Art Basel Venue in Miami

While the month of March may be a popular month for Miami Fashion week and Winter Music Conference it just doesn't seem to have the same effect as Art Basel Miami in December. Not only is Miami Beach packed with art buyers and visitors during the first week of December but so too in Wynwood and Midtown. There seems to be wave of change that Wynwood is about to embrace. Art shows such as Scope, Art Miami, Art Asia and Red Dot have had successful years in Midtown with enormous tents that house huge generators, lights and 60,000 sq ft of ply wood that lay across the floor. However Wall Mart is about to break-ground in the coming months once they get over a few hurdles.

With Wall Mart breaking ground in Midtown this year these Art Basel Miami shows will now have to think seriously about their next location. It seems obvious that Wynwood is the right choice for these shows. The vacant land in Midtown was a great short-term fix for these shows, however the time has come to think of different venues for Art Basel Miami.

Wynwood is the last district of Miami to be developed and this is what makes the area so attractive to investors. You get to be a part of the art movement and be apart of the Wynwood legacy. Wynwood has come leaps and bounds in the last two years. Real Estate prices are back to where they were in 2008 and WADA receives record memberships from new businesses that have opened up in the area. Art Walk also gives a tremendous boost to Wynwood. Art Walk takes place in Wynwood during the Second Saturdays, drawing in thousands of visitors including celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio that have been spotted recently walking through the Wynood Walls

It is clear that Wynwood is the best location in Miami for Art Basel Miami shows. Art Basel Miami shows in Midtown will have no choice but to migrate south to Wynwood. With this in mind Soho Studios prepared a map back in 2012 showcasing several locations of Art Shows that took place in Wynwood and Midtown. Soho Studios realized the importance of this discovery so that other businesses such as art galleries, artisits, and brand marketing companies can understand the district and possible venues for their Art Basel shows.

Take a look at JUSTMADMIA's Art Basel Miami show at our venue in 2012.

As the largest venue in Miami for Art Basel Miami shows, Soho Studios does't just host shows or events for Art Basel Miami but they also secure other venues in Miami for art galleries and brand marketing firms. With the right connections Soho Studios has established an amazing network in Miami so that others can discover new venues for their events and shows during Art Basel Miami.

If you are looking for a venue in Miami for Art Basel Miami please contact us and we will be sure to assist you in finding a great venue in Miami.