Bugatti unveils the worlds fastest Art Car

When Bugatti, the luxury car designer, unveiled the results of his artistic Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse with the design of its exterior overseen by Bernar Venet it demonstrated the perfect melding of art and luxury cars. This roadster also boasts top speeds of 255 mph, making it the fastest car in its class. When he was approached by Bugatti, Venet, a renown French artist, was excited about the opportunity to combine his love for scientific treatises and mathematical equations and apply them, in vibrant three dimensional form, to the powerful luxury car.

Brand Marketing

With the explicit nod to the haute couture both the exterior and interior presents, the interior is bathed bold colors that exude understated class. This belies the raw power that is suggested by the bold use of graphics in the $2.5 million Vitesse.

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