Game of Thrones at the Annual South by Southwest 2016

Game of Thrones has been one of the most talked about cultural phenomena over the last half decade, seeming to only grow in popularity each passing year. Those who attended SXSW were able to see an up close view some of the of the GoT phenomena. GoT is produced by HBO, and appearing at SXSW was the Hall of Faces. This exhibit brought to life, or perhaps to death, a symbol of GoT, and turned a normal San Antonio street into a symbol of the violence and mayhem GoT fans have come to expect, and to love.

As part of the series, the faces of the dead seen at the Hall of Faces, presumably all suffering their demise from an executioner’s swing of a sword, can be seen as a warning to the enemies of the state. At SXSW, fans were able to join the macabre scene and have their own face digitally installed in the ghoulish hall. The Hall of Faces wasn’t just a one-off exhibit for SXSW, but it will instead travel the world, going to Europe, and then returning to San Diego in time for Comic-Con.

In addition to seeing and even joining the Hall of Faces, there was a chance to experience a hologram that was a simulation of Melisandre’s flame, which fans of the show know she uses like a crystal ball. The hologram, created by Dreamoc HD3, was 30 seconds of exclusive content visible through those flames. Viewers were able to learn more about what happened to Jon Snow, or at least gain a few more hints as to whether Jon Snow is really dead or not.

Fans 21 years old or older were then able to try some grog. Not grog, but a beer called Ommegang’s Game of Thrones: Iron Throne blonde ale. Presumably the beer has a shorter nickname to make it easier to order at the local bar.

A vice-president of consumer marketing at HBO, Joanna Scholl said that part of the reason GoT went all out for this display and interactive content was not only to please fans of the show, but to impress non fans that might be influential in areas of technology and social media. These wielders of influence might become fans of the show themselves, or influence other people to become fans. Scholl said, “We wanted to bring something that was state of the art and allow them the opportunity to engage and share content from the show.”

The sixth season of Game of Thrones will premiere on HBO April 24. By that time, thousands of people will have been able to become a part of the Hall of Faces if they have chosen, enjoyed Melisandre’s magical flame, and even enjoyed a drink of Iron Throne blonde ale. Certainly by April 24, those people will ready for the premier.

“Living for Adventure” Film Series by Great Miami Outfitters


Great Miami Outfitters is hosting its outdoor promotional web series beginning January 9, 2016, inviting brand lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike to partake in its grand adventure. Living for Adventure, a Great Miami Outfitters film series, features a variety of outdoor-related films to educate, inspire and entertain its chief audience and brand newcomers alike.

Outdoor Focus and Target Market

Great Miami Outfitters focuses on hikers, paddlers, travelers and general outdoor enthusiasts, enticing active lifestyle-goers to capture their perfect memories. The event’s introductory film, “Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown” kicks off the event following a warmup invitational. Gordon Brown, himself, is considered one of the world’s best sea kayak instructors.

Such a popular industry face is ideal for the Great Miami Outfitters name. Author of the Sea Kayak manual, Gordon Brown’s presence as an idealist, knowledgeable teacher and leader is undeniable. Event-goers can learn proper kayak safety, technique and etiquette while engaging open-water sports.

Video Outreach and Further Opportunities

Gordon Brown’s video is approximately 80 minutes long, promoting sea kayaking’s foundations and paddle techniques. Greater Miami Outfitters, proud to partner with Gordon Brown, assists filmgoers with their own film creation, crafting beautiful journeys captured on film. Advanced techniques are covered too, including those featured in world-class training seminars.

Gordon Brown’s beautiful travel across the west coast’s most remote areas additionally captures the Isle of Skye. Well-known for its beauty, the Isle of Sky shapes a particular image sought after by Great Miami Outfitters. The company’s certified ACA kayak instructors are present at the event, and each is ready to answer questions. An additional Rescue and Re-entry Workshop Session, too, is hosted, gifting welcomed participants with in-depth discussion and video expansion opportunities.

The Living for Adventure film series is incredibly accessible, and event-goers examining further filming opportunities are relied upon by Greater Miami Outfitters for brand awareness.

Media Event Marketing

Greater Miami Outfitters dominates the event marketing world where media expertise is considered, too. By utilizing a mobilized film series, the brand effectively harnesses outreach while keeping its project in-scope. The film series, while open to a variety of sports, places a high focus on water-centric activities. Brand lovers see the Greater Miami Outfitters name, their love of adventure and Gordon Brown’s representation.

The event’s high focus on safety and etiquette, too, benefits Greater Miami Outfitters. The outdoor product industry relies upon safety, assuredness and guidelines to guarantee quality. The Greater Miami Outfitters Living for Adventure series, in more ways than one, cements its dedication to such ideologies.


Stella Artois Sponsors the Austin Film Festival

Stella Artois Sponsors the Austin Film Festival

Stella Artois’s creative marketing efforts aren’t confined to the Festival’s aesthetics alone. The brand has effectively tied itself to the creative community by remaining well-known as a premium beer selection. As the Austin Film Festival progresses, so too does Stella Artois’s reputation.

Comcast’s Outdoor Film Festival

Comcast’s Outdoor Film Festival

Homemade lemonade, popcorn and food items invigorate big-name features and other events. The film festival has appeared in several locations, spanning from Strathmore to Bethesda’s Rockville Pike. Shady Grove University, too, has hosted the event, increasing its relevancy to modern culture in previous years.

KijiK Multimedia at Miami Film Month

The growing film industry has generated a wide array of opportunities, and Greater Miami is home to exquisite events and excellent marketing opportunities. Particularly, the 2015 Miami Film Festival generates enough potential for multiple marketing avenues—ranging across booths, art cinemas and brand featurettes.  

Miami Film Month and the Miami Film Festival

All of June will feature Miami’s hottest industry partners and brand supporters. From the 1st to the 30th, Greater Miami’s strongest brand pillars will be considered synonymous with the film industry’s finest hits, trends and innovative offerings.

Miami newcomers and residents will partake in the 2015 Miami Film Festival with $8 tickets. One ticket provides art cinema attendance and permits access to special screenings throughout the month. Of course, downloaded coupons are fully available, and participants can visit for more information.

Kijik Multimedia and the Miami Film Festival

The film industry’s growth is directly supplemented by brand support and cooperative growth efforts. One of the event’s strongest pillars, Kijik Multimedia, delivers outstanding support for the area’s finest projects and platforms.

Kijik Multimedia has produced exclusive, branded multimedia projects since 2000. Reaching many platforms, television projects, films, documentaries, commercials, websites, events, music videos and more, Kijik Multimedia is very attuned to the Miami Film Festival’s dedication to media. Kijik Multimedia’s clients span across many platforms, and across many industries—including The United States Air Force, Miami Science Museum, Sustainatopia and Bacardi.

Well-known for its in-house brand projects, celebrity support and big-time documentary appearances, Kijik is no stranger to high-profile events. Now, they’re extending marketability options while exploring experimental marketing platforms through this year’s Film Festival.

Sponsoring and Opportunities

Kijik Multimedia’s Miami Film Festival sponsorship is dynamic, and it empowers the brand through enriching the lives of film enthusiasts. Miami Film Month, itself, is home to a variety of inspirational panels, galleries and informational speeches. Empowering such an event conceptualizes Kijik Multimedia’s industry approach while connecting its consumer base with animation, web content, documentaries and brand recognition.

Kijik’s story is very potent on Pintrest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media sources. Within the “multimedia marketing era”, high social media recognition is important. The 2015 Miami Film Festival shares similar visibility across social media—providing engagement on many levels, and across many consumer spheres.

Primarily, Kijik Multimedia’s opportunities reach film enthusiasts entering the media. Kijik’s full support of rising industry specialists, new entrants and also established members is unique—and its marketing efforts, niche. The film industry targets a particular consumer sphere, as multimedia is widely accessible online. In many ways, Kijik Multimedia’s approach to event sponsoring is invigorating, and it’ll likely become standardized in upcoming years.

Feature Film, Television and Corporate Levels

Miami Film Month provides opportunities for service consumers and companies alike. Documentaries, television features and multi-platform series are all there, and critically acclaimed stars like William Shatner, Kimmy Jean Louis and Daryl Hannah have been featured in Kijik Multimedia’s widespread support. On ground levels, Kijik Multimedia’s event marketing approach meets industry appeal with high connectivity. On a corporate, refined level, its industry approach is highly innovative—and incredibly potent.

Coca-Cola Hires Italian Artist to Create Amazing Stop-Motion Video

The idea of happiness has been a central theme to Coca-Cola’s marketing for 90 years. According to a company press release, the “Enjoy Life” slogan in 1923 led to 1979’s “Have a Coke and a Smile” before Coca-Cola began using “Open Happiness” in 2009. As part of the Coca-Cola Institute of Happiness’ II International Congress of Happiness in Madrid in April 2012, the company hired Italian artist and University Francisco de Vitoria (UFV) professor Eduardo Zamarro to create an amazing mural comprised of Post-it notes. The end result is an incredible stop-motion video of the Post-It notes project.

Watch Video - Coca-Cola Institute of Happiness

According to a UFV press release, visitors left about one million Post-it notes over the course of 15 days containing various messages of happiness to contribute to the mural. Zamarro worked with the Post-it notes to cover a mural painted by UFV students of Architecture and Fine Arts and construct what would become the official poster of Congress. The result was a striking work of public art that was later exhibited on the façade of the Canal Theatre. However, this project was also a fine example of experiential marketing.

Experiential marketing is a term that refers to interactive consumer experiences like this Coca-Cola Post-it project, events that help individuals form a unique connection with a brand through memorable interactive activities. Nothing creates lasting memories that stay with consumers quite like these types of events, and Soho Studios offers one of the best venues in Miami for large, creative activities. Our 65,000 foot square foot multi-purpose space can host weddings, concerts, fashions shows and charity events, among many other types of occasions. If you are looking for a dynamic location for your events in Miami, contact the experiential marketing team at Soho Studios to let us show you some of the many things that our facility offers.

The Dawn of 3D Film

3D movies have gone from a staple of 1950s drive-in movies to the definitive cutting edge technology for cinema in the 21st century. From animated films to summer blockbusters, 3D technology is becoming prized for its ability to create an illusion of depth that lends an element of realism to the action on screen.

The earliest tests of 3D technology occurred in 1915 and the first known movie to be filmed in 3D was "The Power of Love," a silent film released in 1922. It used dual-strip projection and was viewed using red and green anaglyph glasses. 3D technology did not see widespread usage until the so-called 3D Golden Era that lasted from 1952 to 1955. Starting with the release of "Bwana Devil" in 1952, a host of 3D films were released to the public.

3D films produced in the 1950s typically used dual strip projection and Polaroid filters to reduce glare. They also featured a number of technological advances. "Bwana Devil" featured the first 3D film use of stereophonic color. The 1953 version of "House of Wax" became the first 3D film to use stereophonic sound. It was a box office success and helped pave the way for other notable 3D movies from "It Came From Outer Space" to "The Creature From the Black Lagoon" to be released into theaters.

"The Creature of the Black Lagoon" was shot in Florida and began the association of Miami film studios with 3D cinema. That association has continued into the 21st century with the work of Soho Studios, a leader in TV and film production in Miami.

3D returned to the big screen for a second craze from 1981 to 1983. Popular move franchises like "Friday the 13th," "Jaws" and “The Amityville Horror” all released installments using 3-D effects. 3D productions died down again after the box office failure of "Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone" in 1983.

IMAX theaters played a role in the rebirth of modern 3D. The theaters offered huge screens with a larger field of vision that made 3D effects higher quality and reduced eye fatigue for viewers. James Cameron pioneered the use of HD video cameras in his Reality Camera System to achieve a cleaner and more realistic 3D effect on screen. Cameron pioneered its use in "Ghosts of the Abyss" in 2003 and made 3D profitable again with the release of "Avatar" in 2009. It became the highest grossing movie of all time.

Commercial shoot locations in Miami

Not too long ago many commercials were filmed on South Beach. Now in 2013 Wynwood has become the epicenter for filming most of all Miami commercials. Wynwood is Miami's art district and the last underdeveloped area of Miami. Full of murals and home to several bars and restaurants, the area is great for filming all types of commercials.

This Victoria's Secret commercial featured "Angels" strutting their stuff around Wynwood in high heels draped over Lamborghini's.

Victoria Secret chose to film their latest commercial in Wynwood and boy did they make it sexy! With so much eye candy already in Wynwood, these beautiful models took it to a whole another level. What happens when sex meets Wynood? Play the video and find out!

When choosing a filming location in Miami its important not be too far away from hotels and the I95. This is why Wynwood has become the best location in Miami for filming commercials. If you are interested in looking for a location in Miami for filming commercials then Soho Studios is the ideal choice for directors. With 70,000 sq ft of production space, Soho Studios offers everything a director and film crew will need for filming their commercial shoot. If you need one large space then look no further then our Armory Studio. The Armory is the largest studio in Miami. This studio has 33,000 sq ft of productions space that's ideal for filming commercials.

Pain and Gain Trailer

Michael Bay's new movie gets a new trailer and makeover showing more tongue in cheek humor this movie has to offer. This movie appears to have all the hallmarks of a dark movie with a sweet taste of dark humor The new red band trailer for Pain and Gain was released today and for all you Miami lovers this movie looks great!

Ken Jeong who famously plays the hilarious gangster in Hangover, also appears in Pain and Gain as a motivational speaker. Ken's character appears to be on the same wave length as Mark Whalberg's and realizes that he could be married and have another 7 wives at the same time!

Rebel Wilson (Brides Maids and Bachelorette)  also stars in this movie and provides that needed slapstick humor, most notably saying why you have  "chocolate-covered Raisinettes" to her fellow patient while drooling at the same time.

With muscles, severed toes, bromance, and based in sexy Miami, Michael Bay seems to do a great job with this movie and do it justice.

Other big directors should take note and remember that Wynwood is the next Hollywood. Also known as Miami's art's district, Wynwood has transformed into one of the hottest filming locations in Miami. If you didn't notice it, some scenes in this trailer show some Wynwood murals. Undoubtedly, Wynwood has all the characteristics any Hollywood director is looking for and at Soho Studios we get very excited when big movies are filmed in Wynwood like Step Up 4 back in 2011 at Soho Studios.

Soho Studios is the largest and best film studio in Florida. Based in the heart of Miami and in the arts district know as Wynwood we have all the needs any Hollywood director is looking for in our 3 studios.

Miami TV Kickstarter project

Everyone knows that Miami is the best place to produce a TV or film production. Sun, beach and sexy people makes it a delight to film in Miami. A new TV series is looking to take a different bite in Miami. This new TV series called SED and is a story that takes place in present time Miami, Florida, where some vampires live among humans without them knowing about it. SED already has $1,500,000.00 in funding and needs another $500,000.00 to complete its budget. SED has turned to Kickstarter to be the first major TV series funded by a crowdfunding platform like Kickstarter. Check out their Kickstarter video.

Want to know more about the cast and their background, check out this video.

This exciting project takes a different approach to the way TV series and Films in Miami are funded. This project will change the way other film studios in Hollywood fund their films. Rather than seeking millions of dollars in loans, film studios can now approach fans for funding without giving equity away. This is a great way to raise money while involving fans in the production stage of TV series and films. Who wouldn't want to see a TV series or film in the cinema that they knew they help fund? Take a look at their Kickstarter fund page.

If funded, this film project will be shot at Soho Studios over a period of several months. As the largest studio in Miami, Soho Studios makes it easy for film studios to produce their films in Miami. Soho Studios has over 100,000 sq ft of studio space in the heart of Miami and located in Arts district of Miami known as Wynwood.