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Miami Art Basel Presents Living Large for Art

Art Basel is one of the premier art shows in the world, with celebrities, art aficionados, collectors and window shoppers all together in the Design District and Miami Beach to come and celebrate art. Miami Art Basel presents Living Large for Art, a multi-day party where art enthusiasts can come and meet the artists behind the magic in an interesting and fun environment to complement Miami Beach’s Art Basel December 3-6, 2015. Designed like a street show, this venue will simulate a mini-art show. International and local painters will be on hand to give painting lessons, workshops to discuss texture, abstract painting, and how to make it in the business. Additional classes will be held on sculpting, and the elements that make an interesting piece. A class on how to price paintings will also be held, to discuss why paintings and sculptures are priced the way they are, and what an artist should expect when putting their creations up for sale. A perfect venue for the budding artist, the hosts and hostesses will be dressed in t-shirts that feature famous paintings.

National celebrities will make appearances for autograph signings and to discuss why they love art. There will be vendor booths set up selling paint and art supplies and additional tools to help individuals interested in the world of art. Mini sections of past paintings and sculptures will be highlighted at this event, along with information on each piece being featured during Art Basel.

Past highlights include Meem 4 Miami by Ryan McNamara, Survey featuring historical works, the premiere of Big Eyes, the movie about Walter Keane, and Public Opening Night.

Tickets for this even are already on sale and can be acquired through the online portal. Tickets onsite are available at the Miami Beach Convention Center box office starting December 3, 2015.

Partners for Art Basel Miami Beach include Ubs, Davidoff, Audemars Piguet, NetJets, Art, Baloise, Ruinart, Le Free Port, Vienna, BMW, and Kickstarter.

Art Basel stages the world’s premier Modern and contemporary art fairs, staged annually in Basel, Miami Beach, and Hong Kong. A driving force in supporting the role that galleries play in nurturing the careers of their artists, Art Basel frequently expands its platforms to include the newest developments in the visual arts. Art Basel also develops new initiatives that reflect its commitment to the broader art world with special projects that range from ongoing collaborations with partners to specially-commissioned events during the shows. Some of those initiatives include Crowdfunding and the BMW Art Journey.

Arizona Iced Tea at Art Basel Miami Beach

Headlines are scattered across the internet about the "Art Museum on a Can." Lemon Fizz is a new drink designed by artist Richard Prince and produced by AriZona Iced Tea. This drink (and its artistically aesthetic can) will debut in December at Art Basel Miami Beach.

Arizona Iced Tea at Art Basel Miami Beach

AriZona’s Global Communications Director Jackie Harrigan said, “The package design celebrates Richard’s creativity and history within the art world, with secret elements for consumers to discover that signify the union of our creative forces”

Marketing Art

What has the art world buzzing about this highly decorated lemon soda is that the artist approached the corporation and not the other way around. Instead of being seen as an endorsement, the new drink is actually a genius stroke of marketing material for AriZona Iced Tea.

Pictured in black and white, Richard Prince’s debonair pose is plastered on top of a colorful background of his work. His signature scrawls across the front.

Making a Splash

AriZona Iced Tea is a popular drink among the trendsetting crowd. Richard Prince contacted AriZona to make his own drink, moved by his love for lemon flavored drinks and tea. Prince states, "As a fan of AriZona’s Arnold Palmer line, it felt natural to collaborate and the partnership evolved from there. The outcome is Lemon Fizz, which is a fantastic beverage and one that I can employ in my own craft."

The new drink already has three events presenting it at Art Basel Miami Beach, and 23 other venues in Miami will also be offering Lemon Fizz. Even a special sorbet will be made with Lemon Fizz and other fresh ingredients, such as: ginger, pomegranate and basil.

Setting Apart Your Brand

When it comes to Art Basel Miami Beach, something original and over-the-top is how major brands and designers make waves. The event space Miami offers will be packed full of high fashion parties and galleries for a week long party in the Magic City. Reserving the right venue in Miami and creatively marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach is the only way to stand out in a slew of competing designers seeking the attention of socialites and celebrities.

Red Bull at Art Basel Miami Beach

Art Basel Miami Beach is a global art event where people can experience beautiful works of art and art culture in Miami Beach and the surrounding areas.  Besides the opportunity to be engulfed in a tropical creative atmosphere for a week, Art Basel Miami Beach is also an excellent opportunity to market your brand.

Red Bull Canvas Cooler

Why Brand Marketing is Effective Here

One of the things to keep in mind with events for brand marketing is that it is important to target a large audience. When marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach, you have the ability to target multiple large audiences at once during this week long event as it attracts thousands of people a day.  This is a key factor in making Art Basel Miami Beach an effective option to create brand awareness and exposure.

High traffic events are often high profile events. This means that there are more options for media coverage and international news coverage, national news coverage, bloggers and photographers all flock to South to get the real scoop on Art Basel Miami Beach. You can get more contact information and build up social media followers quickly by venues in Miami like this.

There are many companies taking advantage of the artistically transformed event space Miami has to offer. Red Bull has geared up with some of the best contemporary artists at Art Basel Miami Beach to create the Canvas Cooler Project. Artists created amazing works of art on coolers featuring the Red Bull inside. This helped to not only bring awareness of these amazing artists, but helped with brand recognition for Red Bull.

Red Bull is by far not the only large company that has taken advantage of the branding opportunities this event in Miami offers. Some of the other companies that have been seen at Art Basel Miami Beach include BMW, Cartier, Evian and many other international brands. Art Basel Miami Beach is a strategic utopia for brand marketing for both large and small entities alike.

Swiss Bank USB makes it rain for Art Basel

As South Florida and Miami prepare for Art Basel Miami Beach in December, venues in Miami are preparing for works of art by thousands of artists and an influx of tens of thousands of visitors. Many advertising and brand managers are also preparing for the event. If you are marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach, you could do much worse than taking a page out of the Union Bank of Switzerland's marketing playbook.

USB and Art Basel

UBS and Art Basel Miami Beach

Swiss banking giant UBS identified Art Basel in Europe as a strategic partner in 1994, and has been a partner to Art Basel Miami Beach since its very first year in 2002. In the twelve years since, Art Basel Miami Beach has become one of the most significant events in art, and UBS has stayed with it, serving as the lead partner.

This year UBS stepped it up again, further strengthening their association with Art Basel Miami Beach, the arts and the Miami community. One of the major events that UBS has partnered with Arts for Learning of Miami in support of the “ArtWorks,” program. “Artworks” is a pilot program of paid internships in the arts for students attending high school in neighborhoods that surround Miami’s Wynwood Arts District. The program was created to expose young people to the art-making process, give them employment, and help them develop an appreciation for the arts.

ArtWorks itself is becoming an integral part of Art Basel Miami Beach. Students who participated in the program will take part in a workshop hosted by UBS and inspired by Kiki Smith’s Chorus, which is also part of the UBS Art Collection. Students will have the opportunity to learned the stained glass making process, and make their own works of art.

This growing association and continued bonding with Art Basel Miami Beach further solidifies the branding of UBS with the community and the arts.

Vanity Fair at Art Basel Miami Beach

 Each year in December when Art Basel Miami Beach explodes in South Florida, it brings with it artists, art enthusiasts and a week of galleries, galas, and art shows. It also brings opportunities for marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach.

Vanity Fair Art

How Vanity Fair Brands Itself at Art Basel Miami

One brand who has taken great advantage of the annual global arts event is Vanity Fair. Vanity Fair uses Art Basel Miami’s edgy, artistic atmosphere to brand its own edgy image. It does it through lavish, self-mocking parties that appeal to the magazine’s upscale, youthful minded readers. An example of these tongue-in-cheek events is described in this lengthy and imaginative invitation from Vanity Fair itself. It details “The Greatest Art Basel Party in the History of Mankind”…at least until next year of course.

What is important is that Vanity Fair has found its niche with the Art Basel crowd, and has found venues in Miami to team with, like the Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami. If you are a brand manager, agency, or ad executive, you should consider the value of marketing during Art Basel Miami Beach.

Marketing Venue in Miami

Soho Studios, in the heart of Art Basel Wynwood, is in Miami’s Design District. Just north of Midtown Miami, Wynwood’s galleries and events are throbbing with contemporary art and artists. It is also ripe for creative marketing concepts and is know for a venue for brand marketing events, such as launch parties and experiential marketing.

Our space is vibrant,  exciting and our experienced team experienced is creative. We have resources that include relationships with local vendors, an extensive back ground in event production and event planning. Learn why more and more national and international brands have found us their “go-to” venue in Miami. We can help you in marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach Vanity Fair Style.

For Art Basel Miami Beach events or year round, we encourage you to look into Soho Studios.

Marketing Your Brand at Art Basel Miami Beach

Brands from all over the world find Art Basel Miami Beach as a prime location for creating brand awareness. Global brands like BMW, Cartier and many more have used Art Basel Miami Beach as a branding platform by hosting events in various venues in Miami.

Brand Marketing at Art Basel Miami Beach

Finding an accommodating event space in Miami can be quite involving. This being a festive season for the whole of Miami, you need a premier event venue with all the necessary facilities. Whether it is a launch party, a photo shoot, a fashion show, wedding and receptions, prom and formals, charity events, parties or DJ concerts, you need to be assured of the best.

Right at the center of Wynwood District in Miami, Florida is Soho Studios, a versatile and high standard event venue for all you can think of. This is a place with an air of excitement, making it the ultimate destination. It is approximately 65,000 square feet and serves just about any purpose.

If you are an event planner looking for an event venue in Miami, then everything is to your advantage with the flexibility of the space. There are three studios for you to select from. Marketing agencies and experimental marketers can rest assured of the hospitality of the studios. It has successfully held high profiled international conventions. As soon as you have rented the space, you can turn it into any format you like. The welfare of your guests is in safe hands with provisions such as catering, and décor among others.

The studios avail you the chance of marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach. Whether it’s a new brand or an already established one, this place has the potential market you so much need. Great global gatherings like The Miami Fashion Week will give you the men and women from all over the world who subscribe to all you want to market. It’s an opportunity to market your brand internationally.

The film and television industry is also not left out with Miami preparing to experience a transformation with guests from every corner of the world. There isn’t a better place to host that particular occasion than the Soho Studios. They strive to ensure that your celebration is a success and you will always look forward to another great experience with them. Follow the link to watch a video of the magnificence venues in Miami and their important features.

VH1 and SCOPE at Art Basel Miami Beach

Art Basel Miami Beach is just around the corner and this year is expected to be bigger and better than ever. Big names are hosting events this year and looking for great venues in Miami. These big names are also making a big impact in the community and effectively using exposure at Art Basel as a new marketing tool.


Art & Branding

When considering your next big event in Miami take a note from some of the brands that have done it successfully before you, like VH1 and Scope in 2012. The Scope International Contemporary Art Show is one of the biggest and best shows at Art Basel. VH1 was able to create an amazing event and an even more amazing partnership that has been very beneficial to their overall marketing strategy.

Watch Video -VH1 & SCOPE

When marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach take the event space into account. You'll want to make sure you are giving the people a night to remember. There are a few key elements you should keep in mind when looking at event space in Miami.

Finding the Right Venue in Miami

It's all about the atmosphere. 

Do you want an intimate setting for a group of 150 or are you looking to host party goers by the thousands? When choosing party venues in Miami having different options for the floor plan is etremely important. Make sure you are working with a versatile space.

Location, Location, Location.

 If you have a great space but it is in the wrong location your event will be less than successful. One thing that VH1 did really well in their partnership with SCOPE in 2012 was making sure they were a destination spot that everyone could easily access. Art Basel and the Wynwood Arts District go hand in hand, so why not host your event in the middle of the action?

In the end, pulling off a successful event comes down to planning and research. If you keep in mind the success of past brand partnerships like VH1 and SCOPE in 2012 and team up with the perfect event space in Miami to fit your needs, your event is bound to be a success.

Art Basel 2013 - Start planning now!

Each year during the 1st week of December, Miami is the epicenter of the modern and contemporary art world. During those four days in 2013, Art Basel Miami will return to town, bringing with it an estimated 50,000 collectors, artists and gallery owners from around the globe to celebrate creativity and stunning innovation in the Wynwood District and beyond.

If your goal is to participate in this exciting art show, then now is the time to start looking for event locations in Miami for your function. Most event space in Miami is booked up many months in advance of Art Basel, so it is important to lock down a space as soon as you know the date that you want to hold your event.

Booking early will also allow you to choose from the best event locations in Miami versus having to settle for what is left. By far one of the best locations for an Art Basel Miami event is Soho Studios, which is located in the city's vibrant and exciting Wynwood Art District. Soho Studios is a huge, 70,000-square-foot building with high ceilings and flexible floor plans that can be configured to meet the specific needs of your function and is perfect for any Art Basel Wynwood event.

Soho Studios has hosted other Art Basel events in the past, including two of the world’s largest contemporary art fairs, PULSE Miami and SCOPE Miami. While this huge facility with its industrial detailing is a perfect showcase for big art fairs, it is also a multi-use site that can work for many different events, including concerts, seminars, meetings and parties. Soho Studios can also be used as a photography, television and film studio. Many have used Soho as a space to create videos and other media for Art Basel events.

Every year, Art Basel Miami grows bigger and bigger and adequate space for events becomes harder to come by. Art Basel Miami 2013 should be no different. That is why smart event planners will begin making plans early and booking event space Miami as soon as possible for their Art Basel events.

Building the Miami Art Scene

It is impossible to find a nonprofit organization that has had a greater impact on the Miami art scene than the Knight Foundation. It has donated a total of $86 million over a six-year period to provide funding to several key arts institutions and offer support to local artists looking to enrich Miami's culture.

One area where the Knight Foundation has had significant impact is in the Wynwood District. The Knight Arts Challenge led to the creation of an incubator for various Arts groups in 2009. It was opened inside the Light Box at Goldman Warehouse. Local arts groups were given performance space, gallery space and a shared office.

The Knight Foundation has helped foster the transformation of the Wynwood District into a hub for the arts. This personified with the presence of Art Basel Miami Beach, which uses the Wynwood District as one of its venues to showcase hundreds of works of arts to tens of thousands of visitors from around the globe. Benefiting from the presence of Art Basel Wynwood has become a must-see destination for art lovers everywhere.

One of the most recent developments will be the addition of more than a dozen artist-designed crosswalks to the Wynwood District. The first crosswalk, designed by Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz-Diez, will be installed in front of the Wynwood Walls. 15 crosswalks are planned and each one will showcase original artwork from Miami-area artists. This is one more step in transforming a former industrial area into a pedestrian-centric neighborhood.

The Knight Foundation has played a major role in making all of these developments possible. It first demonstrated a serious commitment to supporting the Miami Arts with a generous $20 million donation in 2008 to fund endowments at the Miami Art Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the New World Symphony.

The Knight Foundation’s support also continues through the annual Knight Arts Challenge contest, which provides funds to the best ideas designed to enhance the arts in Miami and South Florida. This challenge has helped spur many of the positive developments for the art community in Wynwood and will continue to influence it in the near future.


Art Basel Venue in Miami

While the month of March may be a popular month for Miami Fashion week and Winter Music Conference it just doesn't seem to have the same effect as Art Basel Miami in December. Not only is Miami Beach packed with art buyers and visitors during the first week of December but so too in Wynwood and Midtown. There seems to be wave of change that Wynwood is about to embrace. Art shows such as Scope, Art Miami, Art Asia and Red Dot have had successful years in Midtown with enormous tents that house huge generators, lights and 60,000 sq ft of ply wood that lay across the floor. However Wall Mart is about to break-ground in the coming months once they get over a few hurdles.

With Wall Mart breaking ground in Midtown this year these Art Basel Miami shows will now have to think seriously about their next location. It seems obvious that Wynwood is the right choice for these shows. The vacant land in Midtown was a great short-term fix for these shows, however the time has come to think of different venues for Art Basel Miami.

Wynwood is the last district of Miami to be developed and this is what makes the area so attractive to investors. You get to be a part of the art movement and be apart of the Wynwood legacy. Wynwood has come leaps and bounds in the last two years. Real Estate prices are back to where they were in 2008 and WADA receives record memberships from new businesses that have opened up in the area. Art Walk also gives a tremendous boost to Wynwood. Art Walk takes place in Wynwood during the Second Saturdays, drawing in thousands of visitors including celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio that have been spotted recently walking through the Wynood Walls

It is clear that Wynwood is the best location in Miami for Art Basel Miami shows. Art Basel Miami shows in Midtown will have no choice but to migrate south to Wynwood. With this in mind Soho Studios prepared a map back in 2012 showcasing several locations of Art Shows that took place in Wynwood and Midtown. Soho Studios realized the importance of this discovery so that other businesses such as art galleries, artisits, and brand marketing companies can understand the district and possible venues for their Art Basel shows.

Take a look at JUSTMADMIA's Art Basel Miami show at our venue in 2012.

As the largest venue in Miami for Art Basel Miami shows, Soho Studios does't just host shows or events for Art Basel Miami but they also secure other venues in Miami for art galleries and brand marketing firms. With the right connections Soho Studios has established an amazing network in Miami so that others can discover new venues for their events and shows during Art Basel Miami.

If you are looking for a venue in Miami for Art Basel Miami please contact us and we will be sure to assist you in finding a great venue in Miami.