Mercedes-Benz World Drives Experiential Marketing into Future

At the Brooklands racing site in a London suburb Mercedes-Benz World tries experiential marketing to keep its hundred-year-old brand fully relevant in the advanced Digital Age. Engaging as many of the senses as possible with interactive social, local, and mobile technology, Mercedes combines digital technology and personal experiences to connect electrically with consumers. Actual physical and emotional experiences—like driving the latest performance version of a popular Mercedes model on a real track, taking a virtual test drive, or building a car online—build brand interest, loyalty, and trust in visiting fun-seekers, linking offline and online worlds.

Where else can you drive the new C 63 AMG Coupé Black Series like it's supposed to be driven? It's like a free day at Disney World, only every ride is focused on raising brand awareness and associating enjoyment with Mercedes-Benz—as Motor Torque captures in the below video. As the oldest existing automaker says of their experiential marketing extravaganza: "Experience Driving Performance like no other at Mercedes-Benz World now."

Watch Video - Mercedes-Benz World

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