Hot Wheels Sponsors 2015 Monster Jam in Sunrise, FL

Hot Wheels is well-known as one of the toy industry’s biggest, baddest die-cast toy car brands, and its Monster Jam sponsorship has only empowered its market power. Appearing in Sunrise, FL August 7 through August 8, Monster Jam’s live events, performances, booths and products will return, operated by Felt Entertainment and jump-started by the Hot Wheels team.

The Event

The Monster Jam series is sanctioned beneath the United States Hot Rod Association and is an American-favorite race event. While the event’s individual components vary upon intermission entertainment, Monster Jam, as a whole, is a priceless industry attraction. Focusing on freestyle competitions, racing and everything vehicles, Monster Jam is always a prime location for brand visibility, promotion and outreach.

Monster Jam shows appear throughout the year, spanning across both summer and winter months. Featured in both the U.S and Canada, Monster Jam’s appearance is anything but common. It hosts one of the world’s biggest monster truck collections, spanning multiple locations with two types of competition. Both the above-mentioned events—freestyle and racing—are conducted through several, smaller shows. Wheelie competitions, a donut contest and alternative trick events pack the fest with excitement, playing upon the monster truck’s massive size and ability to coordinate nearly impossible circumstances.

The Pit Party, Media and Hot Wheels

Any brand lucky enough to sponsor the world’s largest monster truck event harnesses massive marketability and consumer outreach. Hot Wheels merchandise is directly available throughout each contest, as well as the event’s Pit Party. The Pit Party features up-close looks at the world’s sharpest vehicles, bravest drivers and best products. Signatures, pictures and interviews are welcome, as are in-depth question-and-answer sessions about the industry.

Visitors holding a Pit Pass are immediately engaged with event sponsors, enhancing the brand’s connection with racing enthusiasts. Fox Sports 1, the Universal Technical Institute and BKT, too, sponsor the event, ensuring maximum media exposure and a dedication to the industry’s ever-growing education. Up-close driver discussions are shared through the Monster Jam website, Facebook and other online sources, enriching the remote community with personal discussions, traditional racing features and adrenaline-pumping tricks.

Continuation to Las Vegas

Hot Wheels experiences a unique marketing advantage in terms of location progression. Each year, Monster Jam roams the country before reaching its final destination: Las Vegas. Here, the Monster Jam World Finals take place, hosting the Double Down trophy as a prize. Hot Wheels continuously sponsors and hosts events until the season’s finale, covering freestyle nights, stunt competitions and truck tricks. Each freestyle competition grants drivers 90 seconds and a 30-second bonus period within each location’s open floor area.

As skills are shown, each event gains influence. Each freestyle event outcome is determined by three judges—each granting scores up to 10. Each event’s two winners continue to the world finals, where the Double Down activities commence.  The Monster Jam World Finals are hosted across a variety of media sources, making it one of the most beloved events on television. For many, Monster Jam is more than a custom—it’s an entire way of life. For Hot Wheels, direct brand-to-event connection is much, much more.