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Bugatti unveils the worlds fastest Art Car

When Bugatti, the luxury car designer, unveiled the results of his artistic Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse with the design of its exterior overseen by Bernar Venet it demonstrated the perfect melding of art and luxury cars. This roadster also boasts top speeds of 255 mph, making it the fastest car in its class. When he was approached by Bugatti, Venet, a renown French artist, was excited about the opportunity to combine his love for scientific treatises and mathematical equations and apply them, in vibrant three dimensional form, to the powerful luxury car.

Brand Marketing

With the explicit nod to the haute couture both the exterior and interior presents, the interior is bathed bold colors that exude understated class. This belies the raw power that is suggested by the bold use of graphics in the $2.5 million Vitesse.

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Engaging the audience with Porsche's Spirited Escape

As part of the Boxster ad campaign, Porsche and Men's Journal joined forces with former NFL star and current adventure traveler Dhani Jones. Driving a bright red Boxster, Jones takes to the streets, back roads and mountain curves of the East Coast in Spirited Escapes. This seven-episode videologue followed Jones as he talks to tradesmen who are living in different regions on the eastern highways as noted by Porsche Cars North America. This marketing campaign blurs the lines of product and service of both the Boxster and the goods made by the men in the videos. Through the subliminal metaphors of quality, craftsmanship and simplicity, you take away the feeling that Porsche designers and American tradesmen have forged a common bond.

Watch Video - Porsche's Spirited Escape Kick Off

Using the aspect of social engagement, a term that is increasingly becoming a part of the Internet world through the use of social media to drive page rankings, Porsche takes experiential marketing onto the streets. They have found a way to recognize the common ground between luxury car manufacturers and butchers, bicycle builders, music producers, journalists, and fishing instructors. The videos showcase Americans from Brooklyn to Birmingham, extending beyond regional dividing lines. A satisfactory showcase of experiential marketing, this ad campaign brings the Boxster within reach of a wider audience than possibly it ever has before now.

Soho Studios in Miami FL

If you are looking for a way to drive social engagement into your next ad campaign, consider the accessibility of events in Florida. At Soho Studios, the premium venue in Miami, your limit is beyond the sky. We offer a 65,000 sq. ft. space that offers multifunctional opportunities for ad campaigns and experiential marketing. Create a state of the art showcase for the largest and most diverse audience in the Southeast at this Miami locale. You will be in the same place that hosts the legendary Ultra Music Festival each year, as well as high end Miami Fashion Week and the experimental Art Basel Miami. Whether you are looking for a space to provide an interactive exhibit, or you need a diverse space where you can shoot your next video, Soho Studios is the place to be.

Mercedes-Benz World Drives Experiential Marketing into Future

At the Brooklands racing site in a London suburb Mercedes-Benz World tries experiential marketing to keep its hundred-year-old brand fully relevant in the advanced Digital Age. Engaging as many of the senses as possible with interactive social, local, and mobile technology, Mercedes combines digital technology and personal experiences to connect electrically with consumers. Actual physical and emotional experiences—like driving the latest performance version of a popular Mercedes model on a real track, taking a virtual test drive, or building a car online—build brand interest, loyalty, and trust in visiting fun-seekers, linking offline and online worlds.

Where else can you drive the new C 63 AMG Coupé Black Series like it's supposed to be driven? It's like a free day at Disney World, only every ride is focused on raising brand awareness and associating enjoyment with Mercedes-Benz—as Motor Torque captures in the below video. As the oldest existing automaker says of their experiential marketing extravaganza: "Experience Driving Performance like no other at Mercedes-Benz World now."

Watch Video - Mercedes-Benz World

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Puma, Absolut, Evian, Ford, American Apparel, and other brands of this caliber have used Soho Studios to advance brand awareness and loyalty as while putting their face on the cutting edge of marketing in the world of interactive social technology.

Hottest Cars Hit Soho Studios

Are you ready for the most anticipated car, art, and music event of the year? Nurotag is the answer and this event is going to be one of the most unique and exciting to hit Soho Studios. Imagine all the most outrageous vehicles in one location, DJs spinning, and the art is happening all around you. The amazing space at Soho offers an industrial chic atmosphere that is the perfect match for Nurotag.

With hundreds of custom creations (including Import, Euro, JDM, Luxury, Sports, Classic, and Exotic) on display, those in attendance will vote for their favorite-featured vehicles via an innovative implementation of social media. The audience will be the determining voice for the winning cars by tweeting and instagram-ing the individual car’s identifying hashtag (#). The online interaction will go on for one day, at the end of which, the most mentioned hashtags will determine the winner of the showcase. Show winners will be announced through the Nurotag webpage on Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012.

To Buy Tickets and learn more about the event check out the Nurotag Page - Miami Car Showcase.