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Miami Museum Month Puts the Wow in a Diverse Cultural Scene


Miami Museum Month is one of the favorite cultural events of the year because it has something for everyone from priceless art objects to whimsical works of fun. Amazing exhibitions and one-on-one opportunities with artists in spectacular settings are just part of the charm of this event sponsored by the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau. The 2016 May event shined a spotlight on our diverse neighborhoods and the eclectic shopping and dining.

At the heart of the annual Miami Museum Month are two deals:

  • Buy One Get One Free: During the month visitors can get “Buy One Get One Free” admission to select museums.
  • Join One Museum See Them All: A great deal for locals; sign up for membership with one museum and receive free admission to other participating museums.

Each year Miami Museum Month gets bigger and the 2016 highlights included are:

  • Pérez Art Museum MiamiIf you can only visit one museum in Miami then this is your best bet with its world-class collections and picturesque placement on Biscayne Bay.
  • MDC Museum of Art + Design: The MDC MOA+D is housed in the 1925-built historic Freedom Tower on Biscayne Blvd. and features emerging contemporary artists as well as a can’t-miss fun Pop-Up Shop.
  • Vizcaya Museum & Gardens: The only way to describe this stunning estate is wow! Enjoy art and furnishings inside the Main House and the 10 acres of gardens at this National Historic Landmark.
  • The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum: This Smithsonian affiliate is located on FIU’s main campus and includes permanent and rotating exhibits as well as a sculpture park.
  • The Wolfsonian-FIU: No visit to the Art Deco District is complete without a stop at the Wolfsonian. For the most unconventional gifts in town, check out The Dynamo Museum Shop & Café.
  • Bakehouse Art Complex: If you like your art up-close-and-personal then go to this complex located in the historic art deco bakery building and in the midst of the vibrant Wynwood Arts District.

Other museums that took part in the 2016 Miami Museum Month:

The deals of Miami Museum Month may end in a few more days, but the cool cultural happenings go on year-round.

Art Basel Miami Map 2013

Art Basel Miami 2013 is upon us and thousands of tourists, art lovers, and buyers will come to Miami to experience the Art Basel vibe and at the same time hopefully buy some art in the process. This year Scope art fair has moved from Midtown to Miami beach and the new Brazil art fair has moved into Midtown. There is a lot of movement among the art fairs and soon Wynwood will become the new art mecca. We have created our Art Basel Miami map for 2013 to guide you through the different satellite art fairs that will feature this year during Art Basel Miami 2013. Enjoy the art, music and food as this year is guaranteed to be more popular than the years before.

Art Basel Miami map for Wynwood and Miami Beach

Marriot improves brand marketing with Art Basel Miami Beach

Every year, there are countless events in Miami that draw visitors from around the United States and the world to the sun-soaked city. One of the most high profile events is Art Basel Miami Beach, an art convention that features some of the most prominent and varied art events in the world. Marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach has proven to be a lucrative and profitable investment for many companies.

Brand Marketing at Art Basel Miami Beach

One example of this is the Red Dot Art Fair, an event held during Art Basel Miami Beach event that features up and coming artists. Many venues in Miami will hold events like the Red Dot Art Fair and the partnership between Art Basel and Red Dot is crucial for Red Dot's success. Just as important is Marriot's sponsorship of the Red Dot Art Fair. This sponsorship has provided the funds Red Dot needs to run their event and the publicity to draw the best up and coming talent.

Marriot also benefits greatly from their arrangement with Red Dot. As a result of their sponsorship, Marriot has been named the "Official Hotel of Red Dot", which brings with it publicity every time Red Dot or its artists post something online or host an event. This brand recognition gives Marriot a marketing presence in an area that focuses on entertainment.

Marriot has been successful with conventions and business travelers and their ability to break through to artists is proven with their marketing campaign with Red Dot. Other companies that are looking to boost their presence within global art community should look to Marriot for ways to market their brand at Art Basel Miami Beach.

ELLE DECOR at Art Basel Miami Beach

Showcase venues in Miami offer businesses an ability to bring marketing aspects to life while presenting their brand to one of the most high energy and cutting edge audiences in the world. These venues allow brand marketing teams to transform raw space into a customized and interactive experience that will live long in the memories of potential customers.

ELLE DECOR at Art Basel Miami Beach

Consider the possibilities of marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach. By associating your business with the world's most anticipated art shows for modern and contemporary collections, you would take your brand marketing to the next level. This is exactly what the ELLE DECOR team will be doing when they bring their interior design showcase to Miami.

In fusion with the upcoming December 2013 events in Miami for Art Basel Miami Beach, ELLE DECOR is hosting the Modern Life Concept House. Showcasing the finest interior design featured in ELLE DECOR magazine, expect to see the top of the line in luxury decor at this event. By choosing this South Beach event space Miami residents will get to appreciate the premium designs of the Modern Life Concept House, which has previously taken place in Manhattan. The event is scheduled for December 4 to 8 and 14 to 15, each day from 10 am to 3 pm.

Located in the exclusive Sunset Isles, this event will hail interior designers specifically chosen by the ELLE DECOR editorial team. The showcase will feature interior spaces completely transformed to fit particular esthetics that are cohesive to the water inspired design of Miami, FL. Interior designers are partnered with high end appliance and furniture designers in order to create a livable and re-creatable scene. Tickets to the event are $35 and sold at the door. Proceeds will go to the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, which is part of the University of Miami Health System offering services to South Florida.

Red Bull at Art Basel Miami Beach

Art Basel Miami Beach is a global art event where people can experience beautiful works of art and art culture in Miami Beach and the surrounding areas.  Besides the opportunity to be engulfed in a tropical creative atmosphere for a week, Art Basel Miami Beach is also an excellent opportunity to market your brand.

Red Bull Canvas Cooler

Why Brand Marketing is Effective Here

One of the things to keep in mind with events for brand marketing is that it is important to target a large audience. When marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach, you have the ability to target multiple large audiences at once during this week long event as it attracts thousands of people a day.  This is a key factor in making Art Basel Miami Beach an effective option to create brand awareness and exposure.

High traffic events are often high profile events. This means that there are more options for media coverage and international news coverage, national news coverage, bloggers and photographers all flock to South to get the real scoop on Art Basel Miami Beach. You can get more contact information and build up social media followers quickly by venues in Miami like this.

There are many companies taking advantage of the artistically transformed event space Miami has to offer. Red Bull has geared up with some of the best contemporary artists at Art Basel Miami Beach to create the Canvas Cooler Project. Artists created amazing works of art on coolers featuring the Red Bull inside. This helped to not only bring awareness of these amazing artists, but helped with brand recognition for Red Bull.

Red Bull is by far not the only large company that has taken advantage of the branding opportunities this event in Miami offers. Some of the other companies that have been seen at Art Basel Miami Beach include BMW, Cartier, Evian and many other international brands. Art Basel Miami Beach is a strategic utopia for brand marketing for both large and small entities alike.

Swiss Bank USB makes it rain for Art Basel

As South Florida and Miami prepare for Art Basel Miami Beach in December, venues in Miami are preparing for works of art by thousands of artists and an influx of tens of thousands of visitors. Many advertising and brand managers are also preparing for the event. If you are marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach, you could do much worse than taking a page out of the Union Bank of Switzerland's marketing playbook.

USB and Art Basel

UBS and Art Basel Miami Beach

Swiss banking giant UBS identified Art Basel in Europe as a strategic partner in 1994, and has been a partner to Art Basel Miami Beach since its very first year in 2002. In the twelve years since, Art Basel Miami Beach has become one of the most significant events in art, and UBS has stayed with it, serving as the lead partner.

This year UBS stepped it up again, further strengthening their association with Art Basel Miami Beach, the arts and the Miami community. One of the major events that UBS has partnered with Arts for Learning of Miami in support of the “ArtWorks,” program. “Artworks” is a pilot program of paid internships in the arts for students attending high school in neighborhoods that surround Miami’s Wynwood Arts District. The program was created to expose young people to the art-making process, give them employment, and help them develop an appreciation for the arts.

ArtWorks itself is becoming an integral part of Art Basel Miami Beach. Students who participated in the program will take part in a workshop hosted by UBS and inspired by Kiki Smith’s Chorus, which is also part of the UBS Art Collection. Students will have the opportunity to learned the stained glass making process, and make their own works of art.

This growing association and continued bonding with Art Basel Miami Beach further solidifies the branding of UBS with the community and the arts.

Vanity Fair at Art Basel Miami Beach

 Each year in December when Art Basel Miami Beach explodes in South Florida, it brings with it artists, art enthusiasts and a week of galleries, galas, and art shows. It also brings opportunities for marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach.

Vanity Fair Art

How Vanity Fair Brands Itself at Art Basel Miami

One brand who has taken great advantage of the annual global arts event is Vanity Fair. Vanity Fair uses Art Basel Miami’s edgy, artistic atmosphere to brand its own edgy image. It does it through lavish, self-mocking parties that appeal to the magazine’s upscale, youthful minded readers. An example of these tongue-in-cheek events is described in this lengthy and imaginative invitation from Vanity Fair itself. It details “The Greatest Art Basel Party in the History of Mankind”…at least until next year of course.

What is important is that Vanity Fair has found its niche with the Art Basel crowd, and has found venues in Miami to team with, like the Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami. If you are a brand manager, agency, or ad executive, you should consider the value of marketing during Art Basel Miami Beach.

Marketing Venue in Miami

Soho Studios, in the heart of Art Basel Wynwood, is in Miami’s Design District. Just north of Midtown Miami, Wynwood’s galleries and events are throbbing with contemporary art and artists. It is also ripe for creative marketing concepts and is know for a venue for brand marketing events, such as launch parties and experiential marketing.

Our space is vibrant,  exciting and our experienced team experienced is creative. We have resources that include relationships with local vendors, an extensive back ground in event production and event planning. Learn why more and more national and international brands have found us their “go-to” venue in Miami. We can help you in marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach Vanity Fair Style.

For Art Basel Miami Beach events or year round, we encourage you to look into Soho Studios.

Prada at Art Basel Miami Beach

When the Prada store opened it’s doors in the Design District it created quite the buzz among the area's most fashion-conscious citizens. Prada's storefront opened just in time to showcase their luxury goods during Art Basel Miami Beach, a yearly, massive art show attracting fifty thousand artists, curators, collectors, dealers, and art enthusiasts.

Brand Marketing

Perfect Timing for Prada

Marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach is a smart move – with tens of thousands of art and fashion-savvy prospects strolling along the sidewalks and venues, Prada's sparkling  facade and lush interior got its fair share of attention.

Brand Marketing Through Corporate Events

Catching the attention of new customers and creating loyal enthusiasts is key in today's advertising market. Cutting edge live events are a sure-fire way to attract consumers to your brand. Launch your new product in style by throwing the year's biggest bash with the perfect theme and all the trimmings.

The choice in venue for your consumer, trade or media event can make or break the launch. Be sure that the space and staff can handle your needs, from seating to appropriately themed decorating.

Year-Round Entertainment and Event Space Miami

When large, established companies and big name artists seek unparalleled event venues in Miami,Soho Studios is their one stop shop for all things entertainment.

Located in Wynwood District, Soho Studios is the premier venue in Miami for brand marketers, event planners, photographers, and film makers alike. From the three massive studio spaces to the personalized décor and catering, Soho makes planning for your next event or project a breeze.

Tesla's Art Car at Art Basel Miami Beach

Art Basel Miami Beach is an amazing collection of creative people and concepts. It takes down the walls we see around us ever day and allows for exploration and discovery. It also allows for the seamless marriage of art and marketing.

Art Cars at Art Basel Miami Beach

An example of the marriage between art and marketing is the recent move by some manufacturers in creating art cars. These are automobiles, whose exteriors serve as canvases, and detailed as works of art. BMW recently created their own art car and now Tesla, the innovative automaker from Silicon Valley, has teamed with artist Laurence Gartel to create their own dazzling rolling piece of art.

The colorful Tesla roadster appears as a digital version of sixties pop art, combining abstract and not-so abstract images. It certainly is a head turner. It is also gaining a lot of attention for Tesla, which is part of marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach.

Thinking about marketing your brand in Miami? Soho Studios is the premier event venue in Miami. With over 65,000 square feet of space, Soho Studios is versatile enough for parties, concerts, trade shows and photography. We can host attention-getting events that can help associate your product with a valued market segment.

If you are considering event space Miami, we invite you to take a look at Soho Studios. In the trendy Wynwood District, Soho Studios is convenient, accessible and flexible. Of all the venues in Miami available for marketing at Art Basel Miami, Soho is the most convenient. Let our team of experts assist you in creating a memorable event to help market your brand.

We are not sure who said "Consider marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach Tesla" but we are pretty sure the automaker is glad they did. Consider this your invitation.

Art, Technology and Marketing: Google Glass at Art Basel Miami Beach

This year’s Art Basel Miami Beach, slated for December 5-8, 2013, once again features an eclectic mix of historical and contemporary art. From Picasso to Warhol, to the emerging artists of today, Art Basel Miami Beach has grown into one of the world’s most significant art fairs.

Google Glass at Art Basel Miami Beach

According to ABC News, 50,000 art fans will visit the Miami Convention Center alone. That doesn't include the tens of thousands of tourists who descend on the city for the many other art displays, fairs and galleries located throughout the city. This means there are significant opportunities for marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach. That is exactly what Google Glass is doing.

Google Glass, the cutting-edge internet connected eyewear has teamed with artist David Datuna. The New York artist’s “Viewpoint of Billions” series will be more closely explored with Google Glass during Art Basel Miami. This merging of technology, art and marketing is an exceptional example of creativity at the global art fair. It is the kind of creativity your brand can take advantage of.

How You Can Be a Part of Art Basel Miami Beach

If you are looking for venues in Miami, Soho Studios is a nationally and internationally utilized photography studio and is one of the hottest concert and party venues Miami offers. We have over 65,000 square feet of some of the most versatile event space Miami has available in a multitude of floor plans.

Soho Studios puts you in middle of Art Basel Wynwood in Miami's Design District, where thousands will gather, taking in works of art in nearby galleries and at special events. Art Basel Miami is an amazing time for artists and fans alike, and Soho Studios in the premier venue in Miami to help you take advantage of it all.