Dianne Von Furstenbergs limited edition Evian Bottle

The power of marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach was demonstrated recently with the launch of the stunningly rendered Diane Von Furstenberg limited-edition Evian bottle. She joins the ranks of fellow designers Jean Paul Gaultier and Christian Lacroix with her own interpretation of this cultural interpretation of modern branding.

Brand Marketing at Art Basel Miami

Evian’s core message for its product is one of vitality, youth, and uncompromising purity. The designer known for her mantras adds “Water is Life is Love is Life is Water is…,” to her legacy. The phrase is emblazoned on the bottles in white in her own readily-recognized handwriting. Ms. Von Furstenberg is one of the design pioneers of our age and is known for her innovative and tradition-busting styles. Her choice of Evian, however, is nothing but tradition. She stated at the launch that, “I have drunk Evian all my life, ever since I was a tiny, tiny, tiny little girl."

The new bottle and design was premiered at the world’s biggest art fair, Art Basel Miami Beach. These types of events are popular at Soho Studios in Miami’s Art District, as it is used as a favorite launch pad for major fashion news and products. The Evian launch is only one of a number of brands using Art Basel Miami Beach to gain maximum exposure for major announcements and product introductions.

In the age of brand marketing , it is only natural that a creative mind would gravitate towards Soho Studios, one of the exciting venues in Miami. This 65,000 square feet multi-functional facility has showcased its share of iconic brands, as well as hosting photography shoots, serving as a film studio, and event space Miami residents know for multiple types of media and entertainment.

If you’re seeking a premier location that allows the most creative and impressive presentation, consider marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach. You’ll find Soho Studios the perfect venue in Miami and a canvas for your creative team to use in creating a memorable event. Whether for business, public or private events, our versatile space allows you to provide your guests an event to share on every social media platform.