Lego's Augmented Reality: Story Builder & Experiential Marketing

Brick by Brick: The App Welcome to a new era of play, dominated by phone, tablet and even computer applications. What happened to the good old days when toys didn't require a battery recharge?

Watch Video -  Lego’s Augmented Reality

Enter Lego Story Builder, an augmented reality application. It fuses the worlds of offline and online entertainment, encouraging children to use their imagination at every level. The app integrates physical creativity by allowing users to take pictures of their Lego creations, which then develop into a digital story. By building AR codes, each picture becomes an interactive animation. When a child adds or moves bricks on their screen, the story takes a new direction; they can also add characters as they see fit or based on the app's suggestions.

By combining traditional product use with modern technology, Lego blocks transform from a classic toy into a journey of changing possibilities. In children, the experience inspires imagination and improves problem-solving skills. For parents, this offers a solution to the societal shift in interests. So how does this benefit Lego? It cultivates a strong brand image and lasting brand loyalty.

Block by Block: Experiential Marketing

From a marketing perspective, Story Builder is a brilliant addition to Lego. The app offers a positive and engaging brand experience that goes far beyond the product itself – a strategy known as experiential marketing (XM).

At its essence, XM brings a brand to life. Today’s evolving consumer needs to feel a stronger connection than static advertising can provide. XM caters to the senses while providing education about a product or service, giving your organization an edge over the competition.

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