Vanity Fair at Art Basel Miami Beach

 Each year in December when Art Basel Miami Beach explodes in South Florida, it brings with it artists, art enthusiasts and a week of galleries, galas, and art shows. It also brings opportunities for marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach.

Vanity Fair Art

How Vanity Fair Brands Itself at Art Basel Miami

One brand who has taken great advantage of the annual global arts event is Vanity Fair. Vanity Fair uses Art Basel Miami’s edgy, artistic atmosphere to brand its own edgy image. It does it through lavish, self-mocking parties that appeal to the magazine’s upscale, youthful minded readers. An example of these tongue-in-cheek events is described in this lengthy and imaginative invitation from Vanity Fair itself. It details “The Greatest Art Basel Party in the History of Mankind”…at least until next year of course.

What is important is that Vanity Fair has found its niche with the Art Basel crowd, and has found venues in Miami to team with, like the Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami. If you are a brand manager, agency, or ad executive, you should consider the value of marketing during Art Basel Miami Beach.

Marketing Venue in Miami

Soho Studios, in the heart of Art Basel Wynwood, is in Miami’s Design District. Just north of Midtown Miami, Wynwood’s galleries and events are throbbing with contemporary art and artists. It is also ripe for creative marketing concepts and is know for a venue for brand marketing events, such as launch parties and experiential marketing.

Our space is vibrant,  exciting and our experienced team experienced is creative. We have resources that include relationships with local vendors, an extensive back ground in event production and event planning. Learn why more and more national and international brands have found us their “go-to” venue in Miami. We can help you in marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach Vanity Fair Style.

For Art Basel Miami Beach events or year round, we encourage you to look into Soho Studios.