Art Basel Miami

Christie's at Art Basel Miami Beach

When it comes to marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach take note of the strategic partnership between Christie's and Art Wynwood. Christie's sponsoring of the Art Wynwood event was a great success in 2012 as "The Official Luxury Real Estate Partner" and they are continuing the partnership this year as well.

Christies at Art Basel Miami Beach

The event is located in Midtown Miami near the Wynwood Arts District adjacent to its sister fair CONTEXT. Combined the exhibit's will feature over 190 galleries from 22 countries all held within 250,000 square feet of gorgeously curated indoor and outdoor space. The exhibitions will be connected to each other by a courtyard with a series of special video exhibitions and sculptural projects.

When it comes to your own brand marketing in Miami consider working with similar groups to combine forces and create an exciting event. Their partnership has successfully garnered worldwide recognition for the ties between high-end real estate and fine art. Christie's interactive booth at the entrance of Art Basel Miami Beach will exhibit luxury real estate offerings from all around the world enticing visitors. Christie's and Art Basel Wynwood have found the perfect way to combine their brands to create a buzz and get people interested in their partnership.

The two powerhouse groups understand that events in Miami are expected to reach a certain level of glamour and entertainment value, especially during Art Basel. Different venues in Miami can help to elevate an event to a higher status. Both brands understand that Art Basel Miami Beach is the perfect platform to present their brands and attract the type of client they want to work with. The combination of an excellent venue, the Christie's brand and the amazing art featured at Art Basel Wynwood is sure to be one of the events to remember at this year’s activities.

Art Basel Miami Map 2013

Art Basel Miami 2013 is upon us and thousands of tourists, art lovers, and buyers will come to Miami to experience the Art Basel vibe and at the same time hopefully buy some art in the process. This year Scope art fair has moved from Midtown to Miami beach and the new Brazil art fair has moved into Midtown. There is a lot of movement among the art fairs and soon Wynwood will become the new art mecca. We have created our Art Basel Miami map for 2013 to guide you through the different satellite art fairs that will feature this year during Art Basel Miami 2013. Enjoy the art, music and food as this year is guaranteed to be more popular than the years before.

Art Basel Miami map for Wynwood and Miami Beach

GE Capital at Art Basel Miami Beach

Experience one of the world's most stylish neighborhoods, the Wynwood District in Miami, this December 4 to 8 for Spectrum Miami. The week of Art Basel Miami Beach will be inundated with art gallery shows and entertainment options.

GE Capital at Art Basel Miami Beach

In order to stand out from the top artists and promoters in the world at this outstanding showcase opportunity, Spectrum facilitators have moved mountains. Starting with the sponsorship, GE Capital is sponsoring the VIP trade lounge, while show sponsors include ArtSpot International Art Fair, AroundTown arts and culture magazine, ArtSlant, and Art Business News. By involving the top names in print and online media in relation to the art community, Spectrum is achieving its goal of astounding brand marketing.

In terms of what to expect at the Spectrum events in Miami, the show coordinators are encouraging artists on an international scale to compete in a juried art fair. Photography, glassworks, sculpture and paintings are the categories of entries permitted in the contest. Only the crème de la crème are granted a showcase for one of the most sophisticated events in Miami during Art Basel.

The coordinators have very specific guidelines in terms of displays in order to maintain a cohesive and open feel for viewing by visitors. While 50 of the top galleries and 50 juried artists in a wide range of mediums and styles will display their finest creations at the event, visitors will be able to view the works in a mod, streamlined setting.

When marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach, follow the lead of Spectrum. Creativity is key for a display of dozens of art installations. However, by organizing the event with structure and form, you can be sure to make a professional presentation.

In terms of promotion, using sponsors from online and print media in your focus area ensures your event will receive appropriately targeted publicity. Venues in Miami offer some of the greatest freedoms in visual marketing on a large scale in the world. For an arts related event space Miami during Art Basel these cues from Spectrum will give your brand marketing a boost.

Swarovski at Art Basel Miami Beach

Art Basel Miami Beach has become one of the most popular events in Miami in recent years. Miami proves to be the perfect winter holiday spot for the international elite in the world of art. It’s no wonder that thousands will be flocking to Miami, with miles of sandy beaches, a well-established art culture and the hottest night life in the country.

Swarovski at Art Basel Miami Beach

Miami will welcome the international art world December 5th-8th in a city wide celebration of art in all of its forms. Exhibitions, talks, events, and exclusive parties are just a part of this now, world renowned art event. Every aspect of art and art admiration has found an outlet in beautiful Miami Beach, Florida.

Almost as popular as the art exhibits themselves, are the exclusive art receptions and parties. Many of these events are by invite only and prove to be a networking Mecca for those pushing ahead in the world of art. Event space Miami offers many opportunities for marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach. Miami proves to be a brand marketing hot spot during this event.

One such event will be that hosted at the Maison Martin Margiela Boutique. This ultra-exclusive cocktail party is being hosted to showcase the newest collection by Atelier Swarovski. The collection is called - Crystalactite.

Margiela and Swarovski have teamed together to use new gem technology to create the futuristic Crystalactite jewelry collection. These pieces resemble the naturally occurring stalactite formation of developing crystals. For those lucky enough to get an invitation to the Margiela Swarovski event they will get a first glimpse of what is sure to be one of the most exclusive gifts this holiday season.

Art Basel Miami Beach proves to be the one event in which visitors can enjoy the work of well established artists while also being introduced to rising stars in the art world. International galleries will be exhibiting the work from the masters alongside emerging artists that are just beginning to explode on the art scene.

Exhibits will be divided into specific sectors using different venues in Miami to showcase specific types of art, for instance Nova, will showcase never before seen piece by new and emerging artists. Other sectors will include Film and Magazines. Art Basel Miami Beach attempts to truly encapsulate the full spectrum of art expression in our modern culture.

Dom Perignon at Art Basel Miami Beach

If you are thinking of marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach, you could take a cue from the brilliant marketing strategy of Dom Perignon. The high-end champagne maker is collaborating with superstar artist Jeff Koons to create special-edition Dom Perignon bottles, which are sure to be seen at the best events in Miami.

Dom Perignon at Art Basel Miami Beach

This brand marketing is inspired because it brings together two famous names that are synonymous with luxury. The champagne maker reinforces its image of being the best in its class by associating itself with an artist who commands top prices for his work.

The special-edition bottles, which are sure to a major topic of conversation at venues in Miami, are based on Koons' Balloon Venus for Dom Perignon, a $20,000 bottle-holding sculpture, which was unveiled earlier in New York. The bottles incorporate Koons' iconic balloon shapes. The popularity of his balloon forms cannot be overstated. Recently one of Koons' large dog balloon sculptures sold at auction for more than $58.4 million, which is the highest amount ever paid for an artwork by a living artist.

The bottles containing Dom Perignon Vintage champagne will be available in pink and gold, and will sell for $389 and $199, respectively, with the pink bottle containing rosé, and the gold, blanc. At these prices, they are sure to be a huge hit and to be seen in many an event space Miami trendsetters will congregate in. The excitement created by this collaboration will cement Dom Perignon's reputation as the essential champagne for people who appreciate the finer things in life.

Art Basel Miami Beach attracts exactly the kind of opinion leaders who can create the type of buzz that high-end brands like Dom Perignon thrive on. With 50,000 art collectors, curators and artists converging on the Miami show from all around the world, there is no better place for memorable and lasting marketing campaigns for luxury brands.

Contemporary Art and the Future of Marketing

Perrier recognizes the value of marketing with today's hottest contemporary art styles and trends, realizing that the status quo has become faux pas.

Perrier at Art Basel Miami Beach

Perrier has developed a relationship with the cutting edge street-art duo FAILE in recent years and in an effort to mix Miami's art-culture scene with the combinations of FAILE and BAST's Brooklyn-inspired urban contemporary art, Perrier is sponsoring the FAILE BAST Deluxx Fluxx Arcade of 2013 at Art Basel Miami Beach.

The Evolution of Art and Marketing

In the last decade, marketing has become an effort to connect products with culture. Art is culture and art is the bridge that connects a product with that culture. The new truism of marketing is ''the art of exposure.''

The expose' is an example of how contemporary and emerging artists are taking the artsy snobbery out of the art world and making the spectators the canter of attention and allowing the art to work as a background.

FAILE and BAST not only make their art an experience, but an exciting pleasure. Rather than throw art on a sterile wall, FAILE and BAST exhibit their art in video arcades by plastering it on the sides of machines. In other words, their art is interactive, part of a larger experience.

Marketing Companies Running With the Idea

Marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach is a means of brand marketing that reaches untapped or uninterested market demographics. Venues in Miami are providing space to companies and corporations that want to advertise their products in an unconventional manner.

There is a definitive advantage to marketing with the styles of contemporary art, of making something spectacularly today of one's event space Miami.

The Deluxx Fluxx Arcade is one of many events in Miami held during the beginning of December that is part of the Art Basel Miami Beach. There is baseline for the Art Basel. Be unique, be striking. Be outside the box or different than anything in it.

Cavalli Restaurant opens during Art Basel Miami Beach

Events in Miami are an excellent place for brand marketing, and for the fashionably fabulous, Art Basel Miami Beach is one of the not-to-be-missed events of the season in Miami. Art Basel Miami Beach features artists and art galleries from all around the world. This sets the mood for networking and attracts potential clients and business partners with similar interest.

Restaurants at Art Basel Miami Beach

This season during Art Basel Miami Beach 2013 Roberto Cavalli will be premiering the Cavalli Restaurant & Lounge. The restaurant will feature decor from Cavalli Home and authentic Italian cuisine from world renowned Chef Stefano Mazzi.

During the week of Art Basel Miami Beach the city comes alive with events that surround the main art fair held at the Miami Beach Convention Center. It is advantageous for new venues in Miami to open their doors in high profile locations such as Ocean Drive on South Beach, the same location as Roberto Cavalli's new restaurant.

Each year Art Basel Miami Beach reaches record attendance. According to 2012's numbers over 700,000 people in a course of five days attended Art Basel 2012. Art Basel Miami Beach features artists and art galleries from all around the world. This is the perfect time of year to introduce a new event space Miami has yet to see.

This is the number one reason why Roberto Cavalli's new lounge and restaurant is being debuted during Art Basel Miami Beach. The timing of this affluent destination's launch is part of a marketing strategy that is sure to position the new establishment into one of the top restaurant venues in Miami.

Marketing agencies from around the world know that selecting the right time to promote brand awareness is essential to success. Art Basel Miami Beach is the perfect time in Miami for brand marketing events, product promotions, and launch of a new business, like Cavalli's restaurant.

BAZAAR's PopUp Store at Art Basel Miami Beach

It’s that time of year again. The time of year when Art Basel returns to Miami Beach, bringing with it a crowd of art enthusiasts and global jet setters. Art Basel Miami Beach is the perfect scenario for building brand recognition for well-known artists, as well as the obscure. Marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach can be accomplished via pop-up art fairs, parties and additional avenues. These events in Miami attract potential consumers, media members, and local art collectors from Miami and the surrounding areas. International art advocates are never left out of the scene, as they prepare to travel to all venues in Miami to view the new collection of the world’s most avant garde artists.

Bazaar at Art Basel Miami Beach

ShopBAZAAR is scheduled to return to Art Basel Miami Beach from December 3-5, 2013. Their pop-up store will feature exclusive viewings for public and private shopping experiences. In 2012 their must-have fashions with a retail flair encouraged people to immediately purchase items. ShopBAZAAR is planning on having the same instant-gratification reaction at this year’s pop-up experience. The venue provides the perfect electric atmosphere to encourage shoppers to shop until they drop. Exclusive items such as limited edition Jennifer Fisher ‘apostrophe’ earrings and specially designed MCM handbags by artists Craig & Karl will be available for purchase. To peruse the ShopBAZAAR collection be sure to stop by the Soho Beach House - an exclusive event space Miami.

The art world buzz surrounding the return of ShopBAZAAR to Art Basel Miami Beach signifies the growing marketing trend that is associated with this event. Imagine a place where art can be viewed both privately and publicly; where you can discover new artists; fall in love with old favorites; and purchase exclusive artwork … upon opening your eyes from this imagined venue, and you will soon realize that in fact it is a reality. Art Basel Miami Beach 2013 is set to exceed its 2012 successes.

Marriot improves brand marketing with Art Basel Miami Beach

Every year, there are countless events in Miami that draw visitors from around the United States and the world to the sun-soaked city. One of the most high profile events is Art Basel Miami Beach, an art convention that features some of the most prominent and varied art events in the world. Marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach has proven to be a lucrative and profitable investment for many companies.

Brand Marketing at Art Basel Miami Beach

One example of this is the Red Dot Art Fair, an event held during Art Basel Miami Beach event that features up and coming artists. Many venues in Miami will hold events like the Red Dot Art Fair and the partnership between Art Basel and Red Dot is crucial for Red Dot's success. Just as important is Marriot's sponsorship of the Red Dot Art Fair. This sponsorship has provided the funds Red Dot needs to run their event and the publicity to draw the best up and coming talent.

Marriot also benefits greatly from their arrangement with Red Dot. As a result of their sponsorship, Marriot has been named the "Official Hotel of Red Dot", which brings with it publicity every time Red Dot or its artists post something online or host an event. This brand recognition gives Marriot a marketing presence in an area that focuses on entertainment.

Marriot has been successful with conventions and business travelers and their ability to break through to artists is proven with their marketing campaign with Red Dot. Other companies that are looking to boost their presence within global art community should look to Marriot for ways to market their brand at Art Basel Miami Beach.

ELLE DECOR at Art Basel Miami Beach

Showcase venues in Miami offer businesses an ability to bring marketing aspects to life while presenting their brand to one of the most high energy and cutting edge audiences in the world. These venues allow brand marketing teams to transform raw space into a customized and interactive experience that will live long in the memories of potential customers.

ELLE DECOR at Art Basel Miami Beach

Consider the possibilities of marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach. By associating your business with the world's most anticipated art shows for modern and contemporary collections, you would take your brand marketing to the next level. This is exactly what the ELLE DECOR team will be doing when they bring their interior design showcase to Miami.

In fusion with the upcoming December 2013 events in Miami for Art Basel Miami Beach, ELLE DECOR is hosting the Modern Life Concept House. Showcasing the finest interior design featured in ELLE DECOR magazine, expect to see the top of the line in luxury decor at this event. By choosing this South Beach event space Miami residents will get to appreciate the premium designs of the Modern Life Concept House, which has previously taken place in Manhattan. The event is scheduled for December 4 to 8 and 14 to 15, each day from 10 am to 3 pm.

Located in the exclusive Sunset Isles, this event will hail interior designers specifically chosen by the ELLE DECOR editorial team. The showcase will feature interior spaces completely transformed to fit particular esthetics that are cohesive to the water inspired design of Miami, FL. Interior designers are partnered with high end appliance and furniture designers in order to create a livable and re-creatable scene. Tickets to the event are $35 and sold at the door. Proceeds will go to the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, which is part of the University of Miami Health System offering services to South Florida.