Contemporary Art and the Future of Marketing

Perrier recognizes the value of marketing with today's hottest contemporary art styles and trends, realizing that the status quo has become faux pas.

Perrier at Art Basel Miami Beach

Perrier has developed a relationship with the cutting edge street-art duo FAILE in recent years and in an effort to mix Miami's art-culture scene with the combinations of FAILE and BAST's Brooklyn-inspired urban contemporary art, Perrier is sponsoring the FAILE BAST Deluxx Fluxx Arcade of 2013 at Art Basel Miami Beach.

The Evolution of Art and Marketing

In the last decade, marketing has become an effort to connect products with culture. Art is culture and art is the bridge that connects a product with that culture. The new truism of marketing is ''the art of exposure.''

The expose' is an example of how contemporary and emerging artists are taking the artsy snobbery out of the art world and making the spectators the canter of attention and allowing the art to work as a background.

FAILE and BAST not only make their art an experience, but an exciting pleasure. Rather than throw art on a sterile wall, FAILE and BAST exhibit their art in video arcades by plastering it on the sides of machines. In other words, their art is interactive, part of a larger experience.

Marketing Companies Running With the Idea

Marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach is a means of brand marketing that reaches untapped or uninterested market demographics. Venues in Miami are providing space to companies and corporations that want to advertise their products in an unconventional manner.

There is a definitive advantage to marketing with the styles of contemporary art, of making something spectacularly today of one's event space Miami.

The Deluxx Fluxx Arcade is one of many events in Miami held during the beginning of December that is part of the Art Basel Miami Beach. There is baseline for the Art Basel. Be unique, be striking. Be outside the box or different than anything in it.