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Miami Museum Month Puts the Wow in a Diverse Cultural Scene


Miami Museum Month is one of the favorite cultural events of the year because it has something for everyone from priceless art objects to whimsical works of fun. Amazing exhibitions and one-on-one opportunities with artists in spectacular settings are just part of the charm of this event sponsored by the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau. The 2016 May event shined a spotlight on our diverse neighborhoods and the eclectic shopping and dining.

At the heart of the annual Miami Museum Month are two deals:

  • Buy One Get One Free: During the month visitors can get “Buy One Get One Free” admission to select museums.
  • Join One Museum See Them All: A great deal for locals; sign up for membership with one museum and receive free admission to other participating museums.

Each year Miami Museum Month gets bigger and the 2016 highlights included are:

  • Pérez Art Museum MiamiIf you can only visit one museum in Miami then this is your best bet with its world-class collections and picturesque placement on Biscayne Bay.
  • MDC Museum of Art + Design: The MDC MOA+D is housed in the 1925-built historic Freedom Tower on Biscayne Blvd. and features emerging contemporary artists as well as a can’t-miss fun Pop-Up Shop.
  • Vizcaya Museum & Gardens: The only way to describe this stunning estate is wow! Enjoy art and furnishings inside the Main House and the 10 acres of gardens at this National Historic Landmark.
  • The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum: This Smithsonian affiliate is located on FIU’s main campus and includes permanent and rotating exhibits as well as a sculpture park.
  • The Wolfsonian-FIU: No visit to the Art Deco District is complete without a stop at the Wolfsonian. For the most unconventional gifts in town, check out The Dynamo Museum Shop & Café.
  • Bakehouse Art Complex: If you like your art up-close-and-personal then go to this complex located in the historic art deco bakery building and in the midst of the vibrant Wynwood Arts District.

Other museums that took part in the 2016 Miami Museum Month:

The deals of Miami Museum Month may end in a few more days, but the cool cultural happenings go on year-round.

VH1 and SCOPE at Art Basel Miami Beach

Art Basel Miami Beach is just around the corner and this year is expected to be bigger and better than ever. Big names are hosting events this year and looking for great venues in Miami. These big names are also making a big impact in the community and effectively using exposure at Art Basel as a new marketing tool.


Art & Branding

When considering your next big event in Miami take a note from some of the brands that have done it successfully before you, like VH1 and Scope in 2012. The Scope International Contemporary Art Show is one of the biggest and best shows at Art Basel. VH1 was able to create an amazing event and an even more amazing partnership that has been very beneficial to their overall marketing strategy.

Watch Video -VH1 & SCOPE

When marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach take the event space into account. You'll want to make sure you are giving the people a night to remember. There are a few key elements you should keep in mind when looking at event space in Miami.

Finding the Right Venue in Miami

It's all about the atmosphere. 

Do you want an intimate setting for a group of 150 or are you looking to host party goers by the thousands? When choosing party venues in Miami having different options for the floor plan is etremely important. Make sure you are working with a versatile space.

Location, Location, Location.

 If you have a great space but it is in the wrong location your event will be less than successful. One thing that VH1 did really well in their partnership with SCOPE in 2012 was making sure they were a destination spot that everyone could easily access. Art Basel and the Wynwood Arts District go hand in hand, so why not host your event in the middle of the action?

In the end, pulling off a successful event comes down to planning and research. If you keep in mind the success of past brand partnerships like VH1 and SCOPE in 2012 and team up with the perfect event space in Miami to fit your needs, your event is bound to be a success.

Kit Kat wants to give you a break

Experiential marketing means getting your brand message before the public’s eyes. In the past companies used things like flyers, billboards, and free samples to build brand awareness. Some paid to have cars bearing their slogans driven across country.  However marketing has evolved with time, and an experiential marketing campaign such as the Free No WiFi Zones from Kit Kat gives the consumer a brand experience that is not easily forgotten.

Watch Video - Kit Kat's Free No WiFi Zone

In this technology age, the world has gone social. Everyone connects digitally through technology. They interact socially. They learn socially. Therefore, marketing needs to be social and interactive. Sub Rosa’s Michael Ventura captured the spirit of experiential marketing. He wrote, “Brands that create experiences allowing consumers to interact digitally and socially with both themselves and others will succeed in the long term”

Big Companies Build Their Brand through Experiential Marketing

Many big companies have allowed customers to interact and experience their product message with this evolved marketing strategy. Hyundai and GE used high-end interactive games and holographic scenarios. Using a reverse approach, Kit Kat actually blocked the use of technology in their No Free WiFi Zones. They wanted to give us a break. They encouraged customers to interact and socialize with one another in person. They could also enjoy a book while treating themselves to a Kit Kat bar.

The benefits of Kit Kat’s campaign were increased exposure, tons of attention, and strong brand recognition. Its success is visible because:

- Everyone is talking about their unique idea

- They clearly stand apart from the Free Wi-Fi crowd

- Their campaign has inspired a larger conversation on the need for more No Free Wi-Fi Zones.

Host Your Own Experiential Event in One of the Top Venues in Miami

Your company can benefit by hosting its own event. Your customers will be able to socialize as they interact with your product. They will develop a meaningful connection with your brand. Many companies have had success hosting similar events in Florida. They maximize exposure to their product by hosting their events during Miami’s big event season. Soho Studios, one of the top venues in Miami, can accommodate all types of experiential events. You can host a live concert, a flashy fashion show, or a high-tech interactive presentation. The 65,000 square feet, multi-purpose convention center, located in Miami’s Wynwood District, is ideal. Join Puma, Absolut, and other big brand companies who hosted their own events at Soho Studios.

Coca-Cola Hires Italian Artist to Create Amazing Stop-Motion Video

The idea of happiness has been a central theme to Coca-Cola’s marketing for 90 years. According to a company press release, the “Enjoy Life” slogan in 1923 led to 1979’s “Have a Coke and a Smile” before Coca-Cola began using “Open Happiness” in 2009. As part of the Coca-Cola Institute of Happiness’ II International Congress of Happiness in Madrid in April 2012, the company hired Italian artist and University Francisco de Vitoria (UFV) professor Eduardo Zamarro to create an amazing mural comprised of Post-it notes. The end result is an incredible stop-motion video of the Post-It notes project.

Watch Video - Coca-Cola Institute of Happiness

According to a UFV press release, visitors left about one million Post-it notes over the course of 15 days containing various messages of happiness to contribute to the mural. Zamarro worked with the Post-it notes to cover a mural painted by UFV students of Architecture and Fine Arts and construct what would become the official poster of Congress. The result was a striking work of public art that was later exhibited on the façade of the Canal Theatre. However, this project was also a fine example of experiential marketing.

Experiential marketing is a term that refers to interactive consumer experiences like this Coca-Cola Post-it project, events that help individuals form a unique connection with a brand through memorable interactive activities. Nothing creates lasting memories that stay with consumers quite like these types of events, and Soho Studios offers one of the best venues in Miami for large, creative activities. Our 65,000 foot square foot multi-purpose space can host weddings, concerts, fashions shows and charity events, among many other types of occasions. If you are looking for a dynamic location for your events in Miami, contact the experiential marketing team at Soho Studios to let us show you some of the many things that our facility offers.

BBC's Augmented Reality and Polar Bears--Experiential Marketing in Action

Few companies or organizations have leveraged augmented reality events as effectively as the BBC did during the promotion of its Frozen Planet Blu-ray/DVD release. Working together with Appshaker, the BBC created a virtual experience which allowed those at the event to stand amongst player bears, dolphins, polar bears, seals, and other wildlife. The event demonstrated a highly impressive application of experiential marketing, one of the most valuable and underused tactics in the marketing game.

Watch Video - BBC'S Frozen Planet

If you're unfamiliar with the concept, that's alright; it's really quite simple. Experiential marketing engages consumers in as many ways as possible: intellectually, physically, and emotionally. If you're familiar with advanced teaching and memorization methods such as full-brain learning, active learning, or the method of loci, you might see the benefits. In essence, experiential marketing associates a product or brand with as many forms of memory as possible; by engaging with gestures, emotions, and logical thoughts an event, website, or advertisement can generate a much stronger impression.

The BBC pulled this off perfectly. The highly-realistic, interactive environment generated by the Appshaker team grabbed visitors and didn't let them go. They also took advantage of onlookers at the event and abroad, engaging their imaginations and giving them something interesting to talk about; polar bears may be a bit interesting, but polar bears and augmented reality will catch anyone's attention.

Of course, not every company has access to the kind of resources the BBC does, but the basics of experiential marketing work in many different contexts. On the simplest level, any method of mentally or physically engaging the consumer works. A print ad using vivid colors and imagery and implementing textures, smells, or puzzles can make an impact. A website with a high-tech interface, a banner ad with a built-in game, the possibilities are endless. A physical event will always trump the others, though, thanks to the strength of physical memory.

If you're planning any experiential events in Miami, you need an excellent location if you want your visitors wowed. Based in the Wynwood District, Soho Studios' 65,000 square foot event space and convention center is one of the best venues in Miami—ideal for any company or organization looking for a new way to market.

Heineken Roulette at JFK

Imagine you are at the airport. You may be heading home or going on vacation. Perhaps it's a business trip or your heading out to visit Mom and Dad. There in front of you is a giant electronic billboard that offers you a free trip almost anywhere. The problem? You have to drop everything, take the trip right then and there, and because the trips are electronically chosen at random, it could literally be to anywhere. What would you do?

This was part of an experiential marketing effort by Heineken Beer as part of their “Dropped” campaign. Experiential marketing seeks to involve the consumer with the brand to better connect the two. In the case of Heineken, they are trying to appeal to the adventurous side of us and their “Departure Roulette” did that for many at JFK airport. It didn’t even matter how many actually took the trip because the impact has been made. The YouTube video of the stunt has over 2 million views. That's pretty impressive for what amounts to a two minute commercial for Heineken Beer.

Experiential Marketing in Florida

If you are exploring experiential marketing, or looking for space in South Florida, we invite you to connect with Soho Studios. Of all the venues in Miami, Soho Studios can provide you with THE premier event space the city has to offer. Let us help you take advantage of Miami’s event season November through March. More and more experiential marketing events in Florida are taking place and our creative team can help make yours come to life.

If you are in search of a photography studio Miami uses for a variety of shoots, or an event space Miami turns to for some of its hottest parties, contact Soho Studios. With over 65,000 square feet of versatile space, we are perfect for videos, conventions, meetings and experiential marketing efforts. Learn why companies like Ford, Evian, Puma and Absolut have come to trust Soho as their go-to location in South Florida. Let’s get together and discuss what we can do for you!

High Definition Elevator Trick from LG

Experiential marketing is marketing that gets its message across by involving the consumer directly. It may involve an event, promotion, or a giveaway. In the case of a video screen monitor company, it involved an elaborate prank.

LG’s Fake Elevator

In an effort to show how real the new LG monitors could make video appear, LG created a fake elevator with a series of LG monitors that served as the floor. Occupants of the “elevator” were not aware that they were monitors however, as they first appeared to be white floor tiles. As you can see from this YouTube video, the tiles began to appear to break away and the results are quite amusing. LG proved its point that its video screens were “so real, it’s scary”.

Getting the Message Across

In the case of LG, they used their elaborate plan to get their message across, and to help brand the impact of just how real their screens appear. That is part of the point of experiential marketing. The goal is to connect with consumers in a way that binds the product, or a message about the product, in the consumers mind. In the case of LG, it is apparently getting some attention. The video has received about 20 million views.

Experiential Marketing in Miami

If you are considering venues in Miami for experiential marketing, contact Soho Studios. In the trendy Wynwood District, almost within a stone’s throw of South Beach, there lies 65,000 square feet of versatile Miami event space. It can be used as a photography studio, film studio, event space or for your next creative marketing idea. It has been turned into one of the hottest party venues Miami has ever seen for an Absolut Vodka experiential marketing campaign and it can go to work for you. Whether you are looking for a simple photography studio in Miami or an event space Miami rocks to, contact us. Our creative team of professionals will help you deliver for your client.

Cell Phone vs Human - Samsung's Staring Contest

The Challenge Sixty minutes? Can I stare at a cell phone that long? That was the question going through the minds of the curious who stopped at the Samsung kiosk set up at the Zurich Main Station in Switzerland. The rules stated it was okay to blink, but you couldn't look away from the Samsung S4. If you could maintain your gaze for an hour it was yours. If you looked away, even for a second, you lost. And the phone,equipped with Samsung's Smart Pause feature, would be the first to know.

And Now for the Rest of the Story

But Samsung didn't tell the whole story. They left out the part about the crazed guitarist, the accordion player, the hot dog vendor, and the bickering couple. That was just a warm-up for the remote-control car gone a-mok, and the barely-restrained attacking dogs. Contestant after contestant fell prey to the parade of distractions.

The Content

In this era of cutting edge marketing strategies, Swisscom, a Swiss mobile company pulled off one of the best experiential marketing examples ever. And just as they planned, it's gone viral on youtube. Now, not only those present in the train station, but everyone who's viewed the video knows about Smart Pause, which as Mashable explains, is a feature wherein the S4 knows if you, in the midst of watching a video, look away. It then pauses the clip until you turn back, whereupon it resumes.

A marketing event like this cannot happen just anywhere. First and foremost a location must have lots of open space, and a steady stream of passers-by. Many venues in Miami would fit the bill. Chief among them is Soho Studios, a 65,000 sq ft multi-purpose Miami event space and convention center in the Wynwood District, that hosts fashion shows, commercial shoots, Art Basel events, trade shows. It's a prime spot for any out-of-the-box event.