Stella Artois Sponsors the Austin Film Festival

Stella Artois is Interbrew’s flagship brand, and its global consumption has been highly promising since 1992. Between 1992 and 1999 alone, Stella Artois has raised its sales volume by 97 percent, boosting its consumer base’s interest in increasingly sophisticated beers. Premium tastes and affordable costs define Stella Artois’s distribution, making it highly marketable across a variety of platforms. Stella Artois is sponsoring the Austin Film Festival, further expanding its allure to the filmmaking community.

The Austin Film Festival

The Austin Film Festival will operate between October 29 and November 5, celebrating the craft of filmmaking and the art of screenwriting. Filmmakers, artists, writers and industry enthusiasts are welcomed to the event with open arms, invited to share in film history.

Birthed in 1993, the Austin Film Festival was the world’s first organization to dedicate awards to film writers. The Austin Film Festival was originally comprised of members of the Heart of Film Screenwriters Conference. The forum focused on the craft of inspiration, development, career launching and networking. Directed to under-represented individuals, the Austin Film Festival encompassed industry impactors with its growing community.

Now, the film festival provides year-round programming opportunities alongside its annual celebration. Currently, it’s renowned for its annual October bash, combining producers, screenwriters, agents and average consumers together to impact the industry. The Film Festival Conference generates long-term careers through launching missions capable of impacting industry decision makers.

Stella Artois and Creative Marketing

Environments contingent upon creation connections are fertile marketing grounds. The October event is already charged with new, seasonal brew inclusions, and Stella Artois’s sponsorship empowers local brands with connectivity and brand recognition. An industry leader itself, Stella Artois will kick off the Austin Film Festival with great brand recognition. Attendees are welcomed with creative possibilities, ranging from film writing possibilities to television spots.

Stella Artois is consistently connected to its sophisticated, “premium” identity. Widely distributed, the brand currently holds a presence in four continental markets. Marketed as a “European premium lager”, Stella Artois enjoys great corporate price earnings and overall valuation.

The Austin Film Festival, dedicated to combining writers’ groups with some of the world’s largest service providers, enhances any sponsors image across multiple media formats. Social media, television and print media encompass the Austin Film Festival, generating enough clout to impact the visual art industry as a whole. The Conference, meanwhile, supports a model focused on reinforcing the Festival’s continuous mission to recognize industry newcomers.

A Continuous Platform

Stella Artois’s creative marketing efforts aren’t confined to the Festival’s aesthetics alone. The brand has effectively tied itself to the creative community by remaining well-known as a premium beer selection. As the Austin Film Festival progresses, so too does Stella Artois’s reputation. Its current marketing model relies upon further brand recognition, appearing across “high class” event platforms and sponsoring some of the world’s biggest events. Its presence at the Austin Film Festival will be associated with industry potential. Likely, Stella Artois will be seen as an empowering brand, one capable of bringing together communities of similar-minded innovators.