Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell Empowers The Dirty Girl Mud Run

The women-only, 3.1-mile obstacle course, The Dirty Girl Mud Run, has gained notoriety in recent years. Cross fitters, runners, jumpers and athletes gather in Atlanta, taking the 5K obstacle course on. Being held on April 23, 2016, The Dirty Girl Mud Run, directly sponsored by Paul Mitchell, will assuredly be a blast.

About the Dirty Girl Mud Run

The Dirty Girl Mud Run is far more than a simple obstacle course. Those taking part in the course will complete an incredibly fun event while supporting breast cancer awareness and support. First-time runners are guaranteed a place at the finish line, alongside 900,000 other women from a variety of athletic backgrounds.

Paul Mitchell’s Promotion Strategy

Paul Mitchel has promoted sports-centric products and services for over 30 years, participating in karate championships, volleyball events, skateboarding features and urban dances. Their marketing approach is passion-centric, influencing extreme athletes to “find inspiration in unexpected places and push the envelope to create works of art.” This two-fold strategy is unique, combining powerful visuals with a high potential for social media coverage.

Event Showcasing and Social Media

Paul Mitchell’s extensive social media coverage utilizes the #Sportyourstyle hashtag to influence its target market. Highly promotional of multimedia, the brand offers intensive pic coverage, narrowing the marketing funnel for high profile consumers. Sports-based event marketing efforts work well via winner promotion. While Paul Mitchell incorporates an ‘everyone is a winner’ strategy, their media coverage of sports winners utilizes preexisting social media norms to impact both their sponsored event and brand image.

Paul Mitchel and Direct Sponsorship

The Dirty Girl Mud Run has spanned across many locations, teaming up with a variety of sponsors. Few have reached the critical acclaim of Paul Mitchell, and few have pulled off the Bright Pink trend quite as good. Participating Paul Mitchell schools are on-site at the event, braiding and brushing each participant’s clean and muddy locks. It’s a free offer, incorporating the event’s charitable roots with Paul Mitchel’s awesome offers. A $10 donation nets event-goers a pink clip-in hair extension, and $5 gets participants an INK Works strip. The temporary hair dye survives the race, creating lasting memories.

Proceed Channels and Further Coverage

The Dirty Girl Mud Run donates all proceeds to Bright Pink. Paul Mitchell currently intends to enhance their social sharing strategy, linking The Dirty Girl Mud Run with both Twitter and Facebook. Event photos can be shared with the #Givingismystyle hashtag, and well-deserving charities can be directly targeted with raised funds. Paul Mitchel’s direct involvement with The Dirty Girl Mud Run is noteworthy, as is its incorporation of charities with Paul Mitchell Sports.

The brand’s decision to offer brush-outs, styling, braiding and stripes further influences its visual media presence. Event marketing, while highly visual, sometimes ends where sports competitions begin. Sports coverage blends well with visual media, and each of Paul Mitchell’s marketing inclusions heightens its social media appeal. Encouraging its event-goers to “Look Pretty and Play Dirty,” Paul Mitchell has created a visually competitive environment promoting charitable causes and outdoor experiences, alike.