Hottest Cars Hit Soho Studios

Are you ready for the most anticipated car, art, and music event of the year? Nurotag is the answer and this event is going to be one of the most unique and exciting to hit Soho Studios. Imagine all the most outrageous vehicles in one location, DJs spinning, and the art is happening all around you. The amazing space at Soho offers an industrial chic atmosphere that is the perfect match for Nurotag.

With hundreds of custom creations (including Import, Euro, JDM, Luxury, Sports, Classic, and Exotic) on display, those in attendance will vote for their favorite-featured vehicles via an innovative implementation of social media. The audience will be the determining voice for the winning cars by tweeting and instagram-ing the individual car’s identifying hashtag (#). The online interaction will go on for one day, at the end of which, the most mentioned hashtags will determine the winner of the showcase. Show winners will be announced through the Nurotag webpage on Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012.

To Buy Tickets and learn more about the event check out the Nurotag Page - Miami Car Showcase.