The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week


Everything fashion is welcomed at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, dominating New York City from September 10 until September 17. Covered by a slew of reputable news sources, the Fashion Week will promote the Mercedes-Benz lifestyle while connecting high-class vehicle selection with premium styles.

The Coverage

Photographers are welcome, as are the world’s hottest fashion reporters. Tents, backstage areas and the main event-front will be covered, revealing the glitzy, glamorous Mercedes-Benz fashion world. Celebrity sightings, the best looks, hot gossip and new trends will be present—outfitting the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week with everything  exquisite.

New York Daily News reporters will relay the Fashion Week’s greatest happenings, as will runway model Elena Foley. Musician Mandy Jiroux and fashion blogger Callie Reiff, too, will be present, headlining the event as big-name appearances. Live streaming coverage and an on-site video player will be offered, granting the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week full coverage across multiple media forms.

International Fashion Collections

Primarily, the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week serves fashion providers as a viewing forum. Collections are shown to buyers, the public and the press, revealing new trends, new products and new innovations to a large, diverse audience. The Fashion Week, itself, is considered one of the world’s “Big 4” fashion weeks. Compared to renowned fashion weeks in Milan, London and Paris, New York City’s event is highly anticipated.

Many independent fashion productions are featured, as are in-town venders. Mercedes-Benz is well-known for its splendor and uncanny knack for luxurious displays. The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is its pinnacle attraction, pairing different productions with a variety of vendors. The city’s centralized event calendar promotes other events, too. Those directly affiliated with the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week are benefited by the Council Fashion Designers of America. The Fashion Week’s estimated annual economic impact is $865 million, proving its worth alongside the Mercedes-Benz name.

New Designs and a Fresh Outlook

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week invigorates the brand with continuous fashion “status updates.” The brand relies upon luxury culture, benefitting from top income brackets and luxury purchasing. The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week reveals trends, new relevancies and highly elaborate presentations. Modern inaugural events create new fashion designs with clean slates, and many years have revealed elaborate presentations featuring grand, new fashion movements. The Mercedes-Benz marketing platform thrives upon the newest technology, high-class lifestyle and American style. With New York City as a host establishment, few companies could wish for a better platform.

Runway trees and a 4D water-based projection screen highlight the event’s modern appeal, defining it—and its sponsors—as “up to date.” Central Park’s great layout serves the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week well. While the event is about American fashion, it’s also about branding platforms and business. New-gen fashion makes an appearance—and old classics make an impact.

Mercedes-Benz prioritizes familiarity, and the Fashion Week effectively captures new ideas in old frames. Finding partners, for most featured brands, can be difficult, but connectivity enriches the event’s appeal to many companies. Always a team player, Mercedes-Benz, itself, benefits from each event’s additional sponsorship and featured fashion brand.