Goodyear’s XTERRA Arizona Trail Run

On October 4, the XTERRA Estrella Mountain 20k Trail Run will feature Goodyear’s sponsorship and intensive, race-day fun. Held in Estrella Mountain Regional Park, the event will be hosted as part of the XTERRA Arizona Trail Race Series. The event’s 20k race will be accompanied by an 8k race, and each participant will receive a racing tee, breakfast and medal of completion. An accompanying raffle will similarly be hosted.

The 2015 Series

The 2015 XTERRA Arizona Trail Run will be the event’s fifth year running. The Paul Mitchell event has been “stepped up” with a few new inclusions, and the previous Black Canyon season finale, taking place on March 8, enhanced the event’s amenities with several offerings. Pie, raffles, fires, breakfast and a shuttle service now power the XTERRA event, utilizing Goodyear as a repeat sponsor and fuel source for everything outdoors.

The shuttle service, itself, accesses the marathon’s first half. Participants are granted total access from the event’s beginning, accessing course series options, awards and features upon signup. Greenlayer tech trees are this year’s big prize, as overall series awards have accommodated for outdoor action fashion. Both short course and long course winners receive free entry into the event’s National Championship, continuing their personal legacy at new levels.

Partnered and Featured Brands

The events breakfast, beer, T-shirt sales and proceeds aren’t its only inclusions. The XTERRA Arizona Trail Run is based upon a top-three-winner format. Awards are formatted to male, female, long and short course brackets. Participants must engage at least two events before being eligible to win. The event’s best four out of five are tallied for wins before the top three are selected.

Each event’s course includes short-race stations aided by water, Powerbars, Gatorade and PowerGel. Each product directly serves the contestants, enriching race time with nutrients and refreshment. The series, itself, is considerably easy to enter. Family members, volunteers and participants can all access the event through its online portal. Each race’s entry can be narrowed down by the participant’s needs. Distance, race time, donations and merchandise options are alterable before any event begins.

Volunteers and Goodyear’s Outreach

The XTERRA Arizona Trail Run is powered by volunteers and its adjoined charity, Girls on the Run. Few races are effective without race volunteers, and the multi-season XTERRA event utilizes partnerships, mentor programs and volunteer event hosts. New race directors expand Goodyear’s outreach to industry newcomers. Event growth directly benefits on-site transportation powered by Goodyear, strengthening its marketing power.

Goodyear’s attention to volunteer programs is useful, as the event’s facilitation of family-friendly services empowers the series as a whole. Again, friends, family and runners are all welcomed, and each volunteer’s awarded free race promises adventure, excitement and opportunity. The area’s event promoters urge participants to rely on on-site transportation vehicles, as the area’s canyons are dangerous to traverse. Goodyear’s well-known service to all-terrain tires is useful here, as is its active lifestyle highlights. The brand has, historically, promoted itself upon intensive outdoor action. Likely, the XTERRA Arizona Trail Run will continue to promote its image.