Heineken Roulette at JFK

Imagine you are at the airport. You may be heading home or going on vacation. Perhaps it's a business trip or your heading out to visit Mom and Dad. There in front of you is a giant electronic billboard that offers you a free trip almost anywhere. The problem? You have to drop everything, take the trip right then and there, and because the trips are electronically chosen at random, it could literally be to anywhere. What would you do?

This was part of an experiential marketing effort by Heineken Beer as part of their “Dropped” campaign. Experiential marketing seeks to involve the consumer with the brand to better connect the two. In the case of Heineken, they are trying to appeal to the adventurous side of us and their “Departure Roulette” did that for many at JFK airport. It didn’t even matter how many actually took the trip because the impact has been made. The YouTube video of the stunt has over 2 million views. That's pretty impressive for what amounts to a two minute commercial for Heineken Beer.

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