The Discovery Channel's Health Tour

The Discovery Channel's Health Tour takes living healthy on the road, and shows kids and their parents how to eat better, exercise more and get in shape. But this tour is not just about getting healthy and exercising your body, it is an exercise in how to properly use experiential marketing to further enhance the message behind your brand.

WATCH VIDEO - The Discovery Channel's Health Tour

Experiential marketing is a form of marketing where companies offer an experience to teach people their message through actions, active learning and exploration of a topic. Instead of just preaching to your customers, why not let them take part in it?

The Discover Channel does an excellent job of this by teaching valuable lessons in a fun, and entertaining way. Their Health Tour is a fun experience that teaches a valuable message. The event draws lots of people to it as well. With a highly visible trailer and RV, several interactive learning games and exhibits like the Bacteria Basher game, fun health tips, an operation game exhibit, and competitions to inspire involvement, it's impossible not to get involved.

The message is delivered in this event, as it is in many others. Companies are exploring more ways to improve their brands and centralize themselves as a major focus in today's most controversial and powerful messages like getting healthy, and staying active.

How does your company do this?

First, find a good central message and create an event people take part in like a competition, series of exhibits, or games.

Find somewhere to host your event as well. If you want something outdoors, find a space in a sunny, exciting and high-profile area, like a venue in Miami.

Partner with a leader in event space for experiential marketing. One is Soho Studios Miami. They offer event space in Miami for top industry clients and will help your business create a competitive, fun and engaging experiential marketing event.