Marriot improves brand marketing with Art Basel Miami Beach

Every year, there are countless events in Miami that draw visitors from around the United States and the world to the sun-soaked city. One of the most high profile events is Art Basel Miami Beach, an art convention that features some of the most prominent and varied art events in the world. Marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach has proven to be a lucrative and profitable investment for many companies.

Brand Marketing at Art Basel Miami Beach

One example of this is the Red Dot Art Fair, an event held during Art Basel Miami Beach event that features up and coming artists. Many venues in Miami will hold events like the Red Dot Art Fair and the partnership between Art Basel and Red Dot is crucial for Red Dot's success. Just as important is Marriot's sponsorship of the Red Dot Art Fair. This sponsorship has provided the funds Red Dot needs to run their event and the publicity to draw the best up and coming talent.

Marriot also benefits greatly from their arrangement with Red Dot. As a result of their sponsorship, Marriot has been named the "Official Hotel of Red Dot", which brings with it publicity every time Red Dot or its artists post something online or host an event. This brand recognition gives Marriot a marketing presence in an area that focuses on entertainment.

Marriot has been successful with conventions and business travelers and their ability to break through to artists is proven with their marketing campaign with Red Dot. Other companies that are looking to boost their presence within global art community should look to Marriot for ways to market their brand at Art Basel Miami Beach.