High Definition Elevator Trick from LG

Experiential marketing is marketing that gets its message across by involving the consumer directly. It may involve an event, promotion, or a giveaway. In the case of a video screen monitor company, it involved an elaborate prank.

LG’s Fake Elevator

In an effort to show how real the new LG monitors could make video appear, LG created a fake elevator with a series of LG monitors that served as the floor. Occupants of the “elevator” were not aware that they were monitors however, as they first appeared to be white floor tiles. As you can see from this YouTube video, the tiles began to appear to break away and the results are quite amusing. LG proved its point that its video screens were “so real, it’s scary”.

Getting the Message Across

In the case of LG, they used their elaborate plan to get their message across, and to help brand the impact of just how real their screens appear. That is part of the point of experiential marketing. The goal is to connect with consumers in a way that binds the product, or a message about the product, in the consumers mind. In the case of LG, it is apparently getting some attention. The video has received about 20 million views.

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