Dom Perignon at Art Basel Miami Beach

If you are thinking of marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach, you could take a cue from the brilliant marketing strategy of Dom Perignon. The high-end champagne maker is collaborating with superstar artist Jeff Koons to create special-edition Dom Perignon bottles, which are sure to be seen at the best events in Miami.

Dom Perignon at Art Basel Miami Beach

This brand marketing is inspired because it brings together two famous names that are synonymous with luxury. The champagne maker reinforces its image of being the best in its class by associating itself with an artist who commands top prices for his work.

The special-edition bottles, which are sure to a major topic of conversation at venues in Miami, are based on Koons' Balloon Venus for Dom Perignon, a $20,000 bottle-holding sculpture, which was unveiled earlier in New York. The bottles incorporate Koons' iconic balloon shapes. The popularity of his balloon forms cannot be overstated. Recently one of Koons' large dog balloon sculptures sold at auction for more than $58.4 million, which is the highest amount ever paid for an artwork by a living artist.

The bottles containing Dom Perignon Vintage champagne will be available in pink and gold, and will sell for $389 and $199, respectively, with the pink bottle containing rosé, and the gold, blanc. At these prices, they are sure to be a huge hit and to be seen in many an event space Miami trendsetters will congregate in. The excitement created by this collaboration will cement Dom Perignon's reputation as the essential champagne for people who appreciate the finer things in life.

Art Basel Miami Beach attracts exactly the kind of opinion leaders who can create the type of buzz that high-end brands like Dom Perignon thrive on. With 50,000 art collectors, curators and artists converging on the Miami show from all around the world, there is no better place for memorable and lasting marketing campaigns for luxury brands.