What Organizations are Doing to Raise Voter Awareness for the 2016 Election


Conventional wisdom forbids talk of religion and politics at the dinner table. And as any company or organization well knows, politics can easily turn into a fraught subject; politics are often not great for business. Whatever positive political message an organization might want to promote, there's a great likelihood that a large segment of 

the population will view it as a negative. However, there is one political message that just about everyone can agree is a positive, and that is promoting the power of each individual to exercise their democratic right to vote. Raising voter awareness and encouraging people to get out and vote for whatever and whomever they believe in, will always be viewed as a worthy cause. Here are a few examples of companies and organizations creating their own campaigns to promote this positive message.

Univision & MTV

In this specific presidential election cycle, the subtext of Univision's voter registration drive is anything but non-partisan. But this year, the media company is poised to have a monumental effect on the election in that it has sought to register 3 million voters, and as of last May, the drive had attracted over 100,000 people to drives, workshops and other events. The campaign, which is somewhat unusual for a media company, includes extensive public service and advertising campaigns, as well as a text message tool to which 130,000 users have subscribed in addition to the live events taking place across the United States. While the media company's involvement in this election does reflect a very public dispute between the company and one of its highest profile figures, Jorge Ramos, and the GOP nominee for president, it also serves to increase the political clout of the company in Washington while also creating a memorable branding opportunity that provides a public service.

MTV has been encouraging its viewers to vote for years with campaigns like "Elect This" and partnerships with Rock the Vote. Young people are always some of the least likely to exercise their civic power to vote, and so it's perfect that MTV chooses to make this a cornerstone public service message, as this hits their target demographic. From Generation X to today's millennials, they are in the perfect position to encourage this group to vote. This year, they combined their campaign with a live event, by turning Total Request Live into Total Registration Live, and broadcasting from the regular Manhattan TRL studio, hosted a wide range of celebrities and musicians discussing what issues were most important to them.

National Voter Registration Day

That special TRL was held on National Registration Day, the fourth Tuesday in September, which is devoted to encouraging people to register to vote. Numerous companies, including Tumblr, Starbucks and Twitter partnered to help create this day after 6 million Americans were unable to vote in 2008 election because of missing the deadline to register. In 2012 the campaign got 303,000 people to register, with Tumblr being responsible for 100,000 on their own. By partnering with political campaigns, the organization is able to use the resources to create events across the country. This year, Hillary Clinton's campaign alone announced 1,400 nationwide events as part of the initiative. Currently, in any given presidential election, approximately 60% of eligible Americans participate by voting. Virginia Bergin, director of Global Responsibility for Starbucks, which partners with Democracy Works and "TurboVote" to increase voter registration, dreams of achieving 80% participation by 2020. For her, "This is not about this election, this is about every election."

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What to Expect from Citi at Taste of the Nations


Hello June!  With the Taste of the Nation coming to Miami in less the two weeks,  we are hearing how the tour started out with a bang when recently hosted in New York City. Citi, one of the proud sponsors of the event, set up shop at this charitable event in April 2016 and offered amazing social experiences to its card carrying members who were lucky enough to have private passes. The bank then encouraged those who engaged in the event to take to social media to share their experiences.

The Appetizers

Citi's appetizers were mouthwatering but the way they were presented was perhaps even more noteworthy. The appetizer platters were suspended from helium balloons right near the check-in counter to entice people to want to come in and have a taste. Other white balloons were placed nearby and these turned blue as people got on their social media accounts to tell people about Citi's great food.

The Drinks

Well known mixologist Eamon Rocky served up some amazing Avion tequila "Tigritas" as guests enjoyed relaxing in the lounge. As guests enjoyed their drinks, they were able to charge their cell phones, check out the 60 inch touch screen display to find out more about Citi's dining platforms and talk to brand ambassadors. At the photo booth inside the space, guests were once again encouraged to take to social media to share photos of the event as the number of meals and amount of money donated to charity was dependent on social activity of those who participated in the event.

Other Goodies

Citi set up a unique social vending machine as part of the event. Guests who posted to their social media accounts while at the machine received Citi-branded goodies such as oven mitts, wine stoppers, wine pourers, aprons and a USB loaded with recipes for tasty treats.

Get in on the Action

Taste of the Nations is coming back to Miami on June 17, 2016 and we here at SOHO Studios are hosting the event!  It will offer tasty treats, exquisite beverages and an afterparty. The event is also being hosted by Emmy nominated weekend anchor Marybel Rodriguez and Froggy from Elvis Duran and the Morning Show. For now, we and Citi are keeping its Taste of the Nation plans to ourself; however, fans can see from Citi's April offerings that the company is sure to provide a night out Miami Style that you simply won't want to miss!

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