How Experiential Marketing Can Amp Your Company's Brand

Consumers have become wiser and fussier than ever, thus becoming a huge challenge for marketers and advertisers. This is where experiential marketing comes into the picture. This is based on the idea that loyalty originates from face-to-face interactions.

Watch Video - Ocean Spray's Cranberry Bogs

If you are planning to venture into experiential marketing in Florida, you should hold your next event at Soho Studios. This is the perfect place for venues in Miami and nearby areas that aim to bring brands to life using non-traditional advertising methods. As a part of the business world, special marketing techniques can help you grow your brand such as what happened with Ocean Spray:

In experiential marketing, you go out of the box. Ocean Spray recalls that cranberries are mainly used to offset flavorful dishes during Thanksgiving dinners. After that, the cranberries are often forgotten except as juice. Ocean Spray has created a story that engaged the audience and captured their attention even though it was just about the cranberries.

Experiential marketing is about garnering buzz and attention. Ocean Spray not just caught attention with their cranberry story but they topped everything off by building a cranberry bog in New York. You can incorporate absurdity and stunts you’re your own marketing which can include flash mobs and theatrical accounts will amuse the crowd. Soho Studios has 70,000 square feet as event space Miami – more than enough to hold a huge crowd and your surprising number.

If you have watched any of the viral videos of Ocean Spray such as this, you will find that they effectively encourage you to watch them several times. They fit the definition of viral videos from Wikipedia as they explode with entertainment value.

Whether you intend to bring out professional actors, awe-inspiring costumes, or use the same strategy as Ocean Spray, you need the right platform for your event. Consider Soho Studios where big events in Florida get the audience talking about the surroundings and of course, your brand.