Cartier partners with Art Basel Miami Beach

It's official: Cartier, one of the world's largest jewelry and luxury goods companies has joined forced with Art Basel and Art Basel Miami Beach as a new sponsor.

Art Basel and Cartier

Cartier will contribute by creating the Cartier Dôme venue in Miami, located at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden. The luxury titan will also host an even in the Art Guest Lounge. This is one of the many floor plans at Art Basel, and was designed by Jean Nouvel, a world renowned architect.

Art Basel Miami events will soon explode all over the the hottest venues in Miami and the Cartier Dôme will boast only the most decadent, one-of-a-kind Cartier jewelry in an unforgettable setting. Cartier will have special VIP guests and will showcase art-world personalities from around the globe. It says something that with so all the party venues Miami has to offer, Cartier chose Art Basel.

The Cartier Dôme will be open from 2:00 4:00 pm during the art show. This venue in Miami kicks off a new commission project which includes an interactive piece by none other that the world famous French artist Pierrick Sorin. Sorin is known for his short films and audio-visual devices. His fondness of life and humor makes his contributions invaluable to Cartier and the event. Cartier continues to show its commitment to philanthropy and contemporary art.

Art Basel continues to make a name for itself as one of the most exciting and groundbreaking event space Miami has to offer. With big names like Cartier, the sky is the limit for the 65,000 square foot compound, making it one of the largest venues in Miami as well. This larger-than-life venue hosts names as big as its space, at can help people like you in marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach.