Kit Kat wants to give you a break

Experiential marketing means getting your brand message before the public’s eyes. In the past companies used things like flyers, billboards, and free samples to build brand awareness. Some paid to have cars bearing their slogans driven across country.  However marketing has evolved with time, and an experiential marketing campaign such as the Free No WiFi Zones from Kit Kat gives the consumer a brand experience that is not easily forgotten.

Watch Video - Kit Kat's Free No WiFi Zone

In this technology age, the world has gone social. Everyone connects digitally through technology. They interact socially. They learn socially. Therefore, marketing needs to be social and interactive. Sub Rosa’s Michael Ventura captured the spirit of experiential marketing. He wrote, “Brands that create experiences allowing consumers to interact digitally and socially with both themselves and others will succeed in the long term”

Big Companies Build Their Brand through Experiential Marketing

Many big companies have allowed customers to interact and experience their product message with this evolved marketing strategy. Hyundai and GE used high-end interactive games and holographic scenarios. Using a reverse approach, Kit Kat actually blocked the use of technology in their No Free WiFi Zones. They wanted to give us a break. They encouraged customers to interact and socialize with one another in person. They could also enjoy a book while treating themselves to a Kit Kat bar.

The benefits of Kit Kat’s campaign were increased exposure, tons of attention, and strong brand recognition. Its success is visible because:

- Everyone is talking about their unique idea

- They clearly stand apart from the Free Wi-Fi crowd

- Their campaign has inspired a larger conversation on the need for more No Free Wi-Fi Zones.

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