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How Wearables and Emotions Created the Perfect Artwork for Infiniti

Pebble Beach’s Concours d’Elegance auto show was host to Infiniti’s latest, greatest promotional strategy, hosting consumers, car-lovers and tech junkies alike. The Infiniti Pavilion gave users an armband, but it wasn’t governed by generic haptic technology. Event-goers could “transform” their emotions upon Infiniti’s finest product selection, creating a color spread up to 44 feet long across an LED screen.

The Biometric Interactive Experience

Infiniti’s wearable armband devices weren’t alone, either. Microphones and cameras, outfitted to gauge attendee emotions, assisted with the transformation. As individuals engaged with Infiniti’s cars, data insights were gathered. Infiniti’s further engagements, of course, will utilize the collected data.

That isn’t to say Infiniti’s Pavilion was a one-stop-shop for a data campaign. The company’s ability to impact, engage and educate consumers is titanic in the industry, and it plans to further its reputation by tapping into its own static car displays. Titled, aptly, as Driven by Emotion, Infiniti’s experience balanced its reputation as a luxury automaker with the unexplored waters of concept car promotion.

The Ride-and-Drive Experience

Last year, Infinity connected with drivers via a virtual reality experience. Also centric to the manufacturer’s concept cars, Infiniti’s virtual tour paved the road to this year’s Pavilion experience. Aside from its adoption of biometrics, Infiniti also sponsored a full-fledged concert headlined by OneRepublic.

Attendees looking for a typical—albeit energy-driven—experience could, of course, check out Infiniti’s line-up alongside its age-old ride-and-drive experience. Freed from the virtual realm, Infiniti’s hands-on driving experience took to different realms of modern technology. Driven by Emotion was powered by armbands capable of determining the wearer’s movements, gestures and even muscle cell activity.

How, you ask? Each band was connected to sensors—and each sensor was connected to a corresponding car. While the pavilion’s surrounding cameras determined facial expressions and room “sentiment,” the Pavilion’s proximity microphones measured conversation level changes within and around each car.

How Far Can Real-Time Responsiveness Go?

Sure, drivers might not have been directly “driven” by emotion, but their collected data was evidence enough of their driving habits. Driven by Emotion pulled each driver’s data into an algorithm, combining different data sets into digital artwork. The LED screens, of course, were viewable. After the event, each armband’s data was further transferred into a comprehensive artwork poster.

Infiniti’s approach to data solutions is unique. One of its leading models—the Infiniti Q60—even packed a steering-wheel-mounted heartbeat center. Astounding things happen when data is useful to both an auto manufacturer and its drivers, and Infiniti certainly debunks the industry's age-old “data is exclusive to businesses” trope. Few can determine Infiniti’s future, yet most are resigned to understand the manufacturer’s prominence in the automotive world. Now, however, its dedication to “driven” data has turned automotive marketing on its head—which may not be a bad thing.

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Christie's at Art Basel Miami Beach

When it comes to marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach take note of the strategic partnership between Christie's and Art Wynwood. Christie's sponsoring of the Art Wynwood event was a great success in 2012 as "The Official Luxury Real Estate Partner" and they are continuing the partnership this year as well.

Christies at Art Basel Miami Beach

The event is located in Midtown Miami near the Wynwood Arts District adjacent to its sister fair CONTEXT. Combined the exhibit's will feature over 190 galleries from 22 countries all held within 250,000 square feet of gorgeously curated indoor and outdoor space. The exhibitions will be connected to each other by a courtyard with a series of special video exhibitions and sculptural projects.

When it comes to your own brand marketing in Miami consider working with similar groups to combine forces and create an exciting event. Their partnership has successfully garnered worldwide recognition for the ties between high-end real estate and fine art. Christie's interactive booth at the entrance of Art Basel Miami Beach will exhibit luxury real estate offerings from all around the world enticing visitors. Christie's and Art Basel Wynwood have found the perfect way to combine their brands to create a buzz and get people interested in their partnership.

The two powerhouse groups understand that events in Miami are expected to reach a certain level of glamour and entertainment value, especially during Art Basel. Different venues in Miami can help to elevate an event to a higher status. Both brands understand that Art Basel Miami Beach is the perfect platform to present their brands and attract the type of client they want to work with. The combination of an excellent venue, the Christie's brand and the amazing art featured at Art Basel Wynwood is sure to be one of the events to remember at this year’s activities.

Dom Perignon at Art Basel Miami Beach

If you are thinking of marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach, you could take a cue from the brilliant marketing strategy of Dom Perignon. The high-end champagne maker is collaborating with superstar artist Jeff Koons to create special-edition Dom Perignon bottles, which are sure to be seen at the best events in Miami.

Dom Perignon at Art Basel Miami Beach

This brand marketing is inspired because it brings together two famous names that are synonymous with luxury. The champagne maker reinforces its image of being the best in its class by associating itself with an artist who commands top prices for his work.

The special-edition bottles, which are sure to a major topic of conversation at venues in Miami, are based on Koons' Balloon Venus for Dom Perignon, a $20,000 bottle-holding sculpture, which was unveiled earlier in New York. The bottles incorporate Koons' iconic balloon shapes. The popularity of his balloon forms cannot be overstated. Recently one of Koons' large dog balloon sculptures sold at auction for more than $58.4 million, which is the highest amount ever paid for an artwork by a living artist.

The bottles containing Dom Perignon Vintage champagne will be available in pink and gold, and will sell for $389 and $199, respectively, with the pink bottle containing rosé, and the gold, blanc. At these prices, they are sure to be a huge hit and to be seen in many an event space Miami trendsetters will congregate in. The excitement created by this collaboration will cement Dom Perignon's reputation as the essential champagne for people who appreciate the finer things in life.

Art Basel Miami Beach attracts exactly the kind of opinion leaders who can create the type of buzz that high-end brands like Dom Perignon thrive on. With 50,000 art collectors, curators and artists converging on the Miami show from all around the world, there is no better place for memorable and lasting marketing campaigns for luxury brands.

Contemporary Art and the Future of Marketing

Perrier recognizes the value of marketing with today's hottest contemporary art styles and trends, realizing that the status quo has become faux pas.

Perrier at Art Basel Miami Beach

Perrier has developed a relationship with the cutting edge street-art duo FAILE in recent years and in an effort to mix Miami's art-culture scene with the combinations of FAILE and BAST's Brooklyn-inspired urban contemporary art, Perrier is sponsoring the FAILE BAST Deluxx Fluxx Arcade of 2013 at Art Basel Miami Beach.

The Evolution of Art and Marketing

In the last decade, marketing has become an effort to connect products with culture. Art is culture and art is the bridge that connects a product with that culture. The new truism of marketing is ''the art of exposure.''

The expose' is an example of how contemporary and emerging artists are taking the artsy snobbery out of the art world and making the spectators the canter of attention and allowing the art to work as a background.

FAILE and BAST not only make their art an experience, but an exciting pleasure. Rather than throw art on a sterile wall, FAILE and BAST exhibit their art in video arcades by plastering it on the sides of machines. In other words, their art is interactive, part of a larger experience.

Marketing Companies Running With the Idea

Marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach is a means of brand marketing that reaches untapped or uninterested market demographics. Venues in Miami are providing space to companies and corporations that want to advertise their products in an unconventional manner.

There is a definitive advantage to marketing with the styles of contemporary art, of making something spectacularly today of one's event space Miami.

The Deluxx Fluxx Arcade is one of many events in Miami held during the beginning of December that is part of the Art Basel Miami Beach. There is baseline for the Art Basel. Be unique, be striking. Be outside the box or different than anything in it.

Cartier partners with Art Basel Miami Beach

It's official: Cartier, one of the world's largest jewelry and luxury goods companies has joined forced with Art Basel and Art Basel Miami Beach as a new sponsor.

Art Basel and Cartier

Cartier will contribute by creating the Cartier Dôme venue in Miami, located at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden. The luxury titan will also host an even in the Art Guest Lounge. This is one of the many floor plans at Art Basel, and was designed by Jean Nouvel, a world renowned architect.

Art Basel Miami events will soon explode all over the the hottest venues in Miami and the Cartier Dôme will boast only the most decadent, one-of-a-kind Cartier jewelry in an unforgettable setting. Cartier will have special VIP guests and will showcase art-world personalities from around the globe. It says something that with so all the party venues Miami has to offer, Cartier chose Art Basel.

The Cartier Dôme will be open from 2:00 4:00 pm during the art show. This venue in Miami kicks off a new commission project which includes an interactive piece by none other that the world famous French artist Pierrick Sorin. Sorin is known for his short films and audio-visual devices. His fondness of life and humor makes his contributions invaluable to Cartier and the event. Cartier continues to show its commitment to philanthropy and contemporary art.

Art Basel continues to make a name for itself as one of the most exciting and groundbreaking event space Miami has to offer. With big names like Cartier, the sky is the limit for the 65,000 square foot compound, making it one of the largest venues in Miami as well. This larger-than-life venue hosts names as big as its space, at can help people like you in marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach.