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Marketing Your Brand at Art Basel Miami Beach

Brands from all over the world find Art Basel Miami Beach as a prime location for creating brand awareness. Global brands like BMW, Cartier and many more have used Art Basel Miami Beach as a branding platform by hosting events in various venues in Miami.

Brand Marketing at Art Basel Miami Beach

Finding an accommodating event space in Miami can be quite involving. This being a festive season for the whole of Miami, you need a premier event venue with all the necessary facilities. Whether it is a launch party, a photo shoot, a fashion show, wedding and receptions, prom and formals, charity events, parties or DJ concerts, you need to be assured of the best.

Right at the center of Wynwood District in Miami, Florida is Soho Studios, a versatile and high standard event venue for all you can think of. This is a place with an air of excitement, making it the ultimate destination. It is approximately 65,000 square feet and serves just about any purpose.

If you are an event planner looking for an event venue in Miami, then everything is to your advantage with the flexibility of the space. There are three studios for you to select from. Marketing agencies and experimental marketers can rest assured of the hospitality of the studios. It has successfully held high profiled international conventions. As soon as you have rented the space, you can turn it into any format you like. The welfare of your guests is in safe hands with provisions such as catering, and décor among others.

The studios avail you the chance of marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach. Whether it’s a new brand or an already established one, this place has the potential market you so much need. Great global gatherings like The Miami Fashion Week will give you the men and women from all over the world who subscribe to all you want to market. It’s an opportunity to market your brand internationally.

The film and television industry is also not left out with Miami preparing to experience a transformation with guests from every corner of the world. There isn’t a better place to host that particular occasion than the Soho Studios. They strive to ensure that your celebration is a success and you will always look forward to another great experience with them. Follow the link to watch a video of the magnificence venues in Miami and their important features.

Dianne Von Furstenbergs limited edition Evian Bottle

The power of marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach was demonstrated recently with the launch of the stunningly rendered Diane Von Furstenberg limited-edition Evian bottle. She joins the ranks of fellow designers Jean Paul Gaultier and Christian Lacroix with her own interpretation of this cultural interpretation of modern branding.

Brand Marketing at Art Basel Miami

Evian’s core message for its product is one of vitality, youth, and uncompromising purity. The designer known for her mantras adds “Water is Life is Love is Life is Water is…,” to her legacy. The phrase is emblazoned on the bottles in white in her own readily-recognized handwriting. Ms. Von Furstenberg is one of the design pioneers of our age and is known for her innovative and tradition-busting styles. Her choice of Evian, however, is nothing but tradition. She stated at the launch that, “I have drunk Evian all my life, ever since I was a tiny, tiny, tiny little girl."

The new bottle and design was premiered at the world’s biggest art fair, Art Basel Miami Beach. These types of events are popular at Soho Studios in Miami’s Art District, as it is used as a favorite launch pad for major fashion news and products. The Evian launch is only one of a number of brands using Art Basel Miami Beach to gain maximum exposure for major announcements and product introductions.

In the age of brand marketing , it is only natural that a creative mind would gravitate towards Soho Studios, one of the exciting venues in Miami. This 65,000 square feet multi-functional facility has showcased its share of iconic brands, as well as hosting photography shoots, serving as a film studio, and event space Miami residents know for multiple types of media and entertainment.

If you’re seeking a premier location that allows the most creative and impressive presentation, consider marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach. You’ll find Soho Studios the perfect venue in Miami and a canvas for your creative team to use in creating a memorable event. Whether for business, public or private events, our versatile space allows you to provide your guests an event to share on every social media platform.

Bugatti unveils the worlds fastest Art Car

When Bugatti, the luxury car designer, unveiled the results of his artistic Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse with the design of its exterior overseen by Bernar Venet it demonstrated the perfect melding of art and luxury cars. This roadster also boasts top speeds of 255 mph, making it the fastest car in its class. When he was approached by Bugatti, Venet, a renown French artist, was excited about the opportunity to combine his love for scientific treatises and mathematical equations and apply them, in vibrant three dimensional form, to the powerful luxury car.

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With the explicit nod to the haute couture both the exterior and interior presents, the interior is bathed bold colors that exude understated class. This belies the raw power that is suggested by the bold use of graphics in the $2.5 million Vitesse.

Of course, for an event this noteworthy, you need to ensure the event space Miami is appropriate in providing the type of atmosphere that is desired. There are a number of aspects that must be considered when choosing venues in Miami that are ideal for presenting such a rare form of art. There is a reason why people choose Soho Studios in Miami. The range of experience the staff has with providing such a venue in Miami for art based events, such as Art Basel Miami Beach, is limited only by your imagination.

Not only does this venue in Miami have experience with providing accommodations for conferences, charity events and concerts, it is the perfect place for marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach. With four primary floor plans that can be fully customized to suit your unique needs, Soho Studios works with you to accommodate your vision regarding how your event should be staged and the type of reception and crowd you desire to reach.

The official champagne of Art Basel Miami Beach

You may not know this yet, but this is the third year that Ruinart, world's preeminent champagne brand, is a proud sponsor of Art Basel Miami Beach. This particular prestigious Miami event and is an internationally revered art show for international art works from around the planet. For the 2013 event, the company came up with the "Miroir" ice bucket from French designer Herve Van der Straeten.

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It is an angular container comprising what can be best described as a folding enclosure of flat mirrored sides, slightly inclined. You might say that the container offers a peculiarly angular and flat look. The structure perversely complements the golden-filled, clear, curvaceous glass bottles with gold and maroon labels and gold-tone foil. Just 50 copies of the design were produced by Christofle in its France-based Haute Orfevrerie workshop.

You might appreciate that marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach is not just a champagne proposition. The German automaker BMW has been doing it for years, providing a stylish shuttle service fleet.

As for the Champagne Ruinart, the sparkly wine maker's involvement with art is hardly ad hoc. As you may already know, the Art Basel Miami Beach inception to actualization. The ice bucket project was carefully planned over a process that took nine months to perfect. Since Art Basel is an annual event, and the company seeks to collaborate with different artists each time. These collaborations typically run for two years prior to the event, from hese collaborations typically run for two years prior to the event, from inception to actualization. The ice bucket project was carefully planned over a process that took nine months to perfect.

Nicolas Ricroque, Ruinart's US brand director, says that Ruinart has been involved with the arts for almost 300 years. Ricroque states that Dom Ruinart was an art expert among other things, and that since his time, the family has been avidly and passionately collecting art.

Art Collector's Lounge at Art Basel Miami Beach is a venue in Miami and event space Miami. Among venues in Miami, it ranks with art patrons alongside The Miami Art Museum as the largest art show in the world. You are cordially invited, and if you cannot attend, consider toasting us with Ruinart.

Art Basel Venue in Miami

While the month of March may be a popular month for Miami Fashion week and Winter Music Conference it just doesn't seem to have the same effect as Art Basel Miami in December. Not only is Miami Beach packed with art buyers and visitors during the first week of December but so too in Wynwood and Midtown. There seems to be wave of change that Wynwood is about to embrace. Art shows such as Scope, Art Miami, Art Asia and Red Dot have had successful years in Midtown with enormous tents that house huge generators, lights and 60,000 sq ft of ply wood that lay across the floor. However Wall Mart is about to break-ground in the coming months once they get over a few hurdles.

With Wall Mart breaking ground in Midtown this year these Art Basel Miami shows will now have to think seriously about their next location. It seems obvious that Wynwood is the right choice for these shows. The vacant land in Midtown was a great short-term fix for these shows, however the time has come to think of different venues for Art Basel Miami.

Wynwood is the last district of Miami to be developed and this is what makes the area so attractive to investors. You get to be a part of the art movement and be apart of the Wynwood legacy. Wynwood has come leaps and bounds in the last two years. Real Estate prices are back to where they were in 2008 and WADA receives record memberships from new businesses that have opened up in the area. Art Walk also gives a tremendous boost to Wynwood. Art Walk takes place in Wynwood during the Second Saturdays, drawing in thousands of visitors including celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio that have been spotted recently walking through the Wynood Walls

It is clear that Wynwood is the best location in Miami for Art Basel Miami shows. Art Basel Miami shows in Midtown will have no choice but to migrate south to Wynwood. With this in mind Soho Studios prepared a map back in 2012 showcasing several locations of Art Shows that took place in Wynwood and Midtown. Soho Studios realized the importance of this discovery so that other businesses such as art galleries, artisits, and brand marketing companies can understand the district and possible venues for their Art Basel shows.

Take a look at JUSTMADMIA's Art Basel Miami show at our venue in 2012.

As the largest venue in Miami for Art Basel Miami shows, Soho Studios does't just host shows or events for Art Basel Miami but they also secure other venues in Miami for art galleries and brand marketing firms. With the right connections Soho Studios has established an amazing network in Miami so that others can discover new venues for their events and shows during Art Basel Miami.

If you are looking for a venue in Miami for Art Basel Miami please contact us and we will be sure to assist you in finding a great venue in Miami.