Levis Summer Hot Line

Finding the perfect venue for your experiential marketing campaign can incredibly difficult, especially in a big, and often extravagant city like Miami, Florida. Though there are plenty of venue spaces, most tend to be overly specific, or simply don’t fit the needs of your event, or are not located in areas where the most possible customers can be reached. With experiential marketing campaigns like the Levis Summer Hot Line, it is important that venue space fit the event.

Watch Video - Levis Summer Hotline

Experiential marketing is the perfect way for big name brands that have become distanced from their audience to reconnect and rediscover what it is about the brand that made people love them in the first place. Levis Summer Hot Line is a video based campaign that allows customers to talk directly to radio DJ's that have been set up within Levis stores around the world. These DJ's allow customers to connect directly with the brand and talk about what they love.

This is a great example of an effective experiential marketing campaign for several reasons, the first is that it connects customers directly to the brand. Rather than simply letting customers say that they like this or that, the campaign takes their opinions into account and creates an experience they will not soon forget. The campaign offers users a chance to express themselves and feel like they are part of the brand rather than just the people who buy it.

When it comes to finding a great venue in Miami for an event like Levis Summer Hot Line, there are a few different factors to consider. First, it is important that the venue is not overly specific to any one event. For example, a night club used as event space is fantastic is the event space Miami needs is a night club. For those events that do not work well with that set up, the venue is practically useless in that application. Soho Studios is a fantastic company that offers a large scale event space that can be easily converted to fit just about any event.

Another factor to consider is the number of people that are set to attend. With a large brand like Levis, there are likely to be thousands and it is important to have enough space for everyone to be safe and have a good time.

For more information check out: http://youtu.be/tQWd3KFtYmA