with alongside Grumpy Cat. Some of the silly items included a hat in the shape of a clamshell and crab claws you can slip on. There were also signs with phrases such as, "Strike a frown." For even more photo fun, a selfie station was available. At the station, participants were able to do a mash-up so that their faces were combined with Grumpy Cat's world famous scowl.

Ultimately about 1,600 festival goers attended the Friskies event. Those who could not attend were able to follow all the fun on Friskies' Instagram and Snapchat accounts or to join the online activity with #CatConcoctions. Social channels also featured Nala and Waffles, Grumpy Cat's fellow friends.

Jeep Reaches its Audience in an Inspiring Way

Do you have a story about your Jeep? Would you share it with the world? Jeep fans are some of the greatest when it comes to adventure and telling a good story. So, on the 75th anniversary of the Jeep, Jeep wants you to share your story with the world using the hashtag #MyJeepStory and post it on their website. Jeep's Latest Campaign

Jeep's latest campaign, My Jeep Story, is sure to go viral. Jeep has a solid group of die-hard aficionados who have raised their Jeep ownership into a cult-like status. These people use their Jeeps for all sorts of adventures. They prove the legendary toughness of the Jeep by taking it places where most car owners would never consider. It is these dire hard fans Jeep wants to hear from through social media and across the Internet. Jeep started out the campaign with stories from and about celebrity Jeep owners on their microsite. Furthermore, they encourage Jeep owners to tell their stories on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Jeep even gives instructions for how to tell the world your Jeep story.

Big Names about Jeeps

Jeep has enlisted the singer, Ciara, to talk about Jeeps. Her father would tell her stories about driving a Jeep during Desert Storm. The Jeep made an impression with Ciara as she grew up to drive a Jeep product as well. Her love of Jeeps comes out in this YouTube video where she tells her own Jeep story. Jeep also includes some stories regarding historical features and their Jeeps. On the microsite are Jeep stories about Marilyn Monroe, Mark A. Smith, and George Speaker and encouragement for you to share your own story and be a part of Jeep history.

Getting People to Talk about their Jeeps

This campaign is part of a year long campaign to herald Jeep's 75th anniversary. Jeep will feature 75 of the stories by the end of the campaign (for the 75th year anniversary), and all stories will be immortalized both in social media and on the microsite. Lest you think that the brand will only cover the historical and serious side of the Jeep, Jeep's story sessions cover favorite canines, summer fun, and military appreciation as well.

Jeep launched the 75th year campaign with two spots during the 50th Super Bowl. Furthermore, they are donating $1.4 million to the USO, which is also celebrating its 75th year anniversary.

Game of Thrones at the Annual South by Southwest 2016

Game of Thrones has been one of the most talked about cultural phenomena over the last half decade, seeming to only grow in popularity each passing year. Those who attended SXSW were able to see an up close view some of the of the GoT phenomena. GoT is produced by HBO, and appearing at SXSW was the Hall of Faces. This exhibit brought to life, or perhaps to death, a symbol of GoT, and turned a normal San Antonio street into a symbol of the violence and mayhem GoT fans have come to expect, and to love.

As part of the series, the faces of the dead seen at the Hall of Faces, presumably all suffering their demise from an executioner’s swing of a sword, can be seen as a warning to the enemies of the state. At SXSW, fans were able to join the macabre scene and have their own face digitally installed in the ghoulish hall. The Hall of Faces wasn’t just a one-off exhibit for SXSW, but it will instead travel the world, going to Europe, and then returning to San Diego in time for Comic-Con.

In addition to seeing and even joining the Hall of Faces, there was a chance to experience a hologram that was a simulation of Melisandre’s flame, which fans of the show know she uses like a crystal ball. The hologram, created by Dreamoc HD3, was 30 seconds of exclusive content visible through those flames. Viewers were able to learn more about what happened to Jon Snow, or at least gain a few more hints as to whether Jon Snow is really dead or not.

Fans 21 years old or older were then able to try some grog. Not grog, but a beer called Ommegang’s Game of Thrones: Iron Throne blonde ale. Presumably the beer has a shorter nickname to make it easier to order at the local bar.

A vice-president of consumer marketing at HBO, Joanna Scholl said that part of the reason GoT went all out for this display and interactive content was not only to please fans of the show, but to impress non fans that might be influential in areas of technology and social media. These wielders of influence might become fans of the show themselves, or influence other people to become fans. Scholl said, “We wanted to bring something that was state of the art and allow them the opportunity to engage and share content from the show.”

The sixth season of Game of Thrones will premiere on HBO April 24. By that time, thousands of people will have been able to become a part of the Hall of Faces if they have chosen, enjoyed Melisandre’s magical flame, and even enjoyed a drink of Iron Throne blonde ale. Certainly by April 24, those people will ready for the premier.

"America's Best Breakfasts" Tour Hits the Miami Scene

Breakfast is hitting a level of popularity in recent years that rivals all other meals. There are endless options to have if you love breakfast or brunch. If you are in the Miami area than you can enjoy the tour of “America’s Best Breakfasts.” This event is put on by SoBe Food Fest Creator, Lee Schrager. It’s in celebration of his new cookbook by the same name featuring local recipes from coast to coast. What’s Included With Your Ticket

With your admission ticket you also will receive a copy of this third cookbook,”America’s Best Breakfasts: Favorite Local Recipes From Coast To Coast.” This cookbook is a compilation of 75 of the best breakfast recipes that Lee discovered on a cross country road trip he took a few years ago. His philosophy on breakfast is that it’s obviously, “the best meal of the day.” The fact that no other meal allows you to wear a bathrobe while eating is another one of his takes on this very important meal. Of course, it’s preferred that you get dressed for the “America’s Best Breakfast” Tour.

Where Is The Event?

The event itself takes place at the Magic City Casino with over 40 of the best South Florida restaurants participating. There will be walk up brunch stations all over the casino to sample all kinds of unique breakfast foods. Some favorites, and some that are going to be new to your palate. So if you enjoy Egg Benedict, waffles, and savory bacon galore you aren’t going to want to miss this chance to nosh on breakfast fare that will tantalize your tummy. Some of the key restaurants involved are 27 Restaurant and Bar, DIRT, Palomilla Grill, and Novecento. Although that’s just a taste of which restaurants are going to be there. Check the entire list to find out if your favorite breakfast dining spot is going to be a featured participant.

Not Only Brunch

It’s a 21 and over event only on account of the fact that the Bloody Mary bar, featuring Tito’s Homemade Vodka and the Mimosas, will be free flowing with your pre-purchased ticket. What brunch is complete without these tasty drink options? Some people even say it’s the best part of brunch! Don’t worry though, non alcoholic options will be available as well as coffee and juice.

Buy Your Tickets Early

Get your tickets early to this “Can’t miss food event”, where the lineup of sweet and savory treats will be overflowing in this walk up brunch spectacular! Check out the “America’s Best Breakfasts” event page that will give you all the details you need to purchase your own tickets. It’s Sunday, April 24th at 11:30 am, so mark your calendars now to make sure you don’t miss this popular Miami experience.